In the following months, the producers began to earn back their initial investment and to profit from the show. Suddenly, everyone bursts into the hospital room. We only provide suggested audition monologues or songs for an individual character if our system finds content that matches a character's traits. Join the StageAgent community. [63][64] PBS aired a filmed performance of the revival as part of Live from Lincoln Center on October 27, 2017. Central to the musical are the themes of Jewish identity, gender roles, and gay life in the late 1970s and early 1980s. [WHIZZER AND TRINA] “Falsettos,” a groundbreaking gay musical that opened in a beautiful, emotional revival at the Walter Kerr last night, is, by 2016 standards, not especially gay. Block, Anthony Rosenthal and Christian Borle, Christian Borle, Andrew Rannells and Stephanie J. "Jason's Therapy" – Mendel, Trina, Whizzer, Marvin, and Jason, "A Marriage Proposal" – Mendel, Trina, and Jason, "A Tight-Knit Family (reprise)" - Mendel and Marvin, "March of the Falsettos" – Mendel, Marvin, Jason, and Whizzer, "Making a Home" – Mendel, Jason, Trina, and Whizzer, "Marvin Hits Trina" – Marvin, Mendel, Jason, Trina, and Whizzer, "I Never Wanted to Love You" – Marvin, Mendel, Jason, Trina, and Whizzer, "The Year of the Child" – Marvin, Trina, Mendel, Jason, Charlotte, and Cordelia, "A Day in Falsettoland" – Trina, Mendel, Charlotte, Cordelia, Diane, and Jason, "The Fight" – Mendel, Jason, Marvin, and Trina, "Everyone Hates His Parents" – Mendel, Jason, Marvin, and Trina, "Something Bad Is Happening" – Charlotte and Cordelia, "Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah" – Mendel, Trina, and Jason, "Unlikely Lovers" – Marvin, Whizzer, Charlotte, and Cordelia, "Something Bad Is Happening (reprise)" - Charlotte. This is important to come into the conversation.

"[19] The Weisslers then hired advertising agency LeDonne, Wilner & Weiner, who launched a promotional campaign centered on photographing audience members "not targeting specific Catholic or Jewish or family audiences, but trying to get across the idea that Falsettos is for everyone. [DR. CHARLOTTE]

Marvin's friends and family surround him, and he finally loses his composure and breaks down in their arms.

[26] Christian Borle, Andrew Rannells, Stephanie J. Initially, Marvin seems blessed with the perfect family.

A New Musical Comedy - Stay-at-Home Version.

“Falsettos,” a groundbreaking gay musical that opened in a beautiful, emotional revival at the Walter Kerr last night, is, by 2016 standards, not especially gay. She's still with the psychiatrist [12] According to Stephen Bogardus, who played Whizzer in the original cast of both shows as well as in Falsettos, Lapine came up with the idea to incorporate racquetball scenes in Falsettoland, and he and his racquetball partner, Bogardus, added racquetball terminology into the dialogue.

[37] Joel Montague played Mendel.

[7] It won the 1991 Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Musical and the 1991 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Lyrics.

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