!Regaláme … (tres pupusas) , por favor! Chores In Spanish: The Essential Words To Know, Directions In Spanish: Words And Phrases To Learn, Estuve aguja todo el semestre y pude sacar buenas notas – I had to focus and get prepared the entire semester and I could get good grades, Te está quedando arrecha esa pintura – That painting is looking awesome already. There is a myriad of words out there, so if you know any other, please leave them in the comments below and I will add them. To walk a long way, for quite a long time. This can also refer to leaning onto someone – or something. Chancho – a pig, or used to also express someone who is very fat, to which you can use Chancho for male of Chacha for female.

Va,estaba leyendo todos los comentarios y estan bien pulidos todos. Tunante – Smooth or suave with the ladies. Chibola = marble. Sampar– to forcefully insert or hit Choco– cross-eyed 18) Maje Honduran slang for your close friend, similar to “mate” or “bro”. Puta – this is the most complex slang word and will deserve its own post.

Your choice. Sampar – To forcefully insert or “to provide”. If you do this dictionary correctly, Jose, you should be acknowledged as a social/language scholar, much like Ebonics was coined in 1973. Picaro – a sleek young fellow porque el Monte is “very bad for you”??? The party is going to be awesome. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Yo veo esto como un tributo a mi cultura Salvadoreña. You should try to fix it! Also, Mónica has prepared a video about Salvadoran Slang for you.

As in kids playing with small marbles. If you’re interested in our, The 10 most important Salvadoran Slang phrases. But it’s just an expression if you find something really cool, like: “How cool!” Example: ¡Que chivo que viniste a la fiesta! It may also mean dumb or fool. Well words have different meaning, depending on the region of the country, I used to live in the City and what I wrote is what it means, at least young people say it. Chulon – butt naked [re-gah-lah-meh…]. Bling bling – Something shiny… People actually say “Blin Blin”. Ajolotado(a) – being ridiculed in public, belittled, etcsomeone who is “all over the place”, e.g. Baboso(a) – Someone that is plain stupid. Un palito – Same thing as “echar un polvito” HOW TO LEARN SPANISH? I.e. Monte – Marihuana or Pot; it can also mean grass or wilderness, Paja – it can mean a “lie” or someone saying they will masturbate, Patín – 2 meanings, first is horrible stench the 2nd meaning means a party or, patinar  which usually relates to go drinking. Pudiente – someone that has money or comes from a family of means, Pulido – Badass, as in your car is Pulido, Polvo – usually it is said as “un polvo”, this means having sex with a lady or it also means the male love juice. Chancho – a pig 100% guanaco… Ps : las palabra Pulido(a) y Nitida (o) = Bonitos (a) :), Tilinte – Stiff De Choto – something free

But in El Salvador, you will be very welcome to say :”¡Regaláme tres pupusas con frijol y queso, por favor!”. Another word for a young person, be it a teenager, a kid, or someone who a lot of time ahead of them. Qué cacaso esa película, ni valio la entrada – Man! Be prepared and get to know the ten most crucial phrases in Salvadoran slang. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a comment below!

Also, I would add Coqueto = as someone who looks good or pretty. Luego de salir de acá podemos ir a bajonear algo – After we’re done here we can go to eat something, Ese bicho es mi vecino, siempre está jugando ahí – That kid there is my neighbor, he’s always there playing, Pásame dos de esos bolados, por favor – Pass me two of those things, please, Qué cacaso esa película, ni valio la entrada – Man! Maleta – it means suitcase or someone who is not good at anything in life. This expression means “it’s hard” that is commonly used by people who wish to complain about anything complex – like a verbal sigh. Didn’t make sense to me, was it a slur? PIPIAN – gay, faggot (this is my fav word to use with my friends) Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. No Spam! Sidenote: This post is the latest post in a series where we explore slang for every Spanish speaking country.

That’s why it’s called the present.”. 10 Essential Local Words 1. Mónica is our virtual Spanish teacher, by the way. that was a bad movie, not even worth the ticket, Eso me pasa por comprar cosas chafa, no duró ni un mes – I had it coming for not buying the originals, it didn’t last a month, Vine con dos cheros para que cargar todo sea más fácil – I came with two friends so carrying everything becomes easier, El desayuno estuvo chivo, ni siquiera tengo hambre – I had a great breakfast, I’m not even hungry yet, Tenemos tres chuchos en la casa, necesitamos un poco más de comida – We have three dogs at home, we’re gonna need a bit more food, Deberías limpiar tu cuarto, está todo chuco – You should clean your room, it’s all dirty, Hay muchos cipotes así en el vecindario – There are many kids like that in the neighborhood, Compré algunas cosas en la tienda y me dieron un caramelo de choto – I bought some things at the store and they gave me a candy for free, Cuando comenzó la música se armó un desmadre – When the music started the chaos began as well, No seas tan dundo, hasta te lo explicó lo mejor que pudo – Don’t be so dumb, he even explained it to you as good as he could, No creo que pueda ir, esta muy yuca llegar caminando – I don’t think I’ll be able to go, looks really hard to get there by walking.

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