The 2000s is the decade of growth of the Internet and the beginning of social media. These original videos have managed to earn over 979k subscribers as of March 2018. 1. Her mother, Jeddah Navalua, has starred on their The Navalua Family channel. Dating With Boyfriend, Jean Paul. All of these videos became popular and gained many likes and shares. She has earn over 1.2 million followers on her self titled YouTube channel. Interesting & Fun Facts.

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Ameerah Navalua is part Generation Z (also known as iGeneration). Navalua’s videos are so interesting and promising that many people share these useful videos on their own social media profiles. And due to their closeness, their fan members have started speculating whether Paul and Ameerah are secretly dating or not. They are often seen hanging out together with their families.

While the former is known for his review videos, the latter shares interesting and informative vlogs related to teen issues like body shamming, bullying, etc. Ameerah Navalua also own a YouTube channel along with her siblings which they named “The Navalua Family”. By using you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Her first video was 'ANNOYING PUBLIC RESTROOM MOMENTS- FUNNY SKIT'. The Navalua Family Members Info Trivia Famous Birthdays Paul Navalua Age, Fix This Slime Smoothie Challenge Slimeatory 593 Ameerah Navalua Birthday Real …

Just like her DIY videos, these videos, including 'Winter outfit ideas', '9 WAYS On How to DEAL With a BULLY', 'Siblings tag with Pie Face Challenge' and 'BLINDFOLDED SLIME CHALLENGE,' were also much successful as they managed to earn decent numbers of views, likes, shares, and comments. Her contents like “BLINDFOLDED SLIME CHALLENGE,” “9 WAYS ON HOW TO DEAL WITH A BULLY,” and “Winter Outfit” Ideas gave him an enormous number of likes, views, and shares.

Jean Paul And Ameerah Navalua; Jean Paul And Ameerah Navalua. On her channel, she posted the first video named “ANNOYING PUBLIC RESTROOM MOMENTS – FUNNY SKIT.” Then, she began uploading different fun contents like “DIY Coloring Book,” “DIY Shrink Charms Project,” “DIY GIANT JELLY FILLED DOUGHNUT,” and many more. Her videos have become very helpful and exciting to watch, for which she is loved, appreciated, and preferred. Though 17-year-old YouTuber has gained a lot of fame from her career, but has she found her soul mate yet? He is also part of other YouTube channels such as Navalua family, Just Ameerah, … On her YouTube account, Just Ameerah, she makes a video of DIY, life hacks, slime squeezings, and vlogs. Though 17-year-old YouTuber has gained a lot of fame from her career, but has she found her soul mate yet? The journey of uploading videos by Navalua continued and her channel earned around a million subscribers within a period of four years. The education details are not available at this time. His divergent challenge videos and skilled video content have attracted many people who helped him to accumulate the total subscribers of 1.05milliom.

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