There are two airworthy Fireflies at pre… It was quite successful as a design and saw post war service in a number of countries, including Australia, in later versions. Brown, Eric, CBE, DCS, AFC, RN., William Green and Gordon Swanborough. [13] To equip these carriers, it was necessary to procure naval fighters; based upon the feedback of veteran pilots, Canada opted to acquire the Firefly over opposition that favoured procuring American aircraft instead. [2] The Firefly gained a level of public renown when the type became the first British-designed and -built aircraft to overfly the Japanese capital of Tokyo. The Fleet Air Arm Museum possesses two Fireflies, the latest acquisition arriving in 2000 from the Imperial War Museum Duxford. The operating costs can't be much different than a Spitfire.... Not sexy enough or not as impressive for "bragging rights"? We will let…, […] their next event at McKinney, TX on October 17 as originally planned. During 1947, the Australian government approved of formation of the Royal Australian Fleet Air Arm and the acquisition of a pair of Majestic class aircraft carriers from Britain. - 29th December 2016 at 20:00 Permalink [citation needed], As well as the Canadian Warplane Heritage's ex-Australian Firefly, two other Fireflies are known to exist in Canada: one is at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa and another is being restored at the Shearwater Aviation Museum at Eastern Passage (near Dartmouth), Nova Scotia. During 1938, by which point British authorities were preparing for the likelihood of a major conflict, the Air Ministry issued a pair of specifications calling for naval fighters, a conventional and a "turret fighter". In flight, the Firefly was superior in terms of both performance and firepower to its predecessor, the Fairey Fulmar. The performance requirements for both was to be able to attain a speed of 275 knots while flying at 15,000 ft and carrying an armament, for the conventional fighter, of eight 0.303 Browning machine guns or four 20mm Hispano cannon. The machine returned to Fairey on February 19th 1950, to be rebuilt as a target-tug, and was registered SE-BRG on September 20th 1950. The limitations of a single engine in a relatively heavy airframe reduced its performance, but the Firefly proved to be a fairly sturdy, long-ranged, and docile aircraft during carrier operations. However, it wasn’t that simple.

[5] Combat use of the Firefly in the theatre continued until the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement on 27 July 1953, although post-armistice patrols involving the type continued for several years afterwards. [10], The primary variant of the aircraft used during the Second World War was the Firefly Mk I, which was operated in all theatres of operation. One of my favorite aircraft in the collection is the large and brutal looking Fairey Firefly TT1 (Z2033).

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