Costco's in my area can't sell liquor, but I have friends in a place where costco's do at the moment.

Thanks! What's the price? Note two things: 1) Costco sells both a "Tennessee Whiskey" at 80 proof with a black label that I assumed was to convince customers that it is a JD clone; 2) they are recently selling a "Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey" at 7YO and 103 proof that seems to have replaced the Kirkland Kentucky Straight Bourbon--except it costs $10 more per liter. It looked like bourbon and kinda smelled and tasted like bourbon but there was something slightly off. Definitely not worth the money, it's probably one of the worst bourbons I've ever had. Hey! To be honest, I couldn’t bring forth the Jim Beam Black enough to make a determination. the bourbon had a clean, medium intense aromas of corn, caramel, vanilla, yeast, cloves and allspice.

Unsubscribe anytime! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Their Kirkland Vodka is nothing but Grey Goose. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Forum for whisky lovers in the Washington, DC area, Press J to jump to the feed. Looking at the bottle, it’s 51.5% which is relatively high for a bourbon – so the burn is not surprising, but I’d expect the flavor to match. Small Batch Bourbon: $29.99. Kirkland's French vodka is a best bet. But, these reviewers had dug in further and found that the bourbon was a Jim Beam product (confirmed by the TTAB website and supposedly, a Costco representative). Please add me. Now I just wish I had a Costco liquor store in my province. Kirkland (Costco’s brand name) has been offering up some substantial values in quality single-malt scotch over the last few years. Bullet prices are lower as well. We even did a breakdown of how many bottles of wine it would take to pay for your Costco membership!

Or do you see anything else on my back-bar that you’d like me to review? This is especially important if it's allocated, or otherwise hard to find, because when it's in it's generally the best deal in the state. It's some kind of Knob Creek derivative, aged seven years instead of … Costco doesn't seem to update anything. This is how we'll identify who asked the question. I picked some up over the holidays. Hmm, i think the v2 bourbon was made in TN. Went today and picked up some 1.75L bt and a couple Blanton's! I'm just getting into drinking more bourbon/rye/whiskey and I was wondering if Costco's prices are usually better than or equal to most liquor stores?

If there's any true flavor to it, even at the low proof it's bottled at, it's impossible to tell.

Can't beat $20.

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