“The Budweiser company Anheuser-Busch is now planning a complete makeover of its truck fleet. “Unlike batteries… the engine technology behind ‘Blue Gas’ is: “In the race for clean trucks, trains, and buses, “Blue Gas” is second to none.”, A big part of the reason why he thinks it’s going to be big is that China is pushing fuel cell tech forward…, “China’s ‘Elon Musk.’ recently made a stunning announcement…, “In short, he called for a complete shift in China to ‘Blue Gas.’. Tim Forcey is an independent energy advisor and curator at the Facebook group “Australian Gas Market Insights“. Thanks for doing the research to figure out which company this promoter is talking about. “Lasts days or even weeks. But clean coal did its job. What makes the “blue” version different than regular hydrogen is that it’s produced by a carbon neutral process that uses natural gas alongside carbon capture and storage. “Just to round it out, it purchased a mere 40 trucks from Tesla…. If you’re keeping track, we first saw these “Blue Gas” iterations of the ad around December 18 (though different “Tesla Killer” ads for different kinds of batteries or motors have cycled through our stories here several times over the past few years). and lack of a hydrogen infrastructure means that hydrogen would also presumably have a pretty short time period in which it could “win” over batteries (assuming, of course, that battery technology continues to improve). All of the fuel cell stocks have gone bonkers at one point or another in the past few months, driving this particular one up above $10 for a while (the stock touched $12 last week, though it’s below $10 again now)… so what’s the story?

It was transported in liquid condition, and like LPG, when released it returns to gaseous state. Low-carbon Blue Fuel Gasoline B ased in Victoria, British Columbia (BC), Canada, Blue Fuel Energy (BFE) is a privately-held company in advanced planning for the design and construction of a world-scale natural gas- and renewables-to-gasoline plant. For the last decade, the gas industry built its social licence on the theory that gas was “cleaner than coal”. What tickers are The Crow's Nest pitching as "Delta-9" Stocks? And it’s so remarkable that I now agree with the experts who say: “this is the Tesla killer.”, Bloomberg projects it to “skyrocket 1,000 times over.” And best of all…. So I’m not sure why all the fuss about something that already happened. So, is there a way to deal with, in one stroke, the fossil-gas industry’s two problems: 2.The rising popularity of renewable (green) hydrogen? The most-requested teaser to start this fresh new year is probably the Blue Gas/Tesla Killer one from Jimmy Mengel, in an ad for The Crow’s Nest ($99/yr) — and today I’m finally getting to it. Yes, the promise is real, things could work out well… but right now, they aren’t. It is an ad for The Crow’s Nest. By providing my email, I consent to receiving investment related electronic messages from Stockhouse. “A buyout frenzy is underway on small companies that are deploying the technology. No long recharge waits like for an electric car, not dirty like oil or gas. Stockhouse.com is owned by Stockhouse Publishing Ltd. © 2019 Stockhouse Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. What's Jimmy Mengel pitching as the "Biggest (and Fastest) Profit Opportunity of 2020 and Beyond? This clever strategy, with its techno-hopes and shiny websites kept coal in business for an extra ten years. So the warning signal for investors is that things didn’t work out very well for those who bought Ballard Power the last couple times it surged quickly higher like this. The gas industry needs a new social licence strategy. Especially now as green hydrogen begins to attract the attention of policy makers and technology funders. And like all new transportation fuels or strategies, the easiest way to start is with local fleet vehicles — garbage trucks, delivery trucks, and other vehicles where fuel is a major cost and where they travel in a small enough area that they can depend on a very limited refueling infrastructure. But then with a marketing makeover, this familiar hydrogen product gets a new name: blue hydrogen. But with coal now facing its end, that makes gas cleaner than what exactly? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Australia's plunging wind, solar, storage costs stun fossil fuel industry, BHP has rights; why shouldn’t the Great Barrier Reef? Though the real hope for the next few years is not from hydrogen-powered cars, it’s all about those predictable and restricted fleet vehicles like port trucks and delivery trucks and buses — which should ring a bell for those who hoped for great riches from the natural gasification of trucking fleets a decade ago. Fuel cells are not particularly new technology, but they have made some jumps forward in recent years. Sniffing out the teaser for this "$3 trillion technology" from The Crow's Nest, last conference included that 10 million vehicle “pledge”, Bloomberg interview with Ballard’s CEO Randy MacEwen here. If you’ve been keeping track of the full spectrum of hydrogens, “green hydrogen”, made with renewable electricity (via the hydrolysis of water), can play a large role in our future zero-emission societies, in Australia and around the world. It wants to be completely emission-free in the next few years. We get this…, “… after signing $200 million worth of deals with China’s largest engine and auto parts companies…, “It’s the frontrunner for the world’s biggest fuel cell market…. I may withdraw my consent at any time. Blue hydrogen is where the gas industry takes fossil gas and coverts it to hydrogen in the same greenhouse-gas-producing way it has been doing for the last 70 years (using a steam reformer; call that “black hydrogen”). 2) Cost of EV power is going down, mean while the Fossil Fuel industry has played games with prices from day dot. “In Shandong province alone, it’s rolling out 2,000 fuel cell buses. We will not release or resell your information to third parties without your permission. Indeed, it’s only the plunging cost of electricity generated by the sun and wind that now point us to the end of coal. And thanks for that, because as the kids in our streets and various United Nations committees remind us, we have very little time left to fix our climate mess.

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