We can see a lot if you've potentially had a record though, even things that may have been stricken.

facts relevant to human resources professionals. Will the report include my salary or will it simply verify that I didn't lie about my salary on the report? HireRight, Inc has been outsourcing employment verifications for years. I'm curious to know what the employer will see from the report?

and those are not accurate. Hireright is a bitch - they will absolutely catch you.

In my experience this service was usually done as a back end HR process and HireRight's service is designed to make you interface with them and take the work load off of … Just say something along the lines that you've made an error on your resume with the dates and give them the correct dates. The recruiter asked me a few times what my previous salary was and I was able to dodge it because I simply didn't want .... it affect the compensation they will be offering me. At least then, when it does come back on the BC, they're already aware of it. But as they say, it’s all good. This is reassuring :), I will cross my fingers that they won't look over every little thing obsessively. HireRight is a bitch. It's typically court records and SSN verification. HireRight prides itself in trying to make the process as pleasant as possible and has created a website section to help answer your questions. We use HireRight. If you haven't you need to be careful, later on they might ask you to send a copy of w2 or a paycheck saying its for "verification purposes", don't forget to whiteout your pay rate. Press J to jump to the feed. Good luck. What’s in an Employment Verification? Press J to jump to the feed. Most applicants are completely unaware of this fact, as their personal information (inclusive of finanicial info) is being sent to the Philippines. Well, sometimes the background check makes you fill out their own forms, and you could put the accurate dates there, and hope they don't notice the discrepancy with your resume (or if they do, play dumb and play it off as a mistake or something). Sorry man, just say you made a mistake on the years as soon as possible hire right is hard core they asked for all my W2's. Right now you have no blemish on your resume because it would simply be a job you didn't get. I am sure you listed this job on your resume, so HireRight will probably call/email and ask your previous employer for verification of dates and although unlikely, they might even ask your salary. They definitely won't see anything related to employment records on background check. With the most ATS integrations in the industry, fast turnarounds, global reach and high satisfaction rates from customers and applicants, see why HireRight is the right choice. r/Jobs is not for job listings. there is no way around it. Good luck. Thanks for your response!

If you outright lied about it during the interview that's a different story. I don't think they'll be able to see salary history but they may reach out to previous employers for employment dates and job title along with other background check information. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The recruiter asked me a few times what my previous salary was and I was able to dodge it because I simply didn't want to disclose that information and let it affect the compensation they will be offering me. I'm sure we will see you back in here next week. That was definitely my concern. So, just be sure to contact the relevant people and inform them of the situation. To verify your employment history, HireRight generally contacts your previous employers (or their representatives) directly to confirm the information you provided. Pre-integrated solutions withthe top ATS providers give yourorganization flexibility andquick setup. Once I had two offers and I chose the one that didn't use HireRight almost specifically because they didn't use HireRight.

Just be upfront and honest.

In addition, foreigners do not have a sense our way of life. If it was only on your resume, you could still salvage this by sending off an email to the hiring manager and letting them know of the discrepancy. Read More . I've never seen any employment information on a report. Good job, usually if you were making lower than market value salary, they definitely would have sent a low ball offer. Many job applicants naturally have questions around the pre-employment background check process. HireRight services reach more than 200 countries and territories around the globe. Do you have any other jobs (post this) that you have listed in your resume? This is very likely to come up on a background check. "I'm so embarrassed, because I realized I put the wrong year on my resume and I would like to correct that before moving forward.". Relax, it’s not all bad. However, they would totally be right to fire you if they found out later, and then it would be a job you were fired from. An employer may also ask for the reason for termination and whether the candidate is eligible for rehire. The best thing that you can do is to try and beat the background check by informing the HR/hiring manager of the situation. I would turn down the job offer even if they miss it on the background check, unless you come clean (either by saying you lied or by saying it was an error) and they're okay with it. It’s a good idea to have these documents readily available as you go through a background check in case this situation arises, particularly if you know, for example, that your former employer is out of business.

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