(min). * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, Animal Experimentation and Animal Use Alternatives, Educational Resources for Children, Parents, and Teachers, Marketing Strategies, Consumer Behavior, and Trade, Pollution, Waste Management, and Natural Resources Conservation, Agricultural Biotechnology, Plant Genetics, and Plant Breeding, Lawns and Turf, Landscaping, and Ornamental Plants, Plant Diseases and Disorders, Plant Pests, and Weeds, Production Technology and Agricultural Engineering, Rural Environmental Justice Resource Collection, Digital Images, Photographs, and Publications, Professional Society and Organizational History, MyPlate and Historical Food Pyramid Resources, Cooperative Extension and University MyPlate Resources, Historical Dietary Guidance Digital Collection, Ethnic and Cultural Resources for Older Individuals, Ethnic and Cultural Heart Health Resources, Associations and Foundations for Osteoporosis, General Information and Resources for Weight and Obesity, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Interagency Committee on Human Nutrition Research, Dietary Assessment Instruments for Research, Interactive DRI for Healthcare Professionals, U.S. Government Global Nutrition Coordination Plan 2016–2021, Nutritive and Nonnutritive Sweetener Resources, Nutrient Lists from Standard Reference Legacy (2018), Academic Programs and Other Educational Opportunities, College and University Food Science Programs, College and University Nutrition Programs, Institute of Child Nutrition (National Foodservice Management Institute), Organization Events and Conferences Webpages, Macronutrients, Phytonutrients, Vitamins & Minerals, Quick Links for Educators, Health Professionals and Researchers, Individual Conferences - Listed Chronologically. document.form1.IronMax.value = arrayIronMax[tableRef];

arrayCopperMax = new Array("ND", "ND", "1000", "3000", "5000", "8000", "10000", "10000", "10000", "10000", "5000", "8000", "10000", "10000", "10000", "10000", "8000", "10000", "10000", "8000", "10000", "10000"); function getResult() arrayMolybdenumMin = new Array("2", "3", "17", "22", "34", "43", "45", "45", "45", "45", "34", "43", "45", "45", "45", "45", "50", "50", "50", "50", "50", "50");


I recommend using it in conjunction with the nutritional analysis tools on the Nutrition Data website. This dietary reference is known as the Daily Value (DV). tableRef=10 case "age14femalepreg": arrayB5Min = new Array("1.7", "1.8", "2", "3", "4", "5", "5", "5", "5", "5", "4", "5", "5", "5", "5", "5", "6", "6", "6", "7", "7", "7"); arrayKMax = new Array("ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND", "ND");

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