Thanks to the 6DoF room-scale tracking of the Oculus Quest, you are also able to duck and dodge rocket attacks and green slim projectiles that come flying towards you. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. and its referral domains and are not affiliated with Facebook Technologies, LLC and/or its affiliated companies. I was the main full time artist on Drop Dead:- Dual Strike Edition - the most violent version of Drop Dead yet! In the campaign you’re an agent trying to stop the evil Dr. Money who caused the zombie apocalypse. There is no trivia on file for this game. MowTin Posts: 1,926 Valuable Player. Early on in the game you soon discover that you can also decide to wield a variety of melee weapons instead – if you fancy getting more up, close and personal with the undead.

Correction: Dead and Buried 2’s Horde Mode is coming after launch. The Oculus Quest released with a handful of story-based shooters when it launched over a month ago. Play Drop Dead: Extended Edition We use browser cookies to remember your preferences. [2020-10-18] 更新至: Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition v1.3.6.3 兼容Oculus Quest 2/Oculus Quest 1 Oculus Quest游戏之《Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition》死亡:双重打击,是一款打僵尸游戏!具有完整的战役以及在线联机合作部落模式和竞争模式。 Privacy Policy. 0. Reloading is done by simply dropping your weapons beside you and wait for the reload meter to fill to the top. Accessibility Help.

The major zombie games on Rift were Arizona Sunshine and Killing Floor: Incursion. Don't worry;…. I found just using guns to be the optimal choice of weapon in both hands when it comes to getting through the story campaign without too many retries. By clicking on the buttons above and buying an item from Amazon, you will help support us by giving us affiliate commission.

Kongregate free online game Drop Dead: Extended Edition - Drop Dead Teddy is back, under cover, and with his friends. Visually, Drop Dead looks and runs great on the Oculus Quest. I haven't joined a multiplayer game because it seems to insist that I login with Facebook. From the very beginning, you are introduced to former CIA operative Billy-Bob and his daughter Celia-Jane. Close. This is going to be a cool arcade-type House of Dead shooter for the Quest. However, there isn’t cross-buy with the Oculus Go version.

It is great to have a wide choice of weapons to have in each hand, as it allows you to tailor the kind of experience and difficulty that you wish to face whilst fighting against waves of walking dead.

He comes from a Software Engineering background, but now writes for UploadVR, primarily about the technology behind VR hardware and software. share. Drop Dead: Dual Strike is a total overhaul of the co-op zombie shooter Rift game Drop Dead. Especially when you find a zombie standing out of view just beside you, clawing at your limbs. Drop Dead: Dual Strike – Oculus Quest Review. He believes that VR will one day become a mainstream technology that will fundamentally transform society. For $14.99 from the Oculus Store, Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition does offer you more for your money than some other shooters in the similar mid-tier price range on the Quest Store. is an independent blog that’s dedicated to the Oculus Quest & Quest 2 VR headset. As well as cross play, the game supports cross-buy too. Watch the latest from Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition gameplay streaming live on Facebook Gaming. This is something you soon have to learn in order to reload fast enough during any spare moment before the next zombie shows up. This family duo is at hand to fix-up your high-tech visor and train you up to being a zombie-killing badass. In amongst a zombie apocalypse, you play Cipher, the last agent that’s alive who’s able to stop the evil Doctor Monday and save the world from his flesh-eating zombie creations.

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