The crowd gate in Photo 1 has been left on the first notch and it stays there. Three or four of these style panels can be easily hooked together with the interlocking spring snaps (use 3 per side) to create a temporary or portable holding pen. He¹s also standing back far enough so cattle move easily. Working cattle from the outside avoids the necessity of having to get behind the animals.”.

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She's a prolific writer and speaker sharing her knowledge and experience with others. 12′ Portable Corral System Complete with: • 1-12′ Portable Loading Chute • 19-12′ Corral Panels (Gray) • 1-12′ Entrance Panel with 10′ Gate • 1-Chute Gates • 1-Alley Frame • 1-Center Frame. These simple ideas will not only save you money, but help keep you and your livestock safe during the handling process. Cattle entry from a crowd pen into the single file chute can be controlled by a person moving forward and backward along the catwalk. If there is space, cattle can walk directly into the chute. Recently, I visited many feedlots and worked with employees to improve handling. Photo 2 shows a person moving cattle into the single file chute by moving on the catwalk. Grow Shiitakes! Open top halves allow cattle to see the handler on the opposite side of the fence where he controls flow. Other than certain weaning practices, the greatest stress on cattle can be shipping and marketing. The principle of a well-designed curved single file chute is to show the animal there is a place to go and then take him around the curve. “Although solid sides are common on Bud Boxes and tubs, I prefer that only the lower halves be covered,” Gill states. After they enter, the gate can be closed. Their natural instinct is to turn around and come back out. The chute’s floor height should be adjustable to accommodate both trucks and trailers unless a separate trailer loading facility is constructed. Easy to pin together connections painted gray. This is a picture after the tractor was taken off of the panel. 63,849.00. Let us help you with your farming & ranching needs! Fort Collins, Colorado 80523. Colorado State University Signup for our newsletter to get notified about sales and new products. A round crowd pen will work better than a straight crowd pen because, as cattle go around a 180° turn, they think they are going back to where they came from (see Figures 1 and 2). So spend ample time planning before building.”. Gill feels that the curved crowd alley was adopted because people think cattle like to move in a circle. Corral panels work great for tasks that need a rigid structure. Notice that the panel sprung back to its original shape!

While the same construction style is also available in 12′ and 16′ lengths, I’ve found the 10′ panels are easier to handle alone. Corral panels work great for tasks that need a rigid structure.

Similarly, at the end of each lane are two 8’ gates instead of a single long gate which can be swung out to create a natural funnel  for loading stock on to a trailer. A complete Winkel Portable Corral Unite has the following components: Winkel Portable Corrals are built to give you years of dependable service. Cattle in a crowd pen need room to turn. Cattle want to go back to where they came from.

Panels are secured in front with a loop and pin. “When cattle come from a pasture through the holding pen gate, there should be a second gate behind the animals. This monthly publication is tailored for all segments of the beef industry and consistently provides compelling features and photography, timely news, expert industry voices and entertaining commentary.

This allows me to quickly attach a feedlot panel to posts in the alley lanes creating holding/catch pens in an environment familiar to the livestock and thus, reducing handling stress.

Photo 2.

The ideal radius for a round crowd pen is 12 ft.

Skirted Feeder Panels (sizes: 6 to 12 ft)

In this photo, the pen is being used properly, Note that the crowd gate is not pushed up against the cattle. Equipment for handling livestock doesn’t  have to be expensive. 1 rule is never overload the crowd pen. We Weren’t.

The most common design mistake is dead-ending the curved single file chute. “Corral construction costs should fit the ranch budget and the design should accommodate ranch operations and herd sizes,” states Rusty Alexander of Alexander Livestock Equipment. When the side panels are in the inward position, the opening is large enough to allow passage of the animal’s head. Figures 1 and 2 show good layouts, and Figure 3 shows a dead-end layout. Each issue of Progressive Forage contains articles which focus on a particular topic area within the forage industry.

In half of the lots, cattle balked at dangling loose chain ends hanging down in the entrance of the single file chute.

Cattle often move more easily in buildings equipped with translucent skylights or translucent panels in the walls. Man gates must be installed to allow people to escape from charging cattle. This occurs when the chute is bent too sharply where it joins the crowd pen.

Sandra Kay Miller is a female farmer, damn good cook and witty writer slicing her finger open on the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture.

Professionally made handling equipment is sure nice to have, but the reality is not everyone can afford it, especially when first getting started. (Figure 3) Plan No. Work from their sides where they can see you.

The second style of panel that comes in handy is the welded wire 16’ feedlot panel. Some cattle handling systems work like well-oiled machines, while others bog down with cattle that constantly balk and turn around. That is why it is important to have a good loading chute that facilitates a natural flow of cattle from the sorting pen into the trailer.

Upon questioning him as to what appeared to be tedious work, he responded, “These ranches are leased and I’m not building something on someone else’s land or paying for the same thing over and over.”. “An excellent design on one ranch may not work as well on the neighbor’s ranch. Cattle should never be left in the box or tub after the crowd alley is filled.

Instead, start looking to your local farm supply stores. Maximum width for a common alleyway used to sort cattle is 12 feet. Our portable system contains hook ups in to add our durable panels to any field for an immediate corral system. The crowd gate should be used the same way the emergency brake is used in the car: you should almost never have to use it. Products are standard unpainted ***LOCAL PICKUP ONLY at 7305 Entryway Drive Billings, MT***. Gill says that a Bud Box or tub needs to be large enough to hold the number of cattle needed to fill the crowd alley. © Copyright 2020 Progressive Cattle. Once the crowd alley starts curving, it looks like a dead-end to a cow.

Constructed of heavier materials, it has the same features and ease of operation found in the automatic Head Gate. His words echoed in my ears for many years, especially after I purchased my own farm.

The dotted line on Figure 3 shows how to correct the problem.

Corral panels are constructed of steel tubing and are typically six bars high. We carry standard sizing panels and gates. Feedlot panels are also extremely useful for more than just livestock. If the next open gate is adjacent to the one you just closed, cattle will naturally flow through it without being pressured, because that is the direction they want to go. They only move in this fashion when they are trying to keep an eye on you. For added safety, I will tie the animal to the corner post with a halter. For smaller livestock, a sheet of plywood or even an old door with holes cut in each corner works well, especially inside the two-gated structure mentioned earlier, as a means for isolating and immobilizing a single animal for body scoring, parasite assessment/treatment and vaccinating.

Cattle may refuse to approach the chute entrance if a person is standing near it. If you are only handling small ruminants and/or swine, the 16’ x 34” feedlot hog panels will do the trick. Anti-backup gates can also be equipped with a remote control rope. This configuration works for castrating, milking cows prone to kicking, especially one with a painful case of mastitis, vaccinating and other veterinary care.

“Curved crowd alleys are very popular, but the problem is that people tend to start the curve right out of the Bud Box or tub. A solid crowd gate is important to prevent cattle from attempting to turn back to where they came from.

Create an open forum for industry discussion and an easy-to-read magazine of expert information about the beef industry.

Photo 1. Why is it so important for an animal to be able to see up the chute?

A curved alley also saves steps for a person working both the crowd alley and squeeze chute. If cattle are walking into the chute, don¹t push them with the crowd gate. This product is already in quote request list, Pens made with cattle panels and walk-ins, If it doesn’t say Real Tuff, it’s not “real-tuff”, All Purpose Portable Livestock Loading Chute.

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