A sign for '4x4 required' usually means difficult or bumpy terrain ahead. Lari B Witt - 3/7/17, OHV activities are a significant part of the tourism that supports the economy in the Eastern Sierra. side spot. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Backroad travel leads to a full menu of Eastern Sierra locations.

If you do find signals, they may be weak. Eastern Sierra The Eastern Sierra is the remote east side of the Sierra Nevada region of California.The desert-like yearly rainfalls compete with small streams draining down from the snow-covered … You can see lights thru bushes easier than a dark vehicle. home. I walk on public lands every day and I am continually distressed by ongoing illegal motorcycle riding activity and damage done to public ecosystems. Down shift, instead of braking, around curves to control your grip. I and those of our neighbors who are paying attention are concerned that proposed new route maps will draw increasing numbers of riders right to our community, adversely affecting our quality of life and property values.

By using and expanding existing infrastructure, this is a grant would be a value multiplier for both the USFS and the BLM as resources that would have been used for monitoring and maintenance can be devoted to other beneficial projects. Please stop, and respect us please. A.T. would have the people living in Owens Valley, and yourselves, the grant readers, believe that the whole idea of the signage, maps and educational materials they are asking you to finance was to convert Owens Valley OHV use into an organized, safe, sustainable, and law abiding activity. We want all visitors to stay on legal trails and roads. National Forest Service Maps are extremely helpful They give lip service to such in the grant application but there is a culture of reckless use here. However, no matter how many signs, maps or well designed trails there are, there is a percentage of OHMV riders who will carve the landscape at their whim. 395: Bridgeport CA: 4x4 routes, dirt roads, california back roads, 4 wheel drive trails, baja backroads, dirt trails 4WD: Northern California Backroads: region name: general area: … DanaMite's extensive list of California Back Roads.

amzn_assoc_linkid = "740a7bd3285f6e265014a23d3c6fb32e"; It will provide excellent value to recreational opportunities in the region. Straddle a deep rut in the road. 2WD vs. AWD vs. 4X4 - know the difference. It provides guided access, making off-trail use less likely. lodge | Please respect the private lands along these roads & help keep the cattle in their place. Since we are in the comment period I thought it would be a good idea to put in my comments to the Forest Service, the BLM and the county, in writing.

amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Leading If you are lucky, there is a cute one lane bridge, but all too often not. B-Road is the artery from which all the tributaries making up the recreation area begin. Glenn Clark - 3/9/17, I like to off-road in one of the areas proposed and think signage would help make for a funner experience, as well as protecting areas not meant for off-roading use. The areas here are vast and personnel few-the agencies are badly underfunded and unable to protect and maintain our public lands.

So while I realize we have an enthusiastic local OHV community and some tourists who come from out of town, and that's fine,  I would be against any effort to expand/promote OHV tourism in the Eastern Sierra. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

The BLM and Forest Service will need all the help they can get to maintain roads and trails. I am a member of the Eastern Sierra 4x4 Club and believe strongly in keeping these areas open and accessible to current and future generations. way to really get away from the crowds. We are not going to rely on the good nature of the people who will be riding over our sacred lands. Steven Adler - 3/13/17, This is a very worthwhile project and should be funded. Most really good primitive Or at least get dirt on the Subaru. John Shepherd - 3/13/17, This application is of the type that enhance the taxpayers recreation activity in the area. Come back at a later date with a 4x4 pal for further exploration. Please approve this much needed Grant. SUV or 4x4 may be required for some roads. This loop program is a great idea and can help reinforce "Stay on the Trail". Lois Alexander - 3/22/17, I support this project because trails support communities and healthy lifestyles. It offers signposts and map boards so that those not familiar with the area can navigate better. I rarely if ever encounter BLM or USFS personnel in the field.

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