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Tłumaczenie dodał(a): brak Dodaj tłumaczenie. Juice WRLD, celebre rapper statunitense, è mancato l’8 dicembre 2019 all’aeroporto di Chicago. Let us know by commenting down below or giving us a holler @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! All Rights Reserved. Głosuj na ten utwór (+1) Dodaj do ulubionych Komentuj Poleć znajomemu Zgłoś błąd. Enter your email address to subscribe to The Honey POP and receive notifications of new posts by email. In an anime-super-hero-badass-type illustration, Juice, and Ally verse the drugs. With ground-breaking punk-rock-rap energy the single and video alike, fans can’t get enough. Not the first ode to his girl, but unique non the less. Not the first ode to his girl, but unique non the less. Juice WRLD Came & Went, But Not Before Inspiring The Industry, Super Whatevr: Carhartts, Converse & Mark Hoppus, Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez Brought Us All New Life With Their ‘Past Life’ Music Video.


The video creates a super sick visual for the song, directed shot and edited by Steve Cannon. She be drawin' pentagrams, she a soul-taker, I loved her and let her go (Go, go, go), fuck that, On “Underwrld,“ Chicago native Juice WRLD explores his love connection with a demonic girl. The video creates a super sick visual for the song, directed shot and edited by Steve Cannon. Explicitly marked by a tribute game of ‘’Team 999 vs. Even though Juice WRLD is not around to enjoy it for all it is himself, this song is more than worth the celebration. It’s safe to assume that Juice WRLD is addressing a romantic interest on “Come & Go”. FaZe Adapt, and many members of the FaZe community were close friends with Juice and the Grade A team. Would love your thoughts, please comment. “Come & Go” è il quarto brano tratto dall’album postumo “Legends Never Dies“, atteso per il 10 luglio 2020.

Juice WRLD’s posthumous album, Legends Never Die via Grade A/Interscope rocked the rap world with hit after hit. A commemorative collab between gaming organization FaZe. We will never stop supporting Juice WRLD and all the insanely inspiring and genre-shattering things that he has done for the industry. Noting how she’s drawing pentagrams and seeing the number 666 in her room, Juice clearly recognizes that she is symbolic of the demon, but does not shy away, but instead accepts his fate which will be filled with drugs, death, and heartbreak. This song breaks out hearts all over again.

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