[/math], [math] This gives you core data to spend in the shop on better equipment. We still have to fight mobs before going to the boss but we won't have to reset after a few fights (and waste oil) if the randomly spawned nodes turn out to be too difficult(like those red triangle BBs in W10). [/math], [math] \text{eHP} = \dfrac{\text{Base HP}}{\text{Accuracy}} [/math], [math]\dfrac{\text{AttackerHit}} This game mode currently only rewards a chat frame for Seasons 1-7, Season 7 being only available in the Chinese and Japanese clients. The XP points you earn won’t change, but your ships’ scores may be different. \text{CriticalRate} &= 0.05 In other words, each 150 points of AA gives +100% effective HP against air damage. It’s time to use the advanced multitasking features of BlueStacks 4: While your ships are fighting automatically, you can continue surfing. For ease of calculation, make sure your ships do not have any equipment. For example, in order to join a guild, you have to be at least level 10. #AzurLane #Chapter9 #kynanggame I. Node fleet (25 oils) 1. So, when you reach Danger Level 8 in this scenario, your enemy will only have a level advantage of 2, as 8 danger levels will counteract 8 enemy levels directly. Power level up in 1-4, 2-4 and 3-4 until you are level 80 or so. \text{FinalDamageReduction} = 1 - \displaystyle\prod_i^N(1 - \text{DamageReduction}_i) After clearing the Normal Mode of the current season challenge you will be rewarded with a chat frame. killing the boss) following the 100% clear requirement. \begin{align} On the opposite end, leveling everything to have a bunch of decent ship girls but none that are high level with max skills isn't helpful either. A fire started from a lower caliber gun will be replaced by a fire started by a higher caliber gun (Note: The gun size listed in the name of a gun does not have an effect on fire. The game has a total of 48 missions and it takes an average of 10-15 minutes to complete each. \end{align}

\text{FinalDamage} &= \left[ \text{WeaponBaseDamage} \times \text{WeaponCoefficient} \times \text{SlotEfficiency} \times \left(1 + \frac{\text{Torpedo}}{100}\times (1 + \text{FormationBonus} + \text{TRPSkillBonus})\right) + \text{random({0,1,2})}\right]\\ The total damage received at danger level 8 will be calculated like this: ((1.04*Enemy DMG)*.84). Any fire started by a gun that is of lower caliber or same caliber simply reset the ticking timer. Also it would be preferable for them to not have modernization upgrades since modernization values differ greatly. \text{ReloadTime} = \text{WeaponReloadTime} \times \sqrt{\dfrac{200}{\text{Reload}\times( 1 + \text{StatBonus} ) + 100}} Each submarine torpedo slot operates independently. \text{Modernization} ACV displayed before entering a map is the amount of ACV needed to obtain Air Superiority state. If you are struggling with a stage, its best to retreat when there are multiple three triangle fleets sailing around the map. If you have submarines, you can also field them to get some extra damage in as well. However, your Danger Level of 7 works to counteract this by taking this buffed damage and reducing it multiplicatively ((1.2*Enemy DMG)*.86).

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