It has recently come to my attention that core members may not be exactly who I thought they were.

Vulture just made it clear for me to go in the new direction with confidence instead of standing there scratching my head and wondering which way to go forward. I shook her hand thanked her for talking to me. Are you responding ptbakers message?

Much appreciated Stevie, had a dream. You are the log on the fire. So I drove back home Musta fell asleep I woke up out of a deep sleep thinking that I need to go to my mom’s house to meet my family for the preparation of the funeral well as I’m going down the driveway nobody is there yet so I go and sit on the front porch where I sat with my mother a couple of days ago talking about life and while I was sitting there waiting for my family I saw a big bird in the sky not really thinking much of it as I sat there watching the bird it was like it was Dancing in the Sky I watch that bird for about 8 minutes as I was watching the bird another bird flew in they went in figure eight flying gracefully in the sky I was truly amazed as I was watching One bird flew over the trees and disappeared the other bird danced around in the sky it seemed like forever when the second bird flew over the trees out of my vision an electrical sensation came out of the ground through my feet and went through every bone in my body and left the top of my head like a lightning bolt realize and then that it was my mom’s spirit I did not know what to do I did not know who to tell without my family thinking I was crazy as I sat there on the front porch some of my family members started to drive up the driveway how was I going to tell them what I had just experienced I was never really a talkative person as I sat there some of my family members asked me what I was doing sitting outside I said you’re going to think I’m crazy but I saw these birds in the sky these huge birds dancing in the sky and I told them about the incredible energy that left my body as soon as the birds flew over the trees my cousin Tommy said you were just touched by the Holy Ghost all the rest of my family just stood there and looked at me didn’t have a word to say till this day it’s like I have a third eye on most of everything I’ve always been a spiritual person not too much of a religious person but a spiritual one that experience has open a new door in my life it showed me that there is something much bigger out there.

We stared at one another. Now 3 years later, I’m wondering what it meant. Even if things scary the future is bleak, choose to take the brighter and more positive direction. They didn’t move..Wasn’t sure what to think so I tried to shoe them away..they didn’t budge & the one spread his wings fully & stayed that way for awhile. I got the impression it was a little hurt, the feathers looked ruffled around the tail end, but it flew down.

The following week I left church, as I got closer to home, a Turkey Vulture ran in almost in front of my car, as I got closer it turn and jump back on the sidewalk. Remember that there’s wisdom in silence. It could even be a warning about someone trying to take advantage of It is about death and rebirth which is in a way what was going on with me on that first trip.

It’s hard to see in moments of despair, but Vulture tells us suffering is temporary and is necessary to reach a higher purpose/growth. A few minutes ago I went outside to check the mail, and on my way back I saw at least 10 vultures circling over my house. Lisa, you are a wooden tiger (Chinese zodiac).

I didn’t get positive feelings or emotions when they were starring at me. My husband has a lot of serious medical issues going on, could be bad, we are waiting on tests results from the neurologist right now. After a while I went back inside. I was at college, and a nature center brought over three birds to show the students. They did not go until I clapped my hands. My first reaction to Tsikari`en:taks, was not an imformed or thoughtful one. I was unsettled to say the least.

Not sure what the significance is but I know it is very significant to both you AND me….. My birthday is March 20th and I was born in 1989….

I wasn’t frightened but suddenly felt very peaceful, almost refreshed and I knew right then that there was meaning in me seeing these misunderstood birds. The vulture is one of the most powerful and intriguing birds in the world. I just saw two vouchers on my roof and it frightens me. I had been up since 12 am distraught and weak from crying over my situation. As I went in..I heard it make a weird kind of grunt as it flew off. Use them to accomplish your goals. I went on a trip to a place in Spain and while I was looking around I saw a tornado of vultures flying then one flew towards me and landed on my head and then one landed at my feet What does it mean. Those of you who follow this blog may remember that about this time last year I made a journey to a place that the Indians of my heritage considered a sacred place. With that many flying around there must have been something big that died nearby. Later that day, a hawk flew down in front of me, again while I was in the car, and followed me out of my housing development. This fun website offers you messages from your, Brought to you by the same people who created Spirit Animals.

I awoke to the doctors telling me that if this medication doesn’t work you’ll have to have surgery this surgery on your brain is so dangerous your chances of liveing or less then ten percent. ❓ Hi I was wondering, I’ve been seeing these same 27 vultures flying over my house. Personally, I have never seen any kind of bird fly a triquetra formation until now. I turned around and opened, walked to the back door, open the door and started to walk inside.

I have been thinking about possibly walking away, or maybe trying to salvage the situation somehow. The bird is perceived as a symbol of protection with However, you must understand that knowing when to allow others to sink or swim is essential too. See how that fits with the answers you are seeking.

If there’s any vulture symbolism that you should take to heart, that is of resourcefulness. someone please tell me, what this dream means. The others kept a safe lookout and guarded him while he/she ate. That’s so beautiful, what an amazing interaction. So I’ve had the trifecta over the past three weeks. It was very bold and stayed it’s ground. Stay true to your promises, honor your word, and just do things! People with the Vulture totem know how to use their energy powerfully and efficiently. Not sure what all of that meant, but I know there was a message because they definitely got my attention. she has a habit of taking pictures, and she gets a call on her phone, my grandma who recently expired. into your life. I know this means something significant.

I felt a kinship when I read it. For the past 2-3 years I have been having “encounters” with turkey vultures. Also, when I entered the neighborhood, these THREE vultures were sitting on these two dead trees–mean anything ❓ Also, when I was cleaning off my bike, they sat and watching me, then very slowly, they left. He pulled his gun first and another acquaintance shot him before he could shoot any of us. For curiosity, we went into the hotel and asked when the vulture left and they said the day after we left, it was gone too. The vulture totem encourages you to master your energies and accept the support that comes from your environment. Six vultures on the roof peak sitting in a line looking at me.Then I ran into the back yard and saw vultures flying around me, sitting on the roof, on the ground, in the trees, and on the garden fence post. Dear Bonnie, Does it mean anything? Let others rise the occassions in their own lives as you tweak yours.

There was no sense of fear of aggression… it just watched me. I had the impression it was a juvenile.

Thus like the Cassowary and Goat, you should take your time before making decisions. So please! It just took my breath away! After all, they soar and achieve their aims, which is something that you need to be able to do on your own. I drove by again a little later and it was gone. Today morning I saw a vulture with a white body in my dream..It was sitting and then it flied and I saw it catching a bird .. surprisingly it was my pet bird ..I’m scared.. as vulture symbolises something bad.. I’m unable to be optimistic about this ..Its so disturbing..I’m concerned about me and my family..I don’t want anything bad to happen .. Plz someone shed some light that what can probably be the meaning of such a dream!! We dont see vultures in the city. If the driver had slowed down…anyway. Bird People should remember that all birds are messengers from Great Spirit. Not what others are doing or wearing. I sat down & watched them for awhile before going in. You can take on the tough stuff. This vulture is associated with power and as they like to lay in the warm sun is connected to happiness in life. It was all by itself. I do not live in a rural. I have prayed for it and over this.

It teaches you to embrace and truly understand the meaning of death. On the flip side, you have an opportunistic nature and to achieve your goal you could even take advantage of others. Sending my deepest love and healing to your grandson and wishing your family the best. Not many people respond to my posts though I’ve noticed .

I noticed them in flight a few times but it wasn’t until I was on top of what the locals call a hill (I would call it a small mountain!) I live in a rural area and have rarely seen turkey vultures around our property until this spring. Tell me I am reading it all wrong. They even fly over my house, and dive, and do acrobatics. You are strong and impervious when the situation calls you to be. They come back to breed there religiously now. we see orange colored huge feathered vulture In the sky. Rather than working hard, we can open our senses to the opportunities already available to us. I just saw three near my home today and had to look it up. Nevertheless, turkey vulture could be an amazing spiritual animal and guide. If you can add anything as far as interpretation and such, I would be most grateful. That is significant. I went outside & Sat & watched them. The vulture meaning also brings to focus the real meaning of life and death. While I was waiting, I saw a huge bird circling over me.

can I get ur reply here pls. I looked outside onto the balcony and was startled by a massive turkey vulture perched on the ledge. One was standing on top of the other one, flapping his wings. The other day, one came out of nowhere and flew right in front of my car. It was a badge wearing guy with bad intent.

My questions have intensely bothered my for years , and you might be my last chance. Recently, I had the chimney cap replaced. My job was stressing me out to the point of physical harm and I KNEW I deserved better. Finally after a few weeks of this I knew it was time to start researching why. But- vultures, are suddenly always flying over when I am outside, or circle above me & slowly fly off.

Hire someone or get friends and family to help with this huge task. Dear CC,

In your desire to grab opportunities, you sometimes end up taking advantage of people and situations. . Surround, inspire, and remind yourself that your spirit animal guide is with you & within you. Symbolic Vulture Meanings: Bird meaning, in general, deals with the element of air, and air is symbolic of the mind, thoughts, and intelligence.

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