The “SF” models from Laverda refer to Super Freni, which translates (roughly) into Super Brakes. I have more photos and entirely too many receipts. Featured Listing – 1986 Yamaha RZV500R with just 4,100 miles ! You also agree to our,, Mechanically great. The early Jotas like this one were powerful, but a bit unruly: a 180° crankshaft meant the outside pistons rose and fell at the same time and led to much more vibration than you’d expect if your experience with triples is limited to the modern three-cylinder bikes from Triumph or Yamaha. All the modifications are done with forethought and implementation. I have not cleaned or detailed the bike 0 this is the way it was after I took it for a little ride on wet pavement.

On 21 August 1976 Motor Cycle magazine clocked a Jota at 140.04mph at the MIRA test track, noting it was “easily the highest recorded top speed for a road-going production motorcycle.” While the phrase “the Lamborghini of motorcycles” – especially in Lamborghini Arancia (orange) like this one – is appropriate, it is also quite fitting to see the Laverda Jota as the Brough Superior or Vincent Black Shadow of its time. But stock performance, however impressive, is never enough for some people, and UK Laverda importers Slater Laverda saw plenty of untapped potential and decided to build a bit of a hot rod. These motorcycles represent some of the most … No rust or oxidation. Used. Powered by a 6.3L naturally aspirated V12 producing 769... Reach millions of car shoppers locally and nationally for free. engine and framenumber are 100% correct.the bike is 100% original except for the gearchange pedal set .the tank is a aluminium ... 1979 Laverda 3CL in very good condition , bought from Slaters after a nut and bolt refurbish . At this point I can say with some authority, that I have owned, bought and sold more SFC Laverda’s then just about anyone in the US, if you look in previous sales, this bike is just 12 bikes later than the last SFC that came through the shop. Enter your email address: We re-post public classified advertisements. Needs nothing. A new set of Avon Roadrider tires are included in the sale*** not pictured, * New seat w/ key

As the seller points out, it is by no means restored – but maintained as a cool piece of history, ready to rumble when you are. More information by WhatsApp or email, Content © 2020, Car And Classic Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Save this search & get notified about new ads, 1981 Laverda Jota 180 Iconic Italian Classic, 1981 Laverda 1000 jota swap for Ducati 900ss mhr. The seller references Lance Weil several times in his post and, for those not familiar, he was the preeminent Laverda tuning guru in the US for many years but was tragically killed in a shop accident in 2006.

16 grand for wire wheels, air cooled, flint ignition turd that doesn’t have enough power to pull a sick whore out of bed, with a parts list you will have to find on the moon? *The windscreen is cracked – it was “stitched” together with zip ties and continued racing.

Italian Brute: 1982 Laverda Jota for Sale A bit of a throwback, this brawny Laverda Jota was built in the 1980s but has its roots firmly in the 1970s. The company went under for good a few short years later.”. I will work with your shipper but its your responsibility. Though it was exhilarating to ride as a streetbike (outside of New York City where I lived), I soon learned this was a motorcycle that was designed, built and wanted to race. 20 INCH CARBON FIBER WHEELS. 1977 Laverda Jota, 5136. From the original eBay listing: 1974 Laverda SFC for Sale. Its sister motorcycles, one higher numbered VIN, one lower, are part of the Laverda scene today. The objective became: build something very special, changing/replacing/fixing whatever was needed, while preserving original parts wherever possible:-, The bike has been featured here:, Bike of the Year 2011 on the Laverda Forum:,83684.msg186476.html#msg186476, Details of restoration: I have tried to point out the most noticeable in the pictures. * Complete recent service – oil, valves Comments from the eBay auction: This very Formula 500 is one of the two Laverdas pictured on the cover of the Brooklands book,”Laverda 500 Twins 1977-1983″. As if it needed any proof, this 1974 Laverda SF2 is a hardcore survivor.

Provided the miles listed on the odo are actual and that unit was not replaced, this looks to be a solid example of a rare breed. The original SFC was technically a road-legal bike, but it was stiffly-sprung, over-carbureted, and generally temperamental.

Depending on what that is set for, this could be another RSBFS bargain in the making. I always thought it adds character . 974 Laverda SF2 cafe racer. The book is a compilation of reviews, company materials and magazine articles, one of which features this motorcycle. In the photos the bike looks to be in good condition, with the usual nicks and scrapes that 20 years of use can bring. Other than the factory 750SFC’s VIN series and frame insignia depicting that its a factory SFC, this bike is exactly the same in specification and appearance of a 1974 (Disc brake front) 750SFC. For information about the bikes and the auction itself, please visit – You can also contact Michael Caimano directly at 929-666-2243 or, Check out all Joe’s bikes that are being offered at Bonhams. We are proud to offer a unique opportunity to own this iconic Italian classic Laverda Jota 180. Bright Orange Breganze Beast: 1977 Laverda Jota for Sale - Rare SportBikes For Sale Volant en cuir avec système de commandes, caméra de recule et sièges chauffants.Ensemble multimédia avec Blutooth et lecteur cd. The Jota, named for a Spanish dance, is often characterized as a “man’s bike” but could more accurately be described as “a bike for tall people with strong hands.” The triples weigh in at nearly 500lbs dry, with a very tall seat 32″ high, no side stand fitted as standard, and a brutally stiff clutch-pull. These frame modifications stabilize the bike at higher speeds. Stored inside and driven very occasionally. No rust or oxidation. Marzocchi provided forks and dual rear shocks, with Brembo supplying dual front disks, most surviving because of the requirements of the race specification. When the sun rose the next morning I was at my neighbor’s door, an Italian.

You can also compare prices, trim specifications, options, reviews, scores and recall history of Laverda jota of different years with similar vehicles. My good friend Kenny Cummings, the owner of NYC Norton had been taking care of another parallel twin of mine, a Norton Commando. This bike was set up to race at Riverside in the 80's but never got the chance (AMA changed the requirements) so I am told by the previous owner. Laverda Jota 1000 for sale in Coffs Harbour NSW - Laverda Jota 1000 ... 1982 LAVERDA JOTA 120. The modifications resulted in 90hp, up from around 80hp and the bike had a dry weight of nearly 500lbs. Powered by MotoringBlogs, Featured Listing: 1996 Yamaha YZF600R for Sale, Featured Listing: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf, Featured Listing: 1985 Ducati MHR 900 from the Edinger Collection. Pour ... 918 Spyder Hybrid - 5353 miles (8614 km) 4 years FULL SERVICE, Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Options, Liquid Melat Silver, Onyx Black Acide Green Piping, Seat Pad For Lightweight Bucket Seats, Vehicle Key Painted, 7 Speed PDK, Carbon Fiber Bumper Air Blades, Carbon Fiber Hood Tr... TOYZ autoart is pleased to bring you this 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder with the sought after WEISSACH Package finished in Meteor Grey Metallic over Onyx black hides with Acid green Piping. As the bike had been sitting, I decided to give her a once over and clean and replace the jets, set the points. The RZ is nearly ten years newer, so of course it’s a better bike: it made the same power as the Laverda, but weighed less, and was a whole 8mph faster. The SFC or “Super Freni Competizione,” which translates to “Super Competition Brakes.” The engine featured the usual race-oriented updates: a lighter crank, polished connecting rods, bigger valves, and high-comp pistons. Laverda’s are known to have indestructible motors. Only 20 examples exist in the world and Grand Touring Automobiles is offering one of them for sale. * Stainless brake lines. In the spirit of completeness (and to be lazy), I reprint it here: “While there is no guaranteed formula for success in the motorcycling business, there are some pretty basic tenets worth following.

We analyzed similar vehicles in your area and calculated that this vehicle is priced lower than the average making it a Great Price. Featured Listing – 1986 Honda NS400R in Rothmans Livery ! In 1974, the frame was updated to lower the center of gravity and reduce weight, and to improve handling with revised suspension geometry. From the Seller: 1980 Laverda Jota for Sale You should know that I am a serious collector, with a large motorcycle collection. The original SFC is one of the most desirable and iconic sportbikes of the 1970s, with a stylish half-fairing, bright orange paint, and solo tail. Recognizing the performance of these machines, Lance Weil imported a number of the “silver bullets” into SoCal for resale. Italian combustion chamber music at its very finest! That is when this Laverda came into real life, from the pages of every conceivable magazine and poster since childhood.

Please email me at, © 2020 All Rights Reserved. I had a million questions.

Or maybe it’s just that all serious sportbikes are racebikes for the road, but they’re just not really all that much of a compromise now, with 200hp, a gel touring seat, and heated grips…. Big, powerful, and uncompromising, the Laverda Jota had plenty of speed available, but made you pay for it with heavy controls and vibration that could shake your fillings loose. Fastest. This is not a show pony, she has been around the block and is still alive and kicking, waiting for a new owner ! There are currently 5 Laverda bikes as well as hundreds of other classic motorcycles, cafe racers and racing bikes for sale on Classic Driver. Enter your email address: We re-post public classified advertisements. The second rule is that the bike has to look good; as we all know, style sells. At only approx 541 units produced, the Laverda SFC is one of the best bikes for the buck you can collect and ride! Category No longer developed in house, braking duties were farmed out to famed braking icon Brembo. This is the closest bike in feel to a Lamborghini Miura.

On the original SF models, braking was via a technological double leading-shoe drum brake. interior package carbon Featured Listing: Air-cooled Ducati 749 hot rod superbike! I raced two years before I became obsessed with the Laverda for a different reason. The “two up, one down” crank was great for power and made a pretty distinctive noise, but vibrated a bit more than than was considered acceptable. The Jota is a man’s bike and not meant for the faint of heart unless you are going to just put it in your living room to look at it.

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