This KidKraft Majestic Mansion stands as tall as four and a half feet! Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. A Walmart Protection Plan can be added within 30 days of purchase. Every room is uniquely designed to allow your daughter to create dozens of different stories with her Barbie dolls. I think so. For most families, though, this dollhouse is unnecessarily too big to be practical. This dollhouse has four rooms and a balcony. The size of this dollhouse is 29 x 13.2 x 45 inches and it weighs just over 21 pounds.

Unfortunately, the quality didn’t quite hold up to our expectations, which is why it ended up with as low of a rating as what it did. Keep in mind that it is a bigger dollhouse, measuring 46.2 x 25.1 x 61 inches overall and weighing in at 57 pounds. After your daughter is finished playing with her dolls, she can slide the doors open and put all of her furniture and dolls underneath. We really like the dollhouse overall and it even made its way into our top 10 KidKraft dollhouses. The Grand View Mansion Dollhouse has eight rooms over four total floors. There’s just one thing, Barbies don’t fit in the chairs, but they do fit everywhere else. If two kids can play with dollhouses, there is more than enough space available. Our Rating – 6.6 out of 10 Stars (Ranked #36 out of 38 Dollhouses). The bed is also fairly plain looking, especially when compared to most of the canopy beds you get with the other dollhouses.

Our Rating – 6.5 out of 10 Stars (Ranked #37 out of 38 Dollhouses). Upstairs, this dollhouse has three more rooms and a balcony off of the third level master bedroom. The construction of this dollhouse follows the same modern theme. Our Rating – 8.7 out of 10 Stars (Ranked #12 out of 38 Dollhouses). Both my daughter and my 5-year old son have played with this nonstop since receiving it and I truly believe it will be a cherished toy for years to come. The design is very modern, and it even features a silver elevator and winding staircase. I did take my husband forever to put together but my daughter woke up with the BIGGEST SMILE EVER! While we still feel there are better options out there, you’re not going to find a larger Barbie dollhouse at such a budget-friendly price. Overall good quality for the price and she is extremely happy with it. There’s really no comparison when it comes to size between these two dollhouses. That doesn’t take away from the experience of having them around the dollhouse, though! The wall decor is uniquely designed, matching the 13 pieces of furniture perfectly. Our Rating – 7.8 out of 10 Stars (Ranked #28 out of 38 Dollhouses). The bottom level is beautifully decorated to look just like Poseidon’s underwater castle, and it even comes with its own throne room. Click here to read our full review of the Kayla Dollhouse. My daughter loves her new dollhouse. It is too tall for her (she's 3) but that's ok because she will be able to play with it for years! 34 pieces of furniture and accessories. Kidkraft. which i love! Another big plus is that it’s made primarily from wood, with just a few plastic and fabric pieces. My 3 year old is in love with the dollhouse. One thing I found with the screws especially for the garage door knobs, they were extremely difficult to get in. Interactive features include garage doors that open and close and a gliding elevator connecting the second and third floors. Keep in mind, though, that both of these dollhouses are big. It has a traditionally inspired design that adds to its design and splendour. This dollhouse has a total of four rooms, two balcony areas, and stands three levels tall. We’re having technical issues, but we’ll be back in a flash. The Majestic Dollhouse is able to accommodate any doll up to 12″ tall and Barbie-sized dolls can fit as well. My daughter is almost 8 and she just received it for Christmas and loves it! Even though this Ken doll isn’t quite as fancy as we would hope, we think that the Barbie doll is cute and fits into the overall design. It is, indeed, a mansion!

Most people don’t have much time to spare, or patience for that matter, to set up a complicated toy. Thanks to how spacious this KidKraft Mansion Dollhouse is, it can accommodate dolls of up to 12” or 30 cm tall. If you’d like to find out a little bit more about this dollhouse, feel free to check it out! This dollhouse is a fine choice overall, but there were still some things we didn’t quite like about it. Even though the KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse is a cute and fun dollhouse without the pool, the backyard grilling/pool area really puts it over the top compared to other KidKraft dollhouses (and yes, your daughter can even put water in the pool). The Uptown provides luxury and style into a six-room, three-floor home.

We recommend, though, that if you have the room and if your daughter is starting to play with Barbie dolls, that you look at getting a different dollhouse that is tall enough to accommodate them. If the price isn’t the main concern for you, there is nothing about the quality of this dollhouse that would concern us.

Looking like it came from the Malibu Shoreline, this KidKraft dollhouse is the perfect dollhouse for those looking for a beachy feel.

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