MCU2 recognizes the laser code and locks the system at the specific code. Laser pulse code is an anti- jamming measure used in SAL guidance systems technology. 291300, 2005.

Two ATmega32 microcontrollers (MCU1/2) are used to simulate the laser coding and tracking system.

CODE RANGE. /Type /Page << English and W.C. Pittman, Polarized semi-active laser last pulse logic seeker using a staring focal plane array, Jan. 17 2006, US Patent 6,987,256. <<

4 1 obj As both are different, the status green LED turns OFF and red LED is turns ON. This paper can be organized as follows: in Section II, the proposed technique is discussed which includes code algorithms and important. /BitsPerComponent 8 /Length 8 1 R >> 6 shows the block diagram of the proposed design concept of the laser PCD and recognition device. /R 2 The user interface can be generated by PC serial interface and Proteus software comport interface. [ The system consists of QP50-6SD2which is used to bias the QD from ±4.5 V to ±18 V to put it in working mode, microcontroller programming Card working at +5 V, LD working with +5 V and MCU driver and selector switches.

The first one includes hardware implementation with system materials used, and the second one includes algorithms software code. The outcomes are abridged in Table IV. 7 0 obj 10 The virtual terminal output with different inputs. The command sequence is generated by the controller for the tracking purposes and communicates with the processing computer to load a negotiated code into the munition.

The CODE RANGE indicates the laser code ranges which are supported by the laser keywords resident on the DTC. Table II shows the PRF computability test for the system including laser designator model with laser seeker model.

The U.S. Navy currently employ LITENING and ATFLIR targeting pods on a variety of strike aircraft. Fig. Unless the people being targeted possess laser detection equipment or can hear aircraft overhead, it is extremely difficult for them to determine if they are being marked. Laser designators provide targeting for laser-guided bombs, missiles, or precision artillery munitions, such as the Paveway series of bombs, AGM-114 Hellfire, or the M712 Copperhead round, respectively. /V 1 The test was performed by programming the same PRF code in the laser designator and seeker unit and reaction of seeker checked. The system test results show that the system can detect the laser code with only three received pulses based on the narrow gate signal, and good agreement between simulation and measured system performance is obtained.

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