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He also resembles a Case IH Axial-Flow 7010 Combine. Game 8,517,147 Views (Adults Only) Castle Cat 3 by Wiesi-Mausland. Personal information Frank is a minor antagonist in the 2006 Disney/Pixar animated film Cars.

Bulls The good news is: game 4 also adds a "save game" point in each island.


At the end of Lightning's dream, Frank appears to be hanging out with the Dinoco racing team. A fat man in yellow overalls sells coke for the same price as last time: 50 coins each. If you get too close to Frank, then he will fling you up in the air with his blades and cause damage to an agent. For instance, in New York City, the first episode ran on WINS on April 9, 1949. Contents[show] History Frank is depicted as one of the monster creations of ArcAttack. Radiator Springs Combine Harvester (bull) Now that you have some cash, you can buy the last pic.

This makes things a little better, but the game can still become Unwinnable if you start to spend money before you buy the fishing rod and a usable bait. "Frank is a hard worker, he spends his days in the fields harvesting, threshing and cleaning grain; then it's off to oversee the tractors' work for the rest of the afternoon. Frank is not seen again for the rest of the film, but can be seen behind a fence with the tractors watching a drive-in movie (with all the other characters) during the end credits.

I’m here waving at you this week because we’re hoping to boost our Supporter count. As the main games are NSFW, they aren't directly linked here; however, they can easily be found on Newgrounds. You are called in to do what you do best! You tip tractors, and try to stay away from Frank. Frakes also hosted the television series Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction.In June 2011, Frakes narrated the History Channel documentary Lee and Grant. Radiator Springs Racers He is first seen in the Sunbow episode The Synthoid Conspiracy (Part I). Others: Free Ride • Welcome to Radiator Springs, XXL Metroactual Combine, also resembles a Case IH Axial-Flow 7010 Combine, Sensitive, angry, impatient, destructive, hot-tempered, aggressive, Orange combine harvester, with blue eyes and a gray combine spinner at his front, To guard the tractors (cows) at night from anyone trying to tip them, Frank in Radiator Springs Racers at Cars Land. This was originally supposed to be a walkthrough of Frank's Adventure, a series of SWF games published by Mausland Entertainment and similar in concept to SUGallery.There are at least four episodes. I censored titties. Because it was syndicated, it aired on different stations on different days. Frank is a minor antagonist in the 2006 Disney/Pixar animated film Cars. The Adventures of Frank Race was an American radio adventure serial syndicated by Bruce Eells Productions.

Orange combine harvester, with blue eyes and a gray combine spinner at his front Third part of Franks Adventure game by Mausland Entertainment.


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Avoid the bees and chase down the dog for a phone number. Cars 3: Run That Race • Glory Days • Ride He is one of the obstacles you must stay away from. Goal

This series rocks! Video Games: Candice • Stinger Likes He is first seen in the Sunbow episode The Synthoid Conspiracy (Part I). Jonathan Scott Frakes (born August 19, 1952) is an American actor and director.Frakes is best known for his portrayal of Commander William T. Riker in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and subsequent films. Short films

XXL Metroactual Combine, also resembles a Case IH Axial-Flow 7010 Combine Video games

Shredding bushes and cars

The Franks were described in Roman texts both as allies and enemies . Allies David Timothy Franks(born September 8, 1962) is a freelance producer, editor and director. I have yet to determine how may cokes are needed. When we removed most of the ads from NG in January, our goal was to hit 4,000 active Supporters in 2020. Frank also appears in most Hunter and Arena Modes. Sell one coke for 100 coins to the girl by the tennis court in B-2. Another great and exciting adventure game. After Lightning McQueen and Mater woke him by scaring the tractors and tipping them, he chases them out of the field.

Deleted Characters: Giulia, Tales From Radiator Springs: Hiccups • Bugged • Spinning • The Radiator Springs 500½ Character information Frank is not seen in the actual film of Cars 2.

He almost manages to get Lightning just before the two cars leave the pasture, where Frank cannot go past the wooden fence., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 March 2020, at 17:21. Mater and the Ghostlight: Screamin' Banshee • Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy • Moteurs... Action! Lightning, however, uses a horn (which is strange because he didn't have one in the film and the prequel game; he just revved his engine), and Frank actually tips over. The game is also noteworthy for its soundtrack, which mixes J-pop with songs from smaller bands such as "Hey Boy Hey Girl" by the Chemical Brothers (probably the most well-known of all the songs).

Dislikes Game 4 features the hamburger MicMac. He guards the tractors at night while they sleep, and attempts to get Mater and Lightning McQueen when he finds that they are tractor tipping. Frank's Adventure is a series of four games (plus a puzzle game/advertisement for Mausland not related to canon) originally created for Newgrounds by Mausland Entertainment which were particularly popular in the mid-2000s (the first game having over 8 million views on Newgrounds). Franks Adventure 3 Share Collapse Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December 2020.

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