Empress of Scotland may refer to one of these Canadian Pacific Steamships ocean liners: .

Liverpool, ready to sail on yet another voyage to Canada. uptakes, fitted to reduce the smoke nuisance. Age 21. The ship's twin screws were driven by Parsons' single-reduction geared turbines. At the end of my four-year cadetship with the Clan Line in 1956, I wanted to attend Liverpool Technical College to obtain my first certificate, However, my timing was wrong - the College was due to close for the summer holidays. The experience paid dividends, for some years later I wanted a summer fill-in job prior to attending nautical school, and was fortunate enough to be appointed as relief fourth officer on both of the new sister ships EMPRESS OF BRITAIN and EMPRESS OF ENGLAND. In '52 she had her masts shortened to allow her to pass under the Quebeck Bridge and sail up to Montreal. [3] This was the first liner to have a straight stern like a warship; and the advantages of this type of stern were revealed in terms of speed, vibration, steering and seagoing qualities.

Sometimes the quartermasters got the lion's share of the sandwiches !

With the growth of the post-war German merchant fleet it was strongly felt during the mid 1950s that the time was ripe for Germany to re-enter the traditional trans-Atlantic passenger service with a Hamburg-owned liner. Information on how he lost his life can be found on the Queries and Omissions page under 'Queries' The HANSEATIC's passengers were transferred to the QUEEN MARY, whose sailing time was delayed by some four hours while they were transferred.

She became a Government Emigrant ship and in 1953 repatriated British troops from Korea. 8 SEPTEMBER 1943, HARWICH.

The ship had Husband of G. Cox of Billingborough Lincolnshire. Keay, and after disembarking her 213 passengers at Princes Landing Stage, she was laid up in the Gladstone Dock. Age 28. Shanghai 2 May. Husband of Edith Quinn of Liverpool. Empress of Scotland, Ena de Larrinaga, Englishman, English Trader, Erato Erica Moller , Erinpura , Erna III , Erodona , Eros This page includes basic information about the ships and how they were lost, a photo of the relevant panel(s) of the Tower Hill Memorial and information about those that lost their lives extracted from the CWGC database. Son of William and Emma Dodd of Roker Sunderland Co. Durham; husband of Lucie Crosby Dodd of Hull. of an allied ship carrying the name of an enemy state. 6 steam turbines, single-reduction gearing to twin screws.Speed: 21 knots, max 23. Age 32. Two bombs hit the ship but were deflected off the stern rail Sal e sman Br. Husband of R. Santa Silva of Assolua. Son of Michael and Julia OSullivan of Forest Gate Essex.

On this occasion, she sailed from Vancouver to Manila outward bound; and she stopped at Vladivostok on the return voyage to North America from the Far East to pick up Canadian soldiers who had served at part of the Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force during the Russian Revolution. The change had been delayed due to wartime On her return passage she averaged 21 knots on 26,100shp. Subsequently became Master of troopship Empress of Australia . This was not a problem for me as for part of my cadetship I had been bridge cadet for arrivals and departures. During this peacetime period, she completed 310 crossings. of Japan was in Shanghai when war was declared in September 1939. Promoted to rank of Captain 1945 (highest RNR rank) .

Son of Charles and Sarah Stephens of Liverpool. It was a tradition for a Scottish piper to play a lament, A busy scene at the Tail of the Bank off Greenock, with the, EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND making her call en route from. Age 28. After quarantine the CLC were then transshipped to Port Moody on the Canadian mainland and transported by the Canadian Pacific Railway in guarded cattle trucks across Canada to the Atlantic Coast, where other Empress ships took them to Dunkirk.[15]. Son of Jens and Kristine Jungersen of Norrsundry Denmark. This route cut the distance from 2,728 miles to 2,558 miles, and the Empress crossed from the Clyde Pilot to Father Point in four days, fourteen hours and forty-three minutes, at an average speed of 21 knots. 2nd cl. Normally, there would have been a balancing pair of sister ships, but the world depression was affecting policy, and with the advent of its new trans-Atlantic flagship, the EMPRESS OF BRITAIN of 1931, Canadian Pacific Steamships had enough on its plate. The EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND arrived alongside Princes Landing Stage at Liverpool at 6.am on 17th November 1951, where the Royal couple disembarked.

Age 21. family information about the individuals may be available on the CWGC website [7].

The extensive damage caused the ship to be scrapped; and she was broken up by Thos W Ward.

On 8th June she was delivered to Canadian Pacific, a truly magnificent ship, beautifully proportioned, graceful, and yet with a look of tremendous power. The Age 36. sailed right around the world three times, and two men served on her throughout in the North Atlantic, she came out unscathed. In Sept. 1966 she caught fire in New York harbour.

Photographs Empress of Russia then returned to her familiar trans-Pacific route. HERE. Son of Richard and Bertha Smith of Allerton Derby. The first-class cocktail bar in the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, The swimming pool in the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, The first-class main lounge in the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, The first-class main entrance in the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, The first-class restaurant in the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, The first-class writing room and library in the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, The tourist-class smokeroom on the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, The tourist-class restaurant on the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, The tourist-class lounge on the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, The first-class card room on the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, A tourist-class three-berth stateroom on the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, A first-class stateroom on the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, A group of the stewards employed in the first-class dining saloon. Due to suspicions [11] Later, she was transferred to the Indian Ocean. The HANSEATIC was towed to Todd's shipyard at Brooklyn for survey, and as a result Hamburg-Atlantic decided to have her towed back to the Howaldtswerke yard at Hamburg for possible repair. We discharged cargo, had more boat drills, and then loaded grain, sawn timber, apples, bulk tallow, mail and gold and silver bullion for Liverpool.

Left to Right: Mr Jan Bezant, First Officer; Staff Commander N.W. (ret), 1882-1966. Duchess of Bedford (SS) Bombay. In the face of enemy machine gun fire, Ho Kan at the wheel calmly carried Age 42.

In March 1941, she was refitted at dockyards on the River Clyde in Scotland.


Age 18. The EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND alongside Princes Landing Stage. Crew 579. Free exhibitions held in venues, which do not charge an entry fee. On 12th July she left Southampton for Hong Kong via Suez, and from Hong Kong commenced her trans-Pacific service to Vancouver via Shanghai, Kobe and Yokohama, joing her three running-mates, the EMPRESS OF CANADA, the EMPRESS OF ASIA and the EMPRESS OF RUSSIA. Of the four 'Duchesses' completed in 1928/29, only two remained after the war; the DUCHESS OF BEDFORD and the DUCHESS OF RICHMOND. Husband of Martina Santan Alfonso of Wado South Goa. Kandi, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) Unknown. in 1941-42, shortly before the city was captured. Age 57. Son of John M. Laurillard and Elizabeth Ann Laurillard of Liverpool England; husband of Catherine Laurillard of Vancouver. I am glad that I am going at the same time as the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND. This ensured that junior officers knew every nook and cranny on board.

For example, The New York Times regularly published news of mail ships sailings. Son of William Samuel and Mal]d Annie Marlow. The passenger accommodation was rebuilt to carry 85 first-class and 1,165 tourist-class passengers. Son of Piedade Pereira of Chinchini Dharmpur South Goa. Age 29.

Son of Arthur Gilbert and Gertrude Conkerton of Hull. Husband of Catherin Fernandes of Navelim South Goa. SS EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND as a troopship Underway.

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