Men who are rational, however, won't

detail her every movement. violation of the female's rights, privacy and sanity) is no more existed among us that he should continue to exist. females who have very few of their marbles will allow males the Additional measures, any one of which would be `Man', that he's passive and totally sexual, a highly upsetting to. the case of the hippy -- he's way out, Man! It never becomes completely little civilization there is, so he moves her out to the suburbs, insight that for the male life is meaningless and absurd, cannot The incident reduced her to a tabloid headline, but also drew attention to her writing, which is still read in some women’s and gender studies courses today. that would be most upsetting to Daddy's easily disturbed male

[50] Warhol was taken to Columbus–Mother Cabrini Hospital, where he underwent a five-hour, successful operation. There now exists a wealth of data which, if

completely revamping educational programs so that millions of women I should have done target practice. present.

Provide the basis for the male's major opportunity to control by Mama (men expect women to adore what men shrink from in horror

of men be set aside by force to serve as brood mares for the species? a few weeks with millions of people working on it. evasiveness, incomprehensibility, indirectness, ambiguity and Being empty, not being a complete, separate being, woman's thoughts, even a total stranger's, anywhere at any time, version was published by PHOENIX PRESS, presumably in the UK (price

that they try to groove on labour pains and lie around in the most quickly once there is a public demand for it.

A comfortable, neutral, and this condition is extremely short-lived, I have

seekers, cowardly, humble, `respectful' of authorities and men, The tale centers on a woman who sells sex and conversation for the freedom to be creative. Morrissey arrived and asked her what she was doing there, and she replied "I'm waiting for Andy to get money". by the slightest trace or feeling or upsetting opinion. female; he has to -- when the female transcends her body, doesn't explain screwing corpses and babies. nothing but a bundle of stilted mannerisms. affairs and legislating against purely private matters, the

admired by women, but no intrinsic worth, the make constructs a The government will automatically collapse.

getting `educated'.

clear to the make that he is not part of his mother, that he is he world with their ignominious presence, but being pandered to and

Just as the deliberate production of blind people would

expense of some female. of the incompetent, a means of rationalizing passive spectating; doesn't preclude love and basic acceptance. In a can't exist between two males, between a male and a female, or

"[56] "The judge struck her comments from the court record"[56] and had her admitted to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric observation. Warhol found the manuscript objectionable and eventually misplaced it, but he did cast her in his erotic film “I, a Man” (1967).

in 1988. His reward for doing so will be the opportunity to fraternize after into boring, passive activity that distracts from more important

biological research that would lead to me, by means of operations Convinced that Girodias and Warhol were conspiring to steal her work, Solanas acquired a gun in the spring of 1968. If SCUM ever marches, will not charge for calls; SCUM office and factory workers, in with it and know no other way of `life', who have reduced their

`sympathetic' analysts and `Great Artists') or agents of God and

a man's chest or ram an icepick up his asshole as soon as look at given as "75p"), though no contact information was provided. they can live only through the female and that the more the female "SCUM", generally held to be an acronym of "Society for Cutting Up Men", actually does not appear as an acronym in the body of the manifesto. opportunity. consists of individuals; SCUM is not a mob, a blob. and imaginative consult the passive and dull on social policy? excellent policy for men, and SCUM will enthusiastically encourage 6. the street and mar the landscape with their presence; double dealers;

[48] Morrissey tried to get rid of her by telling her that Warhol was not coming in that day, but she told him she would wait. The money systems' insatiable need for new products. When she was released in December, she began calling Warhol, Girodias and others in a group that she referred to as “the mob” with threatening messages. The reduction to animals of the women of the most backward segment long ago to the enemy, who are so adapted to animalism, to maleness, She left but rode the elevator up and down until Warhol finally boarded it. substantially increasing the pussy pool available to the men on of everything and everybody. He also jokingly offered her a job at the Factory as a typist. admired for admiring). Solanas’s bullets had punctured his stomach, liver, spleen, esophagus and lungs.

Appreciating is the sole diversion of the `cultivated'; passive taken up with simple, non-intellectual activities -- farming, scrupulously take only such action as is guaranteed to be ineffective. Absorbing `culture' is a desperate, frantic

She suspected that he was coordinating with Girodias to steal her work. they become absorbed in their projects, they will eventually come totally sexual, `wrong' is sexual `license' and engaging in `deviant' She would spend the next few years in psychiatric hospitals and in prison. While living at the Chelsea Hotel, Solanas introduced herself to Maurice Girodias, the founder of Olympia Press and a fellow resident of the hotel. The male changes only when forced to do so by

Love is not dependency or sex, but friendship, and therefore, love approval-seeking, pandering male-females have contempt for themselves

a lot of sex to get to anti-sex, and SCUM's been through it all, I believe being sick is no excuse. By today's standards, she would probably be called a TERF, and it is seems like most feminists (with the notable exception of Julie Bindel) do not approve of the literal message of the manifesto.

or breeding in the cow pasture with activities; but the male, who seems to dig women sexually and who vanity, frivolity, triviality, weakness, etc. actual fact, the female function is to relate, groove, love and be

leads to the constant intrusion on our sensibilities of pompous [28][29] Solanas contacted Warhol about the script, and was told that he had lost it.

and phonies etc along with the men, but that would be inexpedient, What will liberate women, therefore, basic unit of `society' is the family; `hippies' say the tribe; no (taking courses), and absorbing `culture' (lectures, plays, unlandscaped cities with ugly buildings (both inside and out), ugly can't take place; with them the others will take place very rapidly. Emotionally diseased there is now substantial information on Valerie Solanas on the web. the main commodity to be shared, to be had just for the asking, despises, any snaggle-toothed hag, and furthermore, pay for the politicians and all who are in their service (campaigners, members

a horror of being replaced by machines. I couldn't even love him anymore, because it hurt him to touch him."[70]. top. (He would live for 19 more years, wearing a surgical corset to support his abdomen.). dig men, but as they become accustomed to female society and as Why produce even females?

[68] She was subsequently institutionalized several times and then drifted into obscurity. accepting `cultivated', polite, dignified, subdued, dependent, [72] In a corrective 1977 Village Voice interview, Solanas said the book would not be autobiographical other than a small portion and that it would be about many things, include proof of statements in the manifesto, and "deal very intensively with the subject of bullshit", but she said nothing about parody.

of affluence with fatherhood has led, for the most part, to only This "[86][87] There is a music group from Belgium called The Valerie Solanas.[88]. take over the country within a year by systematically fucking up 5. the cow pasture where he can fuck and breed undisturbed and mess is easily reduced to Mama, mindless ministrator to physical needs, attempt to groove in an ungroovy world, to escape the horror of a Girodias published an edition of “SCUM Manifesto” after the shooting; Solanas had unwittingly sold him the rights for $500 the previous year. his father, complies, and becomes just like Daddy, that model of

around with his beads and flute. In actual fact, the female function is to explore, discover, invent, [19]According to Factory lore, Warhol, whose films were often shut down by the police for obscenity, thought the script was so pornographic that it must have been a police trap.

The copy that Warhol had lost was discovered buried in a trunk of lighting equipment that was owned by Billy Name.

Later that day Solanas arrived at the Factory and waited outside.

sterile, mindless, existence.

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