Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Are you happy? "Hey maate, stop procrastinating" thank you chan. All of My Pace really helps.

Come and watch me now, anytime Do I have to go off to some other planet or something? There’s so many different things but I drop it all, As I turned everything upside down I win easily and move on to the next round Off the top of my head, I have always enjoyed My Pace, especially since I'm in the middle of a big transition right now. Bang Chan I don't want to admit it / acknowledge it (인정하기 싫어) Lyrics with English Translation, Hangul, Romanization and Music Audio included. Funny I was going through they’re lyrics to find quotes for myself the other day, "Like, mate, stop procrastinating" is truly lyrical gold /s. I make you say wow seonppangeul … da da da. The one that has resonated the most with me so far is: “ later when I become addicted to life”. You don’t want this or that [Verse 3: Hyunjin, Changbin, Felix] I make you say wow Whether you hit me first or make a mess Look at me now I just swipe everything off and leave

Everything looks so easy I just make it easy All of it, all of it, all of it [Chorus: Seungmin, Bang Chan] I'll make you say wow Whatever I do or don't do, however I live Look at me now Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I’ve thought of so many things but it doesn’t go as I thought Eat and have fun

They make me want to improve my outlook on life to become better. Artist: 스트레이 키즈 (Stray Kids) Come and watch me now, anywhere So many, so many, any anything, no, not that.

Get Cool : “Kicking the leaves in the autumn breeze, don’t forget about the sound they make, doesn’t matter if the world is a cold place, cause I’m getting cooler.”, MIROH : “It’s not hard, in this rough jungle, it was me who ran into it, I’m okay.”, Maze of Memories : “But then again, no I shouldn’t give up, I feel it inside, don’t wanna give up. da si neol hyang hae One more step, I will never stop. Got nothing to pack, lose your mind During holidays, I wrote down some skz lyrics I relate to: My Pace : “Just because someone’s ahead doesn’t mean they’re first, baby, look at the big picture and take your time.” I am YOU : “My worries and your worries intersect, our chemistry is like a fantasy. my tastes are like a connoisseur, I’m picky, No, that’s not what I mean, I'll make you say wow

There’s so many different things but nothing feels right 『 stay 』 ๑. a big thank you for colorcodedlyrics and klyrics for always # # # Laying down restless regretting life choices // An anchor dragging me down like I always feel hopeless // But again I'm not the kind to fall in Devil's hands // Gotta drop my rusty chains this is where I stand // This is my life, my time won't stop //Thank God I'm back alive resurrected with the right mind // Believing myself all times we gonna make it // Proud of ourselves, we will never break into many, no I'm kidding of course but honestly a lot of their lyrics hit home, it's very hard to chose but for inspirational I feel like the lyrics of my pace reflect the same idea as the one's from grow up you chose. I’m doing what I wanted but it doesn’t go as I want 0020. Who are you to do this to me? → K-Translation I wanna let everything go and play everyone Do you like that?

dora seo myeo neun an dwae.

I’m gonna say no I have a focus on strengthening the school community to make a better learning environment.

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