In hindsight, we might as well have bought a red carpet. Although not life-threatening in most other animals, bunnies teeth are rootless and grow continuously through their lives. The combination of Pen’s cuteness and Bre’s dedication to his page resulted in over 7,000 followers at the height of it … Over this time, I became exceedingly attached to Pen. And so just like that … over the course of a few weeks … the three most important creatures in my life were gone.

I called Bre and asked her to meet me at home where I explained what happened.

Both Breanna and I struggled greatly with his loss – especially as neither of us had really considered the possibility we would lose Pen that day. I know there are greater tragedies in this world and not everyone will understand this pain or how one could become so wrapped up over this little bunny, but I hope I’ve been able to share a small glimpse into the world he shaped and the impact he created.

After about four years of dating and a few months of living together, Breanna started dropping “subtle” hints of wanting to get a pet bunny. We would like to thank everyone that has shared in our grief. This introduced us to an incredible community of people, many with bunnies of their own and some not so lucky, but all very supportive of one another. ", "One of my first ever rabbits was given to me when I was just 4 years old. The astute observer might question why “Penelope” is written prominently across the top of Pen’s hidey-hut after I’ve been referring to him as a “he.” Well … as it so happens … sexing baby bunnies is difficult.

The $30,000 worth of repairs eventually began but came to a sudden stop halfway through when the contracting company declared bankruptcy – taking the insurance money with them. For so long, I found purpose in the life I was building and I struggled to find direction after losing such a sizable part of it. We haven't decided whether we are going to show this breed or not yet as we would like to probably just focus on the Mini Rex and Standard Rex at the moment. But as with most things, the path to persuasion is laid through persistence and Bre eventually convinced me there are worst things than having a small ball of fur running though the house. A bit of context: during this time, the house was torn apart after a water line broke in the upstairs bathroom on Christmas morning. His intellect as he quickly picked up on litter training and the tricks he was taught. American Fuzzy Lop, English Angora, French Angora, Satin Angora, Jersey Wooly. He is our REW mini lop Buck and he is the most affectionate rabbit of all of ours and because of him i've fallen in love with them all over again.

Felt blankets on top of foam pads on top of carpet to ensure the floor would be comfortable for his feet. Miniature Lops "Mini Lops were originally known as 'klein widders' and were discovered in a litter from a German Big Lop and a small Chinchilla in 1972.For me they are the teddy bears of the rabbit world.They have wonderful friendly personalities and show much affection.

I’ll For me they are the teddy bears of the rabbit world. Lilac, carried as close to the skin as possible. Please note that this chart is intended for pet owners and is organized by color hue and not the specific genetic groups as defined by the American Rabbit Breeders Association Standard of Perfection .

The few weeks between committing to the breeder and meeting Pen were spent preparing for his arrival.

The REW's and BEW's look the same whether they are solid or broken. Lionheads and AFL's. These rabbits are one solid color.

", "We are currently focusing on breeding Blue Eyed White and Seal Point Mini Lops at the moment. Although I recognized, to some degree, much of these events were out of my hands and fell not entirely on my shoulders, I felt an incredible amount of guilt over my inability to keep my family together. For both of us, we had been consumed in Pen’s fight for so long that there was no other possibility than him recovering and spending many more years with us. I questioned what kind of a man fails to provide a stable home and protection to the most important things in his life and many nights were filled with the shameful thoughts of things I could not save. As we brought Pen home and opened his carrier for the first time, he wasn’t too sure about this strange new place …. In simplest terms, it’s a misalignment of teeth; an overbite or an underbite. It seemed like a peculiar animal to live with when there were so many other pets you could bring into your home.

Eyes are blue gray with a ruby glow in certain lights. Disqualify rabbits with conspicuous stray white hairs or white or silver tipping. On 12 April 2018, Pen was finally scheduled for his extractions. White or unmatched toenails.

If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read Pen’s story.

Likewise, a few days later, I found Bow in Pen’s room … eyes fixed where Pen would meet him in the morning. He didn’t even look towards me as I approached him, but instead spent most of the evening lying in that room. His fight became my fight and a significant portion of my life became entangled in his.

Breanna started an Instagram (which is where the name “The Lilac Lop” came from – I’m not so clever) and we found others enjoyed his antics just as much as we did.

This indifference quickly faded, however, and was replaced with adoration when seeing Pen for the first time in person. There are still mornings I’m not fully awake that I cautiously get out of bed less Pen be underfoot and boxes of his uneaten hay still sit undisturbed as I’ve been unable to bring myself to throw it out.

In January 2018, being the ever diligent animal caretaker she is, Breanna noticed Pen was beginning to show the starting stages of Malocclusion – a serious, but not entirely uncommon condition in small bunnies. I do sometimes wonder if he became so stubborn just because he enjoyed the attention but regardless, it was enough to solidify the sense of obligation I felt to Pen. I did my best to find purpose in hobbies and other activities, even building what sanctuary I could around Pen’s garden, but I found it all futile in my attempt to fill the cavity left in my heart.

So that’s the spot we laid Pen to rest at. Wooled areas are a lighter shade of lilac than normal furred areas. A calculated and accepted commitment, but a scary one all the same.

It’s fitting since this was the spot he was always running to – it was like his little game. I don’t want to spend too much time talking about how I felt or the things that followed after losing Pen, but I don’t believe I can truly explain the impact he had without providing some visibility into his epilogue. We had a pretty good laugh about it, but loved him all the same and were grateful Penelope could be so easily shortened to a gender-ambiguous name. Get away from mom and dad and run to the magnolia tree.

I know that time, counseling and personal acceptance will get me there eventually, but emotions have such an unmatched ability to cloud logic. In this I have faith, but until then … I guess I just miss my little buddy and pray he knows how hard we tried. Lilac The lilac breed standard calls for eyes that match the fur color. There are times I become frustrated at my inability to put it all behind me and move forward, but it seems my heart just isn’t ready to let go yet.

Rabbit Color Descriptions - Siamese Variety, Rabbit Color Descriptions - Black Variety, Rabbit Color Descriptions - Chocolate Variety, Rabbit Color Descriptions - White Variety.

He was not a friendly bunny to say the least and the experience of having him as a child put me off from having another mini lop ever again! He was a lovely looking Red Eyed White (REW) Buck Mini Lop called Snowy. Although there are 19 different breeds of lop-eared rabbits in the world, only 5 of them are actually recognized by ARBA in the United States and the BRC recognizes 9 different lop-eared breeds. Same color over the entire body of the rabbit, including tummy, feet, tail and ears.

In many ways, the loss of Pen became synonymous with the loss of Bowie and Breanna and with that was the heavy weight of failure. If misaligned in cases of Malocclusion however, these teeth don’t wear and can grow so long as to cause significant pain and even the inability to eat.

They were able to bring him back only to have him slip into cardiac arrest a second time.

Pointed White Varieties: Pointed Black Pointed Blue Pointed Chocolate Pointed Lilac 

There are two main groups of colours, self colours and broken colours.

The combination of Pen’s cuteness and Bre’s dedication to his page resulted in over 7,000 followers at the height of it – which, frankly, was mind-boggling to me. Rabbit adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Rabbit a second chance and caring environment. We are touched at how many of you have said such sweet things about Pen. Lop-eared rabbit breeds recognized by the ARBA:

Comparison Photos: General Faults Lilac Polish (not a showable variety at this time)

He was given to me to replace my black doe crossbreed rabbit called Gail who was killed by a local cat. Excessive white hairs, white or foreign-colored spot(s). As I think back on it now, this is probably how Pen must have felt every time we put that ridiculous, girly bow on him: We soon realized Pen just brought us too much happiness not to share his personality with others.

It will be updated as new colors appear in our baby bunnies. I’m scared to concede there are things in this world over which I can exercise no control. Recent Updates: Broken Choc Jr, Broken Choc Sr; Broken Choc Kits; Lilac Kits; Lilac Sr. 06/13/2012.

His persistence as he would so consistently find Bre’s discarded McDonald’s sweet tea cups and pull them from the trash. Pen’s story begins in the spring of 2017. His intuition in knowing when to cause trouble for laughs and when to offer little kisses during stressful times.

As a result, every evening was spent with Pen in our laps hand-feeding him cuts of his favorite greens and vegetables to ensure he would eat. In an effort to ensure the correct course of action for Pen, we started seeking out additional opinions. We started driving to the vet office, but with no more than a mile remaining, they called to tell us Pen’s heart had stopped beating a third time and didn’t come back. However this breed make wonderful pets and I would like to breed some for myself. The lilac breed standard calls for eyes that match the fur color. To be sure, I was not initially invested in the idea – I had known a few people in college with bunnies and their enthusiasm around them struck me as strange. They have wonderful friendly personalities and show much affection. There’s beauty and happiness in this world, purpose and drive – and there will come a day where that light shines through again.

The bleeding heart bloomed yesterday, it’s funny how life works, because it feels like it represents our sweet boy’s passing. While Bre spent most of the drive concerned whether Pen would like us, I worried more about the commitment this change represented. We spent many weeks looking for just the right bunny – going back and forth on gender and color (lilac grey being the only one we could agree on), looking at pictures of the parents for an indication of favorable head structure, floppy ears, &c. Eventually, we found a picture from a breeder up in New York state and knew this was the one we had been looking for.

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