Through the arrests, protesters continued chanting, “Protect each other” and “It is our duty to fight for our freedom.”.

The Cornell Daily Sun The statement comes less than 24 hours after IPD made 9 arrests of protesters following a Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) event to clean up graffiti from the Oct. 16 demonstrations outside the Tompkins County Republican Party storefront.

Recent arrests during increasingly contentious protests have led to calls for the Ithaca Police Department deputy chief to resign. (...) There are things about what went on today and in general with the police that piss me off a lot more than that, but that just made it personal to me. Thomas Giery Pudney and Anna Lamb contributed to this report. The arrests followed a demonstration against three arrests made earlier in the afternoon. Fellow protesters said that neither of these individuals were directly involved in the graffiti.

Police say multiple protesters made graffiti at the Ithaca Police Department Headquarters on Sunday afternoon and that they arrested two of the demonstrators. But Rand was not released until 8:10 p.m. Cornell Experts Highlight Obstacles to Changing Law Enforcement, MEISEL | Reno 911! After White-Saunders’s arrest, counterprotesters marched to Ithaca Police Department headquarters, where officers arrested Genevieve Rand for obstructing governmental administration and Ingraham Dakota for resisting arrest.

Defund or Reform Police? Anna Lamb is a reporter for the Ithaca Voice. They further clarified that the chemical agent used against protesters was pepper spray. Chief Pete can be contacted at 607-272-9973 or via email at

Bready also accused Monticello of being racist and transphobic — pointing to his decision to arrest White-Saunders, but not the Trump supporter, as well as his misgendering of Rand.

The Ithaca Police Department arrested two protesters on Sunday at a rally against police brutality outside the police headquarters on Clinton Street. Box 6557. The Ithaca Police Department arrested two protesters on Sunday at a rally against police brutality outside the police headquarters on Clinton Street. Ithaca, New York Police Station Information.

Ithaca resident Melanie Marsh, among many others, expressed grievances toward Monticello during the Oct. 31 Common Council meeting.

After White-Saunders’s arrest, protesters gathered on Oct. 22 outside the Ithaca Police Station to demand his release. Protestors gathered outside of the Ithaca Police Department after several protestors were arrested. White-Saunders and Ingraham were held in police custody for 20 and 40 minutes, respectively, during their first arrests.

Bready, as of Oct. 29, said he planned to deliver the official petition letter to city officials — none of whom have publicly commented.

He also said he was thrown onto his stomach by four cops, who continued to argue with him after he was in custody.

This is not the first act of vandalism to occur to IPD headquarters over the past few months of protests –– a candlelight vigil back in August ended with attendees pouring wax onto IPD's driveway, and in September, protesters burned the department's American flag.

Tear gas deployed. All of the protesters were released by 9:00 p.m. Officers arrested Massia Malki White-Saunders, a counter protester at around 4:15 p.m. toward the end of a Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) event on Meadow Street.

After the second round of arrests, Rand was released. Police say multiple protesters made graffiti at the Ithaca Police Department Headquarters on Sunday afternoon and that they arrested two of the …

Monticello then tells White-Saunders and another counterprotester, “You’re the ones agitating this stuff,” before arresting White-Saunders. ITHACA, N.Y. — At about 7 p.m. Friday, the Ithaca Police Department arrested a man who was involved in a fight inside a local business. We are an independent, student newspaper. The independent Community Police Board is also reviewing evidence and interviewing witnesses from Oct. 22 to make a recommendation to Myrick. Mayor Svante Myrick ’09 addressed the calls to investigate Monticello on his Facebook page, stating that the New York State Division of Human Rights and the state attorney general are investigating the incidents. He is a staff writer for the news department and can be reached at Protestors gathered outside of the Ithaca Police Department on Oct. 22, after several protestors were arrested.

There, IPD officers arrested counterprotesters, including Ithaca resident and local advocate Genevieve Rand.

The headline and story have been updated.

We are an independent, student newspaper.

Rand, a trans woman, said she felt arresting officers had intentionally misgendered her during the arrest and while she was being processed, referring to her as "this guy" several times throughout her detainment, despite her objections. Both protesters were released from custody by 6 p.m.

Help keep us reporting with a tax-deductible donation to the Cornell Daily Sun Alumni Association, a non-profit dedicated to aiding The Sun. Rand has been one of the most prominent fixtures in the local racial justice protests over the last several months, and her arrest and subsequent detainment inflamed the crowd. .

IPD officer on the roof of HQ taking photos of protesters.

Each was given an appearance ticket for unlawful assembly/gathering. In the hours leading up to the arrests, protesters were both practicing and discussing cohesive marching formations and briefing the group of weekly ralliers on what to do if a dangerous situation arises during an organized action. Those who wish to remain anonymous may do so. According to her account, an officer started a conversation with her when Senior Deputy Chief of Operations Vincent Monticello arrived and instructed officers to arrest her for preventing the officer from leaving the parking lot. Erin, a protester, was frustrated by what she saw as the IPD’s overreaction to the vandalism. The petition follows Monticello’s arrests of several counterprotesters during and after a, After White-Saunders’s arrest, protesters gathered on Oct. 22 outside the Ithaca Police Station to., — Matt Butler (@AllegedButler) October 22, 2020. The Ithaca Voice is an online-only nonprofit news site serving Ithaca and Tompkins County.

***The photos in the gallery below are from an entirely different protest that happened months before two people were arrested on graffiti charges.

It is unclear if those photos are being used for investigative purposes. Ari Dubow is a member of the Class of 2021 in the College of Arts and Sciences. The arrests followed a demonstration against the arrests of three protesters earlier in the day.

ITHACA, N.Y. –– Two protesters were arrested outside the Ithaca Police Department headquarters Sunday evening, after activists occupied the block of Clinton St. for over an hour and spraypainted graffiti on the street and on the police building itself. Ithaca Police Department is located at 122 N Maple St, Ithaca, 48847 MI.

At the Oct. 16 demonstrations in front of the Republican storefront, or Ithaca GOP headquarters, on Meadow Street, IPD arrived at the scene but no arrests were made during the physical altercations and damages to property. Ithaca residents, in a letter demanding to defund the police, said the killings of Shawn Greenwood and Keith Shumway by IPD officers in 2010 and 2011 were a few of the many racial injustices they say IPD has committed.

2018-11-06 20:58:01 Please join the IPD Family this Sunday November 11th for the Veterans Day 5k.

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