Whatever the reason, the autopilot remained in the HEADING mode, and the problem was not detected by the crew. It was therefore reopened on October 2 after safety and navigational aids were checked. The fact that the recorders are in possession of the U.S.S.R. shall be kept secret... As far as we are aware neither the U.S. nor Japan has any information on the flight recorders. As we learned then, before us the trawlers had done some ‘work’ in the designated quadrant. Each primary flight control axis received power from all four hydraulic systems. The question of what actually happened to the people has not been given a distinct answer.". Schlossberg has also claimed that a letter sent in 1991 by Senator Jesse Helms, while he was ranking minority member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, to Russian President Boris Yeltsin, requesting information about the fate of KAL 007, indicates that Helms took the abduction theory seriously. Consequently no information was shared, and each side endeavored to harass or obtain evidence to implicate the other. From September 3 to 29, four ships from South Korea had joined in the search. [45], Brun's theory attempts to account for the only eyewitness report of an explosion near Moneron Island which is considered to be that of KAL 007 on its way to the water. [21], Weather radar: There was one last aid to warn the crew. The HEADING mode maintained a constant magnetic course selected by the pilot. Nevertheless, I am a supporter of the old version: It was a spy plane.

[60] The flight data recorders were the key pieces of evidence sought by both governments, with the United States insisting that an independent observer from the ICAO be present on one of its search vessels in the event that they were found. It was published in a Japanese newspaper, Mainichi Shinboun, on September 1, 1983. The last cockpit voice recorder entry occurred at 18:27:46 while in this phase of the descent. [19], At one point in this section of its flight, (1443 UTC) KAL 007 put a call through a navigational "hookup", the International Flight Service Station on HF. The letter included, in a list of questions, a request to know the whereabouts of any survivors and their camp locations, and requested also to know of the fate of Larry McDonald.

(Otherwise, the plane's radio and engines would not have operated), Demonstrated pilot ability to decrease speed of KAL 007 in its downward phase. [68], On October 17, Rear Admiral Walter T. Piotti, Jr. took command of the Task Force and its Search and Salvage mission from Rear Admiral Cockell. Furthermore, for all of the 269 occupants, divers reported with surprise either no luggage or, in one diver's report, there were only a few pieces of luggage at the bottom. All currents of the Strait of Tartary relevant to Moneron Island flow to the north, except this southerly current between Moneron Island and Sakhalin Island.[79]. Nevelsk was 46 nautical miles (85 km) from Moneron.

We had already flown over the island [Sakhalin]. ask why the effective investigation in progress, conducted by NTSB—Anchorage station chief James Michelangelo, was preempted (the very first occurrence) by the Washington-based NTSB home office under orders from the State Department, which itself did not, as originally announced, investigate the disaster, but rather referred the investigation to the political and investigatively ineffective[according to whom?] Yet, all the bodies were not only

[89], Six hours after the plane was downed, the South Korean government issued an announcement that the plane had merely been forced to land abruptly by the Soviets, and that all passengers and crew were safe. On the morning of September 1, the NTSB chief in Alaska, James Michelangelo, received an order from the NTSB in Washington at the behest of the State Department requiring all documents relating to the NTSB investigation to be sent to Washington, and notifying him that the State Department would now conduct the investigation.[98]. [87] On May 28, 1993, the ICAO presented its second report to the Secretary-General of the United Nations. The ICAO's meteorological analysis concluded that "there was extensive coverage of low, medium, and high level clouds over southern Kamchatka associated with an active cold front".

I did hear that they found only a hand in a black glove. [27] KAL 007 requested KAL 015 to relay its position three times. It is narrow at that point, the target was about to get away... Then the ground [controller] gave the command: "Destroy the target...!" 95–96, Shootdown, R.W. The first detonated at 18:26:02 UTC. The massacre of Flight 007 was directly caused by the Americans or Japanese. In the May 31, 1991, edition of Izvestiya, Capt. [126], The transcripts include the post-attack flight of KAL 007 until it had reached Moneron Island, the descent of KAL 007 over Moneron, the initial Soviet SAR missions to Moneron, the futile search of the support interceptors for KAL 007 on the water, and ending with the debriefing of Osipovich on return to base. [51], "Something else was inexplicable to us—zipped-up clothes. "[139] Changes that the Soviets subsequently made to their codes and frequencies reduced the effectiveness of this monitoring by 60%.[140]. [18], Difficulties in making required reports: Pilot and copilot could also have been aware of the aircraft's serious deviation because now, much more than 12 nautical miles (22 km) off course, KAL 007 was too far off course for the pilots to make their required Very High Frequency (VHF) radio reports, and had to relay these reports via KAL Flight 015, just minutes behind and on course (KAL 007, increasingly off course, relied on KAL 015 three times to relay its reports to Anchorage Air Traffic Control). Commentators such as Johnson point out that this action was illegal, and that in deferring the investigation to the ICAO, the Reagan administration effectively precluded any politically or militarily sensitive information from being subpoenaed that might have embarrassed the administration or contradicted its version of events. The Soviets challenged many of the facts presented by the U.S., and revealed the previously unknown presence of a USAF RC-135 surveillance aircraft whose path had crossed that of KAL 007. When they visited the site two weeks after the shootdown, they found that the wreckage was in small pieces, and found no bodies: I had the idea that it would be intact. KAL 007's HSI's needle should have been pegged all the way to the right (North). Russian commentators have been pained in their attempts to explain the virtual disappearance of KAL 007's 269 passengers and crew from the scene of what they claim is the underwater wreckage.

Korean Air Lines Flight 007 alternative theories concerns the various theories put forward regarding the shooting down of Korean Air Lines Flight 007. [126], The data from the CVR and the FDR revealed that the recordings broke off after the first minute and 44 seconds of KAL 007's post missile detonation 12 minute flight. [31], Murray Sayle described an earlier version of Pearson's theory published in The Nation as containing "schoolboy howlers, or, better, graduate-student howlers" regarding the operation of cockpit positioning monitors, and Pearson's approach in general as lacking objectivity, and the work of a conspiracy theorist. In France, Michel Brun had already written three articles about the [KAL 007] affair. Among Michel Brun's supporters since 1995 is David Pearson, author of KAL 007: the Cover-up. Administration officials were quick to announce that Lichenstein was speaking only for himself.

The Soviet real-time military communication transcripts of the shootdown suggest the chain of command from the top general to Major Osipovich, the Su-15 interceptor pilot who shot down KAL 007. Kamensky: "We must find out, maybe it is some civilian craft or God knows who. In November 1992, President Yeltsin handed the two recorder containers to Korean President Roh Tae-Woo, but not the tapes themselves.

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