This is average, most characters will be here. Additional Info Because infinite super attack fights aren't possible, no not even with Super Saiyans, Basic Attacks can serve as your primary or secondary damage outlet.


Strike Supers are the Supers/Ultimates that typically involve the user's body.

         (torso and tail).

For some reason, accessories (such as zamasu's halo) turn golden in this form. The long protruding hair is replaced with regular spiky hair, with a lime variation for both the hair and aura.

The user's base hairstyle becomes a solid red with a sharp fiery aura that surrounds them. If you become a Super Saiyan (or most other forms) right before you die, you will spawn Transformed fully, with Aura and Actual Power Boost, and No Ki Drain. Hold X for 3 seconds, then press H to transform. Super Saiyan 3 was considered broken. A list of all clothing w/pics..., A list of all Z-Souls and what they do..., A mini guide to all the useful skills..., Old Dragonball XV CaC Stat Calculator..., Fancy Xenoverse Stat Calculator..., (The old calculator is divided up into many servers, with server 10 being a read-only copy for those who would like to download an offline copy for personal use.).


Statistically superior to Super Saiyan 3 by +50 points. This can lead to a stalemate on both sides. Gives the user a golden-colored aura and hair. This leads to Saiyans having an overall advantage over Humans in nearly every category (humans have higher base stats).

A jack of all trades race with no specific advantages, which is both good and bad in their way. Physical Damage          (aura) 0.95 This also means Sayians benefit most off the toggle update. If the user turns on the Majin gamepass transformation, then transforms into Ascended Super Saiyan, and then disables the Majin gamepass transformation, the user will have negative speed.

400, "C"... Four bars is viable, but it can hinder certain builds.

The users hair and aura is replaced with light magenta variations. Hello and welcome to my guide for creating competetitive characters! Build only has three options, thin characters receive 20% more Ki Blast (Basic/Super) power, and 20% less Melee/Strike (Basic/Super) power, while thicker characters get the opposite.

This is implied by Frieza in.

Use the description area to provide a general idea on your build concept, strategy, or any other pertinent information. 210%-224%, "B"... At this range, you're dealing good damage. Also, they get a special paralyzing ki blast.      

A buff character will have more Strike power, but less Ki Blast power. The player is also given a new skills set. Ascended Super Saiyan is the only transformation in the game that can lower the user's stats. Base stats are the hidden values that each race/sex has that determine what they are good at. You can identify these by the black and white "gear" icon that is next to their name. So, without further ado, here are the suggested builds. In short, deviating from the default will result in changes to your character's base stats.

This is a list of Base Stats at lvl 80 for each race/sex. As you've probably noticed, when you look at the clothing in this game, it has little arrows next to your stats. Max Ki determines the maximum amount of Ki you are capable of having at any given time. You can identify these by the blue and white energy beam icon that is next to their name.

A character's true stats are reflected within the hexagonal prism that grows as you level up and boost your stats.

Speed supposedly increases at 50% health.

Saiyans are one of the seven races available to the player once they start the game. "What's this?!

This means that they're quite versatile when it comes to builds, allowing the player to freely build them how they want.

The user is no longer engulfed in an aura and now has a paler shade of yellow hair. Users hair takes on a paler tone of yellow (almost identical to the Full Power Super Saiyan form) and a less noticeable aura.

Saiyans resemble Humans; however, Saiyans come with brown bushy tails (しっぽ shippo) that hang loose behind them.

Build only has three options, thin characters receive 20% more Ki Blast (Basic/Super) power, and 20% less Melee/Strike (Basic/Super) power, while thicker characters get the opposite. Each pose lasts a certain amount of time, and everything here is considered a "Reinforcement Skill".

I created this guide with the express purpose of providing folks like you an easy way to create the competitive characters that you want to make. Once Super Saiyan 2 is unlocked, and the Player re-equips Ascended Super Saiyan with Super Saiyan 2 still activated, sometimes if the player charges and presses the Transform button fast enough, they will enter Ascended Super Saiyan with Super Saiyan 2 still equipped. IIRC Bugged to give you less instead. Max Health determines how much health your character has. Fighting Pose B: Strike Supers +10%, Ki Blast Supers -30%. The users hairstyle returns to being sharper (similar to Super Saiyan), along with replacing the red aura and hair color with a light blue version.

Kaioken x100 has a very large health drain. Romaji Statistically superior to Super Saiyan Blue by 150 points, but statistically inferior to Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x10 and Super Saiyan Blue Evolution by 150 points. Namekians have a solid base form along with good forms, with Awakened having the best Ki Max (save for KKX10SSJB, but this form can be only sustained for about 200 seconds if the Sayian doesn't heal HP). Max Health is a fickle thing.

Ki Control As a general rule, you can spend a maximum of 100 in any particular stat.

Frieza’s, however, have a decent base, but weak forms that are only good in terms of Ki damage and Speed. Ultimate 2: Final Flash (Skill) Evasion Skill: Spirit Explosion (Skill) Description: This is only an example build.

Upon triggering this transformation, the player assumes a kneeling position as their body produces a burst of gold-colored ki.

(hair color and aura) Legendary Super Saiyan is sometimes preferred over.

150%-199%, "D"... At this range, your supers might help you in battle. Xenoverse holds a heavy bias against Strike Supers, but that doesn't make them any less valid as there are certainly some good skills here.

(Keep in mind that these are merely suggestions, feel free to modify them in any way you see fit. Your fists are death's personal messengers.

They contain valuable insight, and are probably the most useful part of this entire guide (for non-beginners). As of this writing, with the max level being 85, you can spend a total of 252 points across all of your stats. Saiyans are a versatile, all-round strong race with various flashy transformations and a simple, wide-ranging play-style that matches their incredibly strong forms.

Without them, it will be hard to understand and properly plan out your characters. Through this, a Saiyan can usually brute strength a victory most of the time. The same goes for the other playable races. Basic Attacks are the basic punches, kicks, throws, and ki blasts that aren't considered "Super Skills". ), Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. 0000-1000, "F"... At this range, your character will easily break.

Known Members They require no Ki to use and activate instantly. Super Saiyan Rosé used to give out 600 stat points to Melee Damage, Ki Damage, Melee Resistance, Ki Resistance, and Speed. Xenoverse holds a heavy bias in favor of Ki Blast Supers, but that doesn't make this stat necessarily superior to Strike Supers. I'm combining these two because they serve the same function.

It is the first bar you see below your character's health.

The Saiyan transformations are classified as "Ultimates", while everything else on this list falls under the "Supers" category of skills.

0.9 But a Sayian has the best forms, so even though Sayians have incredible offensive power, Majins can counter that through defense. It is the second bar you see below your character's health bar. This means that Saiyans may find trouble in progress early into the game. Super Saiyan God can only be achieved by a good-hearted Saiyan, via a ritual performed by five other good-hearted Saiyans.

This steep difference is visible in their ene… They can be quite squishy due to their below-average base stats, which can be quite easy to take advantage of. While in Super Saiyan Blue (before buying SSJBKKX10) If you hold x while transforming while you are in Super Saiyan Blue you will lose the hair colour of Super Saiyan Blue but you will retain the blue aura, although sometimes you will just become bald and still retain the aura. A Majin has good base stats and decent forms that give ludicrous amounts of defense (this is especially prevalent for metal majin). (Speed must be below a certain number for this to be achieved). Dark human, its next best form fails statistically. (Note: Final Pose & Mach Dash are evasive skills, while Recoome Kick is a Strike Super.). This is wrong, as each stat has a different calculation associated with each arrow. Aim for a C or higher when designing most builds, there are exceptions of course, but follow this and you should be on your way to successful battles in no time! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "People of the Saiya" Whenever a Saiyan is worn down to ~25% of HP, any amount of Physical Damage they deal will be twice the actual amount they were supposed to deal. Hold X for 3 seconds and press H to transform. If you like math and solving things, below is a list of what each arrow does for each stat, if not, use the Dragonball XV CaC Stat Calculator.

Also, ki automatically recharges.

Lit. Differences between Saiyans in the anime/manga and the game include: In the anime and manga, Saiyans are endangered. You can make builds entirely around these bonuses, or you can use it on a single move.

However, Vegeta was able to use Super Saiyan God after simply training with Beerus and Whis as well as being exposed to god ki.

200%-209%, "C"... At this range, your supers will actually be of use. In order to stop the player from killing themselves, SSJBKKX10 untransforms at low health. 1300-1400, "C"... At this range, you're pretty much safe from being suffering OHKOs. Majins also have a Full Regeneration capability, therefore it depends on if the Sayian can defeat the Majin before it uses regen, or if the majin decides to draw out the battle to maximize the use of regen. Some characters need more than others, and some manage without it.

Aura density and hair color depending on the amount of Ki at the time of transformation. Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Times 10 grants the most ki max out of any form currently ingame. They also do not have a high ki max.

Saiyans are the only race resembling Humans to have tails, an exclusive accessory that may only be obtained during initial character creation. Whether you plan on doing a lot of PvP or not, this guide will provide the insight you need to make the most optimal builds for any race/sex/playstyle.

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