Safeway Inc., the second-largest U.S. grocery-store chain, said Chief Executive Steven Burd will retire in May after 20 years at the company. Starbucks is testing a new way to reduce your paper cup consumption. Our customers’ ability to recycle our cups (or cups from any coffee shop), whether in their home curbside recycling, at work, in public spaces or in our stores, is dependent on multiple factors, including local government policies and access to recycling markets, such as paper mills and plastic processors. Shop for Reusable Tumblers.

In an attempt to reduce their customers’ waste, Starbucks is introducing a reusable plastic cup for frequent customers.

And since you receive a 10-cent discount every time you use it in our stores, this cup pays for itself in just 10 uses. Coinstar Inc., the owner of the Redbox movie-rental kiosks, shook up its leadership, replacing Chief Executive Paul Davis with Chief Financial Officer J. Scott Di Valerio. And you’ve saved 10 paper cups! It seems like large cafes and/or mall Starbucks are the prime sites for this kind of program. If you tried to work this in a drive through, you would then have customers who would have to make a special trip back to the store to return their cup. A divided Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday the state's dairy workers are entitled to overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours a week, a decision expected to apply to the rest of the agriculture industry. You save 10¢ and another paper cup every time.

It’s a quality, low-cost option to enjoy your favorite Starbucks beverage. Investor Bill Ackman sold some of his holdings in General Growth Properties Inc. to the company's largest shareholder as part of an agreement that ends his quest for the mall owner to put itself up for sale. © 2020 Starbucks Coffee Company. The New York-based hedge fund, General Growth's second-largest investor, also agreed to keep its stake below 10 percent for at least four years.

Use a Personal Tumbler or Cup at Starbucks When you spend the $1 on the reusable cup, you might be receiving a totally new cup or it is possible that you are receiving a cup that has been through the cleaning and sanitizing process. Starbucks is committed to reducing our cup waste. If you use it daily for a month you’ll help avoid using more than a pound of paper or 3.5 pounds of wood. This cup is less expensive than other tumblers because it’s made with a lighter material and less of it.

Peace, Love, Coffee Reusable Cup now at Starbucks (And a lesson on your 10 cents off discount). The skyline of downtown St. Paul seen from Raspberry Island. Reusable cups are an important component of our overall waste reduction strategy. At the end of its life, *if polypropylene (#5) plastic recycling is available in your region, you can recycle this cup and help minimize your impact on the planet even more.

However when you pick it up, you can feel that it is sturdier and weightier than a single use cold cup. Starbucks offers reusable plastic cups for $1.

1 Data sourced from the 2012 Foodservice Disposable Packaging Assessment and the environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Paper Network Calculator (more at

Since 1985 we’ve rewarded our customers with a discount when they bring in personal tumblers, and we have a goal to serve 5% of the beverages made in our stores in tumblers and mugs brought in by our customers. These adjustments correlate to a savings of nearly 100,000 trees a year, and we are working to roll out EarthSleeve globally. And don’t forget, if you are enjoying one of our great beverages “for here” ask for a ceramic mug. Starbucks reusable 16oz coffee cup with lid, $1 and 1.6oz/44g. Global Responsibility Goals & Progress Report, We have always struggled to move the needle on our customers’ use of personal tumblers above 2% of transactions, We believe that offering a durable, low cost option that can be recycled when it wears out will be a hit at “changing habits” to make getting your to-go Starbucks beverage in reusables an everyday practice, And if the cup gets grungy or stained, or you don’t like the paint chipping off after you’ve used & abused it, recycle it and get another one for a buck.

Use your Starbucks card to pay for your drink. While we’ve sold reusable mugs and tumblers for years, what makes this new cup exciting is that it’s yours for only US$1.

All rights reserved. We are continuing to find innovative ways to engage customers to work with us to reduce waste. To learn more about our work in encouraging the use of reusable tumblers read our Global Responsibility Goals & Progress Report. Because recycling infrastructure varies widely around the world, or may not exist at all – even from one city to another – a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for a global business with stores in 64 countries. All raw material and post-consumer claims on the material makeup of EarthSleeve™ have been validated by the paper suppliers and their compostability, re-pulpability and potential environmental benefits have been researched and validated by Cedar Grove, Western Michigan University, and Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator.

With approximately 20,000 retail locations globally, conditions vary from city to city and from store to store – making it a challenge for us to efficiently and effectively implement uniform recycling strategies.

This new hot-cup sleeve requires fewer raw materials to make, while increasing the amount of post-consumer content. We are helping advance a number of meaningful food packaging initiatives that will have a significant impact on the entire industry, such as analysis of the way our packaging “flows” through recycling facilities and where it eventually ends up, along with an assessment of the causes of current gaps in recycling services for our products in neighborhoods around the U.S. and Canada .

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