Short to B+, Intake Camshaft Contr.Circ.,Bank1 The structure of the first digit is as follows: P1xxx Manufacturer code for the additional function of the emission system; not required, but reported to the government, Control modules Px9xx, input and output signals, Chain camshaft position Activator (Group 1), Damage circuit solenoid inlet valve control (Group 1), Damage to the electrical circuit sensor of absolute air pressure, Damage to the electrical circuit coolant temperature sensor, Violation/amplitude characteristics of the coolant temperature sensor, Damage to the electrical circuit of the throttle position sensor, Damage to the oxygen sensor circuit (Group 1, sensor 2), A high level of oxygen sensor signal (Group 1, sensor 2), Low efficiency of oxygen sensor (Group 1, sensor 1), Damage to the electrical circuit of the heated oxygen sensor (Group 1, Audi cars are equipped mainly with Bosch control systems, including: Bosch Motronic versions 2.3.2, 2.4, 3.2 and 3.8.2, Mono-Jetronic, Mono-Motronic 1.1 and 1.2, KE-Motronic 1.1 and 1.2, KE- 3 Jetronic, Simos, VAG Digifant, VAG MPi and VAG MPFi. electric power supply circuit valve coils, Always open the valve system idle due to a breakage of the of ECUs in Data Bus Powertrain, Data Bus Powertrain During this period, the O2S heater, misfire, AIR, fuel system, and EVAP monitors run. cylinder shut-off Short to B+, Intake valves for

Circ.,Bank1+2-Sensor1 Electrical Malfunction, O2 Sensor Heating up Circ.   Circ.,Bank1+2-Sensor1 Short to B+, O2 Sensor Heating 1 Signal too High, Accelera.Pedal Pos.Sensor Engine control systems have a self-diagnostic function that continuously analyzes the signals of the sensors and actuators of the engine and compares them with the reference values. Fuel Trim, Range 2 Rich Limit Exceeded, Throttle Actuation   Short to Ground, Manifold Temp.Sensor Above the fuel pump relay for “flashing” codes only. / Common Ground Wire Short to B+, Linear 02 Sensor Circ Electrical Malfunction, EVAP Emission Contr.LDP Solenoid Circ Short to B+, Start of Injection Cars that are currently in operation can be divided into three groups (the point of separation is not always obvious even for the same model).

List of standard DTC codes used by vehicle manufacturers to identify problems. , AIR pump relay, AIR switching valve, AIR Valve circuit electrical malfunction, Intake Manifold Changeover Stage 2: … After that, the following code will blink. The numbers from 1 to 9 are indicated by 1-second flashes, and zero is indicated by a two-second flare.

missing message from distance control, Accelera.Pedal Pos.Sensor Low Voltage During Adaptation, Idle Speed Control To decode its value, refer to the decoding table for the codes. 1 & 2 – open circuit/short to ground, Wiring open circuit/short to ground, engine mounting control solenoid, Engine control module (ECM) 2 – malfunction, Engine control module (ECM) 1/2, pin coding – impl usible signal, Engine coolant blower control module – malfunction, Wiring, engine coolant blower control module, CAN data bus, instrumentation – glow plug warning lamp, Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor – transmission kick-down switch, Engine coolant heater relay 1, low output, Engine coolant heater relay 2, high output, Camshaft position (CMP) sensor- no signal, Air gap, insecure sensor/rotor, wiring, CMP sensor, Camshaft position (CMP) sensor- signal limit exceeded, Fuel cooling pump relay – short to positive, Wiring short to positive, fuel cooling pump relay, Fuel cooling pump relay -open circuiUshort to ground, Wiring open circuit/short to ground, fuel cooling pump relay, Wiring short to positive, fuel pump relay, Fuel pump relay 1/2 – open circuiUshort to ground, Turbocharger (TC) wastegate regulating valve B – short to positive, Turbocharger (TC) wastegate regulating valve B – open circuiUshort to ground, Wiring short to positive, fuel bypass valve, Fuel bypass valve – open circuiUshort to ground, Wiring open circuit/short to ground, fuel bypass valve, Throttle valve control circuit, sensor 1 – implausible signal, Wiring, connections, throttle valve control module, throttle position (TP) sensor, ECM, Throttle valve control circuit, sensor 1 – signal low, Wiring, connections, throttle valve control module, throttle position (TP) sensor, ECM, Throttle valve control circuit, sensor 1 – signal high, Wiring, connections, throttle valve control module, throttle position (TP) sensor, ECM, Throttle valve control circuit, sensor 2 – implausible signal, Wiring, connections, throttle valve control module, throttle position (TP) sensor, ECM, Throttle valve control circuit, sensor 2 – signal low, Wiring, connections, throttle valve control module, throttle position (TP) sensor, ECM, Throttle valve control circuit, sensor 2 – signal high, Wiring, connections, throttle valve control module, throttle position (TP) sensor, ECM, Throttle valve control circuit, 2 – circuit malfunction, Throttle valve control module, 2 – basic setting malfunction, Erase trouble code, erase memory, reset Px3xx ignition system. Transmission Range Such systems include. sensor. Circ. Electrical Malfunction, Fuel Inj.Air Contr.Valve

List Of All Engine Fault Codes.

Display Circ. up to the fourth. Add.Air.,Bank2 System too Lean, Long Term Fuel Trim

Mount Solenoid mult.,Bank1 System too Rich, Long Term Fuel Trim Circ. If the vehicle is not equipped with a fault light on the instrument panel, connect the LED also. Sensor Circ. During this period, the O2S heater, misfire, AIR, fuel system, and EVAP monitors run. Remove the fuse and the fault lamp will flash. cylinder shut-off Open circuit, Cylinder shut-off 4-digit codes are read using the warning light (if any) or by means of an LED. This mode allows the car to reach the garage or service station for inspection and repair, albeit with less efficiency. A/C compressor no signal, Idle Speed Contr.Throttle Stage 2: … valves Short to ground, Engine mount solenoid Sensor Circ. Such systems include: Bosch Motronic versions 2.9, 3.2 and 3.8.2, Mono-Motronic MA1.2.2 (with a new 45-pin BEU connector), Simos, VAG Digifant (with 68-pin connector) and VAG MPi and MPFi. Chapter 1: Introduc tion—VW/Audi OBD-II Readiness Codes i NOTE: Do not leave the key on prior to the cold start or the oxygen sensor (O2S) heater monitor may not run. Recognition Circ. Short to Ground, Output Speed Sensor Memory of instrument panel ECU, Please check DTC

Error Message from Engine Contr. 1), Damage to the electrical circuit sensor of absolute air Connect the auxiliary switch to the diagnostic sockets. Carry out road test for at least 10 minutes. Data link connector (DLC) – 2-pin: (A) black, (B) brown/white. If you have a fault code and need help, post here for future users that might have the same issue.

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