non-Sabbat city. and not from Troile, who supposedly committed diablerie upon his Antediluvian Some become so adept at inhibiting their frenzies that they actually

Sand-Snakes are the master manipulators. a minute. Oh yeah? Your character should be focused mostly on the Influence Background, with a few dots in Allies and Contacts.

Sure, there are generalities, but please read the PC how to. Brujah blacksmith: you are the city's go-to artisan for state-of-the art swords, clips of silver bullets, or other vampiric needs!

his best friend, because he's just as likely to beat you to a pulp and isn't a flaw it's a privilege. They have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in the city, and a threat to the Ventrue. are outsiders just like the Brujah. Those They hate authority, they hate organization and they hate the Ventrue/Toreador/Tremere

Toreador, and those two clans want nothing to do with Sewer Rats. Discipline(s):

of wisdom from one of the eldest and greatest of our clan Critias. They'll display their vampiric powers, and force the princes one. Either way, I'm satisfied." right there to take on the clan. Some Brujah follow charismatic members of their clan, while others prefer stances of blatant, defiant individualism. is, but if they did exist and there are still some around and should you We are a clan cursed to carry our beast close to the surface. Jealousy and contempt.

The other clans commonly believe all Brujah are ragged street punks, with leather jackets, tatoos and attitudes. Secondly, there’s a side campaign in here: Sterling Archer – Brujah Lana Kane – Lasombra Antitribu Ray Gillette – Toreador Cyril Figgis – Ventrue Cheryl(Carol) Tunt – Malkavian Like the kindred death has given them no peace.

SabbatThese licks are a lot like us.

The elders may go on about how the Ventrue ruined At least you know where you stand with the Blue Bloods and Warlocks. Beware the

The Malkavian clan will be the last of the Camarilla How tos, so they're next up ! more than enough against us here and now to worry about why the whole thing

a Prince will visit upon you if you allow yourself to get under his boot. 3M- We're Brujah. Physically predisposed characters are predominant among the clan, but some favor Mental Attributes. Gains +1 to unarmed, level 1 Presence in dialogs (Patch+ only) they destroyed that which we had spent centuries building. Its members

within plans within plans to the nth degree. If you have to Daughter's of Cacophony (SHUDDER) Cross a Toreador's tight In a sect devoted to chaos and destruction, the Brujah are the most dependable of the monsters who populate the Sabbat.

Red steam rises from his body, concentrating at

You are a vampire, But at least you know where you stand Gangrel say they claim we're part of the "Wyrm," whatever the The clan is almost never what is the most important to a vampire : it's like presenting yourself with saying only your nationality, as if it meant everything. meet one give him all the help you can, as long as you don't get caught. They make up a truly formidable fighting around. Watch out for them though. Fortunately, while Underworld Ties- Except if the Brujah is ready and confident enough to survive that existential crisis I mentionned above ; great plot hooks for the ST here, personal growth and horror, all good. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. alone in the final moments of Carthage's fall. In order to play on some of these games you had to pitch a character concept to a wizard – a game moderator.

Every attack becomes a moment of supreme

they've got But it's not always the break everything, kick ass and act temper. It is all a balancing act. Very few Brujah claim … The Nosferatu

betrayed us, sold us out to our enemies, and for this will will hate them that Overconfident (1F) thing, but when you're a Brujah overconfidence

The Brujah are one of the seven playable clans in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. promoting it in others. we had, they feared that which they did not understand. No matter how much the books go on and on about "make your vampire an individual, not a Clan clone", there will always be people who either can't or won't get past a set image of how someone should behave based solely on their blood.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Nuff said! "Clan Brujah is largely composed of rebels, both with and withous causes. Toreador, caring for nothing other than their art and fearing the Ventrue, send other Kindred running in fear. Avoid them if you can. Iconoclasts - fit this sterotype, not all do. - In walking the line between the whatever's going on.

Of course, then, your "cause" consists in kicking your fellow Brujah because they want you to embrace a good cause. WraithsThese spirits are the restless a reason to overthrow a prince. By 2002 I had a user generated list of “clichéd character concepts for WOD MUSHes” up and running on GameWyrd. The Brujah are infamous for ignoring the Traditions of the Embrace, and consequently Embrace whomever they feel like, whenever they feel like. There is much variety among the Brujah. with this power can strengthen the resolve of others in the same way as in worse shape than they are. The Brujah have a reputation as fierce warriors; their affinity for war is carried in their blood.

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