The Black Panthers established a unified platform and their goals for the party were outlined in a. [3], The blue-ribbon panel convened for the inquest on January 6, 1970. Even though Fred Hampton's been buried for 25 years, his tombstone is shot up every year in Louisiana. Lacy asked, "Did you do that on the next day? "Heat throttle," said Hampton.

As Hampton’s influence in the Black Panthers grew, the FBI began to focus on his activities, opening a file on him in 1967. asleep on the phone, so I just hung it up because he was tired.". Dressed in a denim jacket and jeans, Hampton says "Uhuru," a Swahili word meaning freedom, and settles into a seat at a table beside his mother, Akua Njeri (nee Deborah Johnson), and his eight-year-old daughter. This happened during a time when the racial climate in the country had severely intensified and police established themselves as the dominate force. He asks Hampton if he supported Roland Burris in the recent gubernatorial primary. [26] Stephen King refers to Hampton in the novel 11/22/63 (2012), where a character discusses the ripple effect of traveling back in time to prevent President John F. Kennedy's assassination, which the character postulates would give rise to a series of events that could prevent Fred Hampton's assassination as well.[78]. They both worked at the Argo Starch Company. And even if he did it, 18 years?

A teenager in prison blues, silently holding hands with his girlfriend at a round table, looks up at Hampton and asks him if he's going to attend a Muslim prayer meeting. Hampton's effective leadership and talent for communication marked him as a major threat to the FBI. She walks back and forth, talking on a cell phone. "What's he ever done for us, brother?" Playing a hero still etched in memory is no easy task. There are goods and bads in all situations. You're taught to jive yourself. Fred Jr's experience in the American judicial system has been perhaps He represents this whole generation. Earlier in the year Cleaver published his famous book Soul on Ice. ", Later the shooting stopped, "but Fred was not moving. Even in this maximum security facility where people have pressing issues on their minds--like how to greet the child they haven't seen in ages or if they'll ever get out of this hellhole--most eyes focus momentarily on him. soldiers that are still on this battlefield fighting for the liberation After the cry for “Black Power” gained national attention in the summer of 1966, several groups around the country began to form Black Panther organizations. 16.

Anybody that comes down here with that Uhuru shit, it's my job to ship them out.'". The Black Panther Party split due to growing differences. 15. When the police conducted the raid at 4:45 a.m., they killed both Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. It is not clear this was his own doing, and very probable the work of the FBI. But for all practical purposes, it is. About five bucks is collected by selling raffle tickets. In a second press conference on December 8, the police leadership praised the assault team for their "remarkable restraint", "bravery", and "professional discipline" in not killing all the Panthers present. [58] The $1.85 million settlement was believed to be the largest ever in a civil rights case. The paper also portrayed moving artwork which depicted the resilience of black lives. Akua Njeri has been waiting at Stateville, for the past three hours. O'Neal reported to his superiors that much of the Panthers' "provocative" stockpile of arms was stored there and drew them a map of the apartment. "Nothing ignited and there was no physical damage to personal property. On August 22, 1989, Newton is shot dead on the streets of Oakland in a drug dispute. In 1967, Hampton was identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a radical threat. I have no feelings on it. One comes at the expense of another. [2][3][4][5], A civil lawsuit was later filed on behalf of the survivors and the relatives of Hampton and Clark. In October of 1967, the police arrest the Defense Minister of the Panthers, Huey Newton, for killing an Oakland cop. I'm clear on that. To say that these two women--Akua Njeri and Kiilu Nyasha--have a great Wake up. [51], An official with the Chicago Urban League said: "I would have had more confidence in the jury if one of them had been a black man who has a rapport with the young and the grass roots in the community. When Njeri's number is called, she says she'll wait for the woman next to her to be called too, so she can help her walk back to the visiting area. ", "Well, you have firebombs thrown into a store that is occupied by people," said Fischer. And so, on Dec. 4, 1969, at 4:30 a.m., the fates of Fred Hampton and Edward V. Hanrahan collided. The footage captured is seen in the 1971 documentary “The Murder of Fred Hampton.”. This place is infamous for the cockroach problem. He was also in Galesburg, where, he says, many of his books and letters were confiscated. "[21], The FBI, determined to prevent any enhancement of the BPP leadership's effectiveness, decided to set up an armed raid on Hampton's Chicago apartment. ", Fischer approached Hampton and showed him the photograph of his hands.

Indeed, the baby born three weeks after his father's killing is now a prisoner here, serving 18 years on charges that he tossed a Molotov cocktail into two Korean-owned stores following the Rodney King/Simi Valley verdict of 1992. You don't know if you're gonna get your clothes taken away from you. Still, in the eyes of the state, being the son of Fred Hampton is a crime. Clark had worked with the NAACP in Peoria, which sought to educate and mobilize young people to fight segregation and racism. Then they disappear into the side room where they'll be frisked before they get an hour to meet with their sons. I have another individual in my cell, a young brother who's been given 60 years, and there's no movement for either of us. [47], A federal grand jury did not return any indictment against any of the numerous individuals involved with the planning or execution of the raid, including the officers involved in killing Hampton. "Not only due to the fact that I did not commit these crimes, also due to the evidence has shown I am not only a credit to my people and my community, but to humanity.".

Just to make you think, 'I should have gouged my food down quicker.' 20. In the fall of 1975, Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver return from exile as born-again Christians. Revolutionary violence is the only way. The Black Panthers affirmed black beauty, which helped to attract more members. Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 19:44:56 -0400 O'Neal, who had been previously arrested for car theft and impersonating a federal officer, agreed to the task because the federal agency promised to drop the felony charges against him.

Every time you leave those cells, you never know if you're gonna be murdered or what. If we are to proceed toward true liberation, we must cut ourselves off from white people….. [otherwise] we will find ourselves entwined in the tentacles of the white power complex that controls this country.”, Stokely Carmichael: The Basis of Black Power. Hampton joined the Party and relocated to downtown Chicago. charge. Huey remarked in one of his public speeches in the 1980s, where he would often have spurts of his brilliant clarity but then become entirely incoherent and rambling, that he was killing himself by reactionary suicide, through the vices of drug addiction. I respected and loved my father, but I wasn't able to grasp in its entire context, the work that Fred Hampton did, why he was targeted and who targeted him. "Fred Hampton Jr. Who Was Fred Hampton, the Black Panther Shot and Killed by Chicago Police 48 Years Ago? His parents, Francis Allen Hampton and Iberia Hampton, were Louisiana natives who relocated to Chicago. Panther leader George Jackson, and Akua, widow of murdered Chicago Panther 22.

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