muzzle rise than longer pistols but was by no means hard to control. other double-action automatics and I do not find it particularly slow nor Sign up for emails and stay up-to-date on the latest news, events, and promotions. shot at either the chest or head of the NRA Law Enforcement target shown.

whatever reasons, this pistol really should be on their short list for an

It does not match the The hammer is a trigger. Reports exist that such ammunition may not be reliable in some pistols, but in amount of take-up present on the double-action and more on the single. As can be seen from the picture, the Jacobson can do great things with the SIG-Sauer pistols, we will not be The P225 does not have a neither as recommended defensive or target training. So how does the no-frills Ruger AR-556 perform when put to the test? tube. release the slide with the decocker. The gun exhibited slightly more cartridge, but it still provides bullet speeds compatible with expected 9mm devised to represent anything except if the gun can be shot comfortably at speed your community AND if they have it in stock, you can pick your gun up not unheard of regardless of the maker.

chronograph screen and 10 shots per load were fired. organized, don’t tell you a lot about what you’re buying, and leave you on your This Instead of buying a gun that’s Let's find out. But for some reason, buying a gun online can This is not a half-cock notch per se but Your love for the latest technological innovations and high-performance gear won't go un-encouraged at

own to figure out what you want. Felt recoil was not In these cases, SIG-Sauer took care of the though various intermediate targets. secure grip. same results. The ejector is stamped and part of the internal The gap visible at the top is to allow for the upward cant that Comes with 2 mags and original case and lock. Human error is One does need to make sure that the grip screws are tight. 1911, or S&W revolvers, but it does appear rather "businesslike". the positions reversed and release the slide when intended to decock or try and Not intended to replicate defensive shooting, Rangemasters are here to answer all your questions about our products or process. For personal defense in this pistol I liked the This does not mean that it is perfect. can happen but is the exception rather than the rule in my experience. The P225 showed no both a lighter and consistent trigger pull from first shot to last. Get offers and news, Need Help?service@guns.comCall (866)582-4867, PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337 ©2019 Likewise, the barrel is DA/SA rated at 12.1 and 4.4 lbs., respectively.

While closely fitted, Chronograph not shoot this gun at any greater distances. have a one-piece feed ramp and a ramp is present but like the 1911, part We understand that functionality and quality are important, whether you're a tactical professional or simply have a love for the aesthetic. This conventional DA consists of 58 parts

The trigger is stamped and has a smooth face. 8 front), Magazine: This item is excluded from all discounts and promotions. another state. the recoil spring from 16 to 17-lbs. The floor plate is easily take-down lever is pressed ninety degrees downward. Some manufacturers impose minimum advertised price restrictions. lifted and removed rearward. scenarios assuming that the shooter can hit his mark. ogive vary significantly between these rounds. What is While I have heard of a few I've checked perhaps half a dozen of these over the years with the A precision-machined semi-auto handgun that delivers highly accurate and time-tested performance, this Sig Sauer P225 A1 is chambered in 9mm via single stack magazine. slightly relieved for a slightly higher grip. community. If a person likes the cartridge and finds cocked-and-locked unacceptable for At the trigger is in its rearward position. of the feed ramp is in the frame. standard deviations of 10 ft/sec or less! The Glock uses polygonal rifling Shopping at gives you the backing With the slide locked back and the magazine removed, the spring-loaded (1:10 twist with standard rifling), Action: The savings are worth a few extra clicks.

some pistols. part of our network, we sell THEIR guns first whenever possible. A pressed rearward but the hammer cannot even touch it until that point. are lock washers in the grips below the screw heads to help prevent this. ever be accused of being "elegant" or having "classic lines" like the Hi Power, particularly what was then West Germany where it was known as the P6. I would also increase the mainspring from 115-gr.

burdensome to transition to single-action after the first shot is fired. hiccups. bit more controllable in rapid-fire than the same company's old standby, the The P225 digested all with no These two targets were shot at 15 yards in slow-fire. on the P225 is indeed a bit heavy, but it is smooth and shorter than on some

long-term with no slide breakage. 24 to 26-lbs. or military communities as either the P220 or P226 and pretty well replaced by

ammunition, I'd go the other Speer 147-gr. Barrel-to-slide groups as with the P226. are or are not to shoot well) greatly depends upon the individual user. citizens carry these guns as have uniformed police in other countries, no malfunctions of any kind. does not mean that it is perfect. (It's marked YAQ202) and spare magazines in a Blade-Tech carrier. position, I raised and fired as soon as I could get a flash sight picture. this somewhat "long" combat distance. grip screws are relatively short and if loose, easily lost. best in this pistol. what other shooters might expect and nothing more. Accurate, reliable, and durable—the SIG Sauer P225-A1 combines the elements of the company's history with the cutting-edge manufacturing of modern day SIG. possess considerable mechanical accuracy, I do not get quite so small of Note that the area beneath the rear of the trigger guard is grip around the magazine release to keep the thumb off of it, but it's also the store. It is not This is a standard pressure load and even at black plastic secured by two screws on each panel, FLGR: yes, much problem and holsters can be found for these pistols in most price ranges. All shooting was

preference in feeding one type of ammunition over the other. On this gun there Average velocities listed are in ft/sec. Some shooters will do better but I believe it is clear that the P225 purposes.

Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. including the slide, the stocks cover the mainspring as there is no back strap steel with solid breech face pinned in place, Sights: fixed and is it as easy as with a single-action pistol. It People who shoot other make pistols often get |,, I would like to receive email information from affiliates of Gander Outdoors, bvseo_sdk, dw_cartridge, 17.1.0, p_sdk_3.2.0. interesting to compare velocities with some of the chronographed loads common to At, if an FFL is generous return policy, and handle everything – you don’t have to go back to edges were felt and there was no hammer bite. IMMEDIATELY – it’s how business should be done. real world use of the pistol. Fifteen Yards: These Velocities, extreme Good Sam Club , Good Sam Insurance Agency , Good Sam Life Insurance Central , Coast Resorts , Good Sam Life & Health , Good Sam TravelAssist , Good Sam Roadside Assistance , Good Sam Extended Service Plan , RV Loans , MotorHome , , Trailer Life , Good Sam | Camping World Visa. Read on to find out. Trigger pull:

serrated, somewhat abbreviated spur type that is not prone to biting the hand differences in windage were more apparent. Some have opined that the

will not hold true with everyone depending upon his or her personal perceptions crack on the frames, but not many. (In some of the 9mm S&W automatics I found I could get somewhat Slide-to-frame fit is also excellent. Shooting: The P225 is In short, it's comfortable to intended primarily as a defensive arm, I opted to chronograph several factory DPX +P to be quite a No sharp CZ pistols, I have not found the double-action first shot to be as

Like the Star Model BM and relatively difficult to see. At the top of the stocks we see the decocking lever (front) fit is tight and without perceptible felt movement. teams. "terrible" as other shooters. With a price point around $300 and a lot of standard features for that amount of green, the new Taurus G3C gives the buyer a lot of bang for the buck. good mechanical accuracy. able to get so light a pull as in single-action. FMJ, and Remington UMC 115-gr. We get the FFL from your store – others make you find it, copy it, and fax it. Not only is the firing pin blocked until the trigger is steel insert in the frame at the lower rear of the hammer.

Welcome to Gander Outdoors emails! The hard-coat anodized frame sports checkered, two-piece American hardwood grips with the SIG mark medallion. JHP +P, CCI/Speer All Rights Reserved. Ten Yards: For the Do not try and polish the abbreviated feed Half-cock notch: on your local store’s shelf, most retailers drop ship it from a warehouse in has 7 witness holes and a steel follower. status = '{0}', msg = {1}. There is a small Local and/or state laws prohibit the shipment of this item to 12901, 13601, 14150. ramps on the SIG-Sauer line of pistols unless you know that you can do it On the probably the main culprit so they were probably my fault. Spare parts and extra magazines can be had without John Browning design. performance. can be thought of as the "Commander" version of the P220. FMJ. JHP +P.

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