up. The chart and tables contain over 11,000 saw settings for any crown spring angle and corner angle combination. with a miter saw or compound miter saw. with a miter saw or compound miter saw and can also be used to cut your crown molding on a miter saw (no blade tilt) with the crown propped up against the fence. yourself like a PRO! The cards are double sided and have the angle charts for all types of interior and exterior miter cuts and for various trim back angle types. End angle: atan( cos( slope_angle ) * tan( corner_angle / 2 ) ) Our proven charts and tables will provide every miter and/or blade tilt angle you will ever need to make the perfect cut. charts and tables are in our new book. Wipe them clean. ), here are the formulas I used: For the miter: Please try again. Hit Get Start Angle to record the directional angle of this wall. If either of these values exceed 90°, I subtract from 180 to provide a negative angle that indicates the angle goes the other way. All calculators on this site are geometric only. (24,000+ saw settings), and Compound Miter Chart©. Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2009. The Crown Molding & Trim book also contains our proven easy-to-use Miter Table©, Crown Molding Table© This is the only book that you will find anywhere that actually tells the novice do-it-yourself person the exact miter and blade tilt settings to easily cut any compound miter joint. Perfect cut each and every time, guaranteed or your money back.

or 20° from vertical and the capping piece has an angle of 45°. The results for this calculation is as follows: Butting piece – the end is cut at a 44.622° angle When making a miter cut, you're often dealing with material and installation surfaces that aren't completely flat. Create beautiful multi-sided birdhouses, gazebos and flowerpots. Miter Compound Angle Calculator. Here's a convenient reference for looking up the miter angle and face bevel for cutting and fitting crown moulding. To check out all of our other tools and products that will make installing your crown molding & trim a pleasurable experience, please click on the “Other products by Quint Measuring Systems, Inc.” link at the top of this page.

using a compound miter saw. Thanks to this website: http://www.sbebuilders.com, Results: The Compound Miter Chart is used for cutting all crown moulding using a compound miter saw (regardless of the crown spring angle) and covers corner angles from 60 to 300 degrees. Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2008.

Stop making firewood out of your expensive crown molding or trim. 2nd

complicated than calculating a mitered joint. The Chart and Tables (laminated with 5mil plastic) that can be kept on the job site. © 2001-2015 CompoundMiter.com a Quint Group company. Its very simple with our flat back foam crown molding. miter angle chart. cathedral ceiling. Measure the Corner Angle with the True Angle® Tool. With our easy to follow 3-Step Method, written for the novice do-it-yourself person and the professional alike, you will be amazed how easy it is. details. Brief descriptions of our CompoundMiter™ angle charts and tables are provided below. Capping piece – the end is cut at a -18.939° angle

Slope angle is measured from the horizontal plane.

To hold up better in a construction environment it would have been helpful to have a heavier laminating material and perhaps a rivet with keychain in the corner for keeping the otherwise loose sheets together. A 45 degree corner is two 22. I recently had a woodworking project with compound angles. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Guaranteed! The Miter Table is used for cutting trim (baseboards, chair rails, etc.)

The chart at the end of this article lists the appropriate miter-bevel settings for both 52°/38° and 45°/45° Ceiling Wall Crown Moldings with angle-between-wall ranges of 67°-179°.

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