It's about the nightmare of the self in the modern world."[8]. [4] Kennelly had gone to school with Loveless and believed that she would be good for the role of Jennifer.

Excess Flesh (2015) 2023. “Excess Flesh is an original, next-level, powerhouse film that has proven itself with both mainstream and genre audiences in the festival circuit,” said Chris Wilembrecht, VP of Acquisitions. Jill and Jennifer are both beautiful, but it is obvious that Jill is obsessed with Jennifer and thus tries to control her. Unfortunately they are very well hidden and can actually not be found. Soccer Stars Classic, Stanley Kubrick Quartet, When Jill sees that Jennifer and Rob betray her and Jennifer does not take her seriously, Jill decides enough is enough. They both have red hair, they both have a love/hate relationship, and they both like the same guy, but only one of them is wild enough to actually do something about that guy. ", Hayley Ferrell's real age is N/A. But its opening scene is an inspired bit of horror filmmaking, as director Jonathan Liebesman pivots from a hokey opening-credits explanation of the film’s central mythos to a terrific bedtime haunting. I think the biggest problem So, she self-flagellates by stuffing her face with Pop-Tarts and dry ramen. However, as she said this, viewers watched her stop him breathing when he was actually still alive. Royce Reed Dwight Howard, Team Pennant Banner, Actor David Gutierrez from Excess Flesh is cast as "Glen. The director liked doing trippy sequences in vivid colour of Gummy Worms, cakes and Pop Tarts being chewed, smashed and spit out. Most Anticipated Horror Movies Coming Soon in 2020-2021! However, perfectly ripe tomatoes can quickly go bad if you don't store them properly. [7] Kennelly said of the film, "Excess Flesh is a visualization of what goes on inside a woman's head. With the tagline “If Jill can’t be Jennifer, she must destroy her,” Excess Flesh is one of those films that people rent out of curiosity and are amazed to have found a hidden Horror gem that not only surpasses our expectations, but also creates consciousness in our society. It’s director Patrick Kennelly’s first feature, co-written with Sigrid Gilmer, and he’s discussed in interviews that it’s a treatise of sorts on the insular, often intolerable, and usually intolerant world of Los Angeles. "[12] Matt Donato of We Got This Covered rated it 2.5/5 stars and wrote, "Excess Flesh starts out by asking the right questions about body shaming, but it quickly crumbles like a stale, tasteless fruitcake that's meant only for decoration. The Getaway 3,

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