This round had forty questions and each answer was worth ten points. If they got one wrong they lost a life but if they got both of them wrong they were automatically eliminated. The first questions were on the buzzers but as soon as somebody got over thirty points it changed to 'Question or Nominate'. He received a BA degree in Modern History from the University of Southampton in Modern History. At the end of the series the top fifteen scoring players battled it out in the ultimate duel which was the Grand Final for a piece of two-thousand year old pot, usually. The book covers everything from pub quizzes to Fifteen-to-One (on which the author appeared twice), and from trivia machines to quiz tournaments.

Golden balls. In 1995, he won Mastermind scoring 41 points a 'theoretically impossible' score. The smarter you are, the more selective you become.". The resulting "deep letterboxing" (this was before widescreen TVs became commonplace) certainly gave the show a distinctive look, though it was fairly soon abandoned in favour of the more conventional 16:9 widescreen panorama. Five pupils from three schools competed. 1992 Julian Allen 2000 Les Arnott He is often considered one of the greatest quizzers in the world, and since 2002 has been a professional quizzer; he has been an Egghead since 2003. It's future WWTBAM jackpot winner Ingram Wilcox. For now, all we can say that he's very happy in his life being single.

1990 Anthony Martin Bill McKaig

An interview with John M. Lewis can be found at Andrew Wiseman's 625 page.

Luckily for him, another participant had to drop out at short notice, and in the first round he scored a mighty 41 points with no passes, which earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records and remains the record score to this day. Ash­man had his first major tele­vi­sion quiz suc­cess on Fif­teen to One, win­ning Se­ries 3 in 1989, and re­turned to win the spe­cial 'Mil­len­nium Edi­tion' be­tween past cham­pi­ons in 1999. He first came to prominence when he won Fifteen-to-One and has gone on to glory in numerous other contests, both broadcast and otherwise, including winning the World Quizzing Championships three years running (2004-6; he also won in 2009, 2016-17). 1988 Jon Goodwin 1997 Trevor Montague As part of C4's Without Walls arts strand, there was an hour-long feature on the Elgin Marbles. Fifteen contestants started off with three lives and the idea was to not lose lives by not getting questions wrong. This was won by quiz regular Kevin Ashman. In the 2000 Grand Final, the contestant at position 4 had to be edited out for legal reasons. Official siteAndrew Wiseman's page15 to 1 heaven (from 2004, via's 433 challenge - See if you could match Bill McKaig's featWikipedia entry. The credits on one show featuring one contestant, Carl Majors from Ilfracombe, listing his job as a Fudge Packer - he jests, shurely? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 14 03 08, Leslie Booth 2002 Matti Watton

Following the successes, he also won Screen Test, Trivial Pursuit, The Great British Quiz, Sale of the Century, and Quiz Night. He served as the arbiter and question-setter on the Radio 4 quiz show Brain of Britain for four years starting from 2002. He received his first major TV quiz success on Fifteen to One in 1989. In the later series, there was a write-in competition for viewers. Ten years after Fifteen-to-One had gone out of production, a one-off celebrity revival was made - the excuse was Channel 4 harking back to the past with a 1980s season. Kevin Ashman, 58, the popular English quiz player achieved immense success in his profession but prefers to stay low-profile when it comes to his personal life which intrigues his fans even more. If they got it right they nominated whoever they wanted to answer the next question. Let's get details about his personal life in today's session. Overall, the programme was usually engrossing - when you got an interesting episode, you got an interesting episode. The amazing journey of success began in Ashman's life when he won the Series 3 on Fifteen to One in 1989. Martin Riley 2014 Dave McBryan, Book: 2002 questions from the hit TV show, Book: 2001 questions from the hit TV show, Book: 2000 questions from the hit TV show, Brain Men: A Passion to Compete by Marcus Berkmann. It was a crying shame they axed it at the end of 2003 in favour of Beat the Nation, which admittedly isn't bad but not a patch on this fine show.

Round one began with each of the fifteen contestants being asked two questions each. The Crystal Maze (series 1, episode 1) part 1. If they got it wrong they lost a life. On a few rare occasions, Stewart's full name was announced at the beginning of the programme, namely 'William Gladstone Stewart'.

No matter what your score, if you lost your three lives you were out. "Two questions each in the first round, ladies and gentlemen, and I'll need one correct answer from you to survive...", "...And you need to see this one as well as hear it...", Laura, please? The final round was played with one nominated child from each school competing for 30 questions on the buzzer. If there is someone who likes to keep things close to his chest then it's none other than Kevin. Yet brilliant. When there was only one person left they were the winner but they were allowed to answer as many of the remaining questions as they could to build up their score and if they made it past the 40th question they were given a ten-point bonus for every life they had left. Words can't describe how simple yet brilliant this show was, but we'll try. He later became the champion after winning the final with the subject Zulu Warand in 2006 appeared at the final of the Junio…

In 1997, Fifteen-to-One took part in a trial of interactive television, allowing up to four people to play along at home using special remote controllers. Television personality and quiz player, Kevin Ashman is widely known for Eggheads and other TV quiz shows. In the first round, each child was asked two questions, winning 10 points for their team. A pretty impressive name, eh? Inventor. Montague had done a similar thing on The Krypton Factor - he had appeared as himself in the 1988 series and as 'Steve Romana' in the 1995 one, although whether it was picked up on in this case is not known.

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