The bottom of the trap has a simple rocker platform; when an animal steps on the rocker, the latch holding the sliding door of the trap is displaced, allowing the door to slide shut and trap the animal. These dillo holes average 1–3 inches deep and 3–5 inches long. So yeah, the urge to get rid of armadillos is well founded.

Visit our Facebook Page to discuss this article! If you take this route, make sure the fence is extended a foot or more into the ground, or the ’dillos might just burrow under it. All of the armadillo species have terrible eyesight but very keen senses of hearing and sound. shovels, spades, etc.). These strange mammals (yes, mammals) were first reported in the U.S. in 1849. We are just saying some people take this route. Motion Activated Water Sprinklers. Sourcing appropriate backfill material – manmade or natural – is often problematic and the physical properties of conventional fill materials (e.g. While this method is pretty labor intensive, it helps a lot.

This method is about as natural as it gets. They have a relatively low body temperature (92–95 degrees F). I have gotten lots of mail from people asking me what they can do to get armadillos to leave their gardens and lawns alone! For many, it is a toss-up! Keep your armadillo in the trap, put it in the car, and get it out of there. Set up the motion activated water sprinklers… Of those twenty odd species, only one can be found in the United States: the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus). A less expensive method (that won’t annoy your dog or cat by accident, as an ultrasonic device can do) is to simply make the areas they dig in smell bad to the armadillo. The best solution (and the most expensive) is a stout fence to keep the armadillos out. Sourcing appropriate backfill material – manmade or natural – is often problematic and the physical properties of conventional fill materials (e.g. Razor wire optional. Essential Commodities.

Also, make sure you’re not giving your troubles to others by dropping it off at someone else’s house. Place one near the opening of the burrow and place two long, 2″ x 6″ boards alongside the opening of the trap so that they form a “V.” This will funnel the armadillo into the trap. Lizards – Lizards are pretty common in areas where armadillos are also common — namely, parts of the southern USA. If you start by plugging the entrance loosely, and then monitor it daily, you will avoid trapping an animal underground, and you’ll be able to see if it has come back to re-open the burrow. Some people suggest stuffing earthworms into a nylon stocking and placing it in the trap for bait.

It is often suggested that armadillos can be deterred by sprinkling cayenne pepper on the ground around your home and in your garden. Believe me, I am not trying to scare you into getting rid of armadillos. Keep reading for some specific bits of advice to help you curb your armadillo problems. It makes good sense considering their impressive sense of smell and the fact that they would be shoving their faces in the stuff. These dillo holes average 1–3 inches deep and 3–5 inches long. Also, check your local laws to be sure you live in an area where discharging a firearm is lawful. There are many people out there who make their living taking care of pests. That would be a cruel joke to play on someone!

After monitoring for a few days to make sure it is gone, plug the hole securely. According to an article I read by Suzanne Wilson in the Missouri Conservationist (a publication by the Missouri Department of Conservation), Dr. Arvind Dhople (a member of the International Leprosy Association, American Society for Microbiology, and the International Society for Infectious Diseases) estimates there are about 5–10 cases of Leprosy per year coming out of Texas and Louisiana that may be attributed to contact with armadillos.

I simply think that this is pretty interesting. Degradation to dikes, berms, and shorelines of valuable water resources from animals such as muskrats, nutria, and beaver can lead to leaks that may start small but worsen with time. Just keep in mind that a barking dog could very well anger the neighbors.

You can also try an ultrasonic pest deterrent device. Armadillos have sensitive noses.

The digging also tends to aerate the soil, allowing more atmospheric gases (nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide) to reach the roots of the plant, which encourages growth.

If you don’t want to use your hands, a good fishing net might work better for you.

Armadillos are not strongly territorial, and the one you are removing today could be the one who was digging up someone else’s yard the day before. You can purchase Havahart live traps from Amazon.

Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. We do not endorse this method, and we don’t suggest you do it! This will let the smell out without letting the worms escape.

(The armadillo’s olfactory bulbs — the part of the brain that detects odor — is about 1/3rd the size of their cerebrum, the part of the brain used for thought, learning and memory.) Armadillos, aside from being cute and quite ugly at the same time, can be quite destructive.

Material can then be poured into the newly accessible cavities and voids. In fact, it’s believed that around 95% of humans are naturally immune. is always the best first step in reducing future damage. If trapping armadillos with more than one trap, put extras along armadillo pathways, like fences and buildings. Getting rid of armadillos should be a priority if you want to keep your yard and other environs in good shape. In South America, the giant armadillo is often a major agricultural pest. That way there is no risk to you or yours. The more traps you have the better.

Earthworms – The kind that like to live in the top 4 inches or so of soil — giving the armadillo another reason to dig. Remember, if all else fails, you can always rely on a professional animal removal service. Yes, it might make your backyard look more like a prison yard, but it might be worth it to you. Also, because dillos are good climbers, you will want the top foot of the fence to stick out at a forty degree angle. We understand that this is a personal choice, and if you feel uncomfortable around firearms, we completely understand.

AquaBlok is not a preventative tool in this case and it will not eliminate the source of the problem.

Water can be poured or sprayed over newly placed material to jump-start hydration, but water need not be added to make the product effective. Again, reports on this method are mixed. Not everyone thinks armadillos are great. A heavy cloth or lightweight section of wire mesh fencing placed over the hole and secured loosely at one side should allow any armadillo still inside the burrow to push its way out, but it wouldn’t be able to re-enter very easily. And so they burrow.

I’m not suggesting that you do this, but some people simply chase the little jerks down and catch them by hand.

Combining the trap door with something smelly ought to double your chances of a successful removal. If your removal attempts are unsuccessful, please remember that armadillos in your yard are not always a bad thing. Decaying animals – Armadillos have no problem being a scavenger.

If you do take this route, and again, I don’t suggest that you do, make sure to hold it well away from you (by the tail) when you catch it. Access to larger cavities/dens can be gained by drilling vertically with an auger or post-hole digger from above. But hey, you’ll also get to feel good about yourself for helping out a local business.

Worms probably will work the best; fruit might just attract a raccoon instead. While some people experience good results with this method, others do not. © 2020 Saint Paul Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

If you really can’t handle having an armadillo in your yard, you could always move to a state that does not have armadillos — but be sure to check the Armadillo Expansion page before you decide you are safe, because they are moving north! I am also not trying to tell you to be careless with armadillos.

Dropping mothballs down the hole might help evict it, although one reader reported that the armadillo just threw the mothballs back out.

A live trap that we like is the Havahart trap. So it makes sense that armadillos would be ideal hosts. If you and your pooch don’t mind, keep the dog outside at night.

Sharp claws. It is suggested that Getting Rid of Grubs will help reduce armadillo damage to your yard. Keeping armadillos from entering your yard in the first place is also an option. Degradation to dikes, berms, and shorelines of valuable water resources from animals such as muskrats, nutria, and beaver can lead to leaks that may start small but worsen with time.

Plants – On a brighter note, armadillos will eat plants when they need to, and there is usually ample plant food around. Remove the food source, and remove the pest! When looking for food, the armadillos use their extra sharp claws to dig up little holes in your yard. Armadillos are slow-moving animals, so if you can use a gun safely, are comfortable with it, and it is legal to do where you live, this is not a difficult hunt. Oftentimes, the little holes found in yards are due to armadillos searching for them. They are around the size of a large cat when fully grown.

Get a live trap that measures at least 10″ x 12″ x 36″.

A nine-banded armadillo burrow is usually about 7 or 8 inches across and can be 15 or more feet deep. You can see in the last and next photo where my husband filled each of the holes with sand in the spring. In Texas and Louisiana, about 1 in 6 armadillos carry leprosy (Mycobacterium leprae). If the smell of the dog alone doesn’t keep armadillos at bay, you may be able to count on your dog to chase offenders away. Way of Approach. Amazon also sells a container of Shake-Away for a decent price. It is armored, sleeps about 16 hours a day, and strongly prefers hot weather. One of the armadillo’s favorite meals is a grub.

If the armadillo that is causing you problems doesn’t live in your yard, or if you can’t find the burrow, you might consider trapping it. One reader sent in photos of his own home-built trap; it helped him remove more than one troublesome armadillo from his own yard — and he has the photos and videos to prove it. If you don't have access to a live trap, you could also build one yourself.

When putting in the fence, you will want to make sure to bury the bottom of it at least 18″. The goal is to fill all accessible void space, creating a “plug” of product that swells to completely fill the entrance to a cavity.

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