@silverburst92 @Suddenlink They do it in northeastern ohio too, but they blame the customer even when the rest of the community is experiencing an outage. Then when they finally answer they tell me $60 to replace thier once again faulty equipment, bo thanks cancelling service. @Suddenlink I truly hate your services right now. Why don’t y’all notify your customers about fucking anything.

.@SuddenlinkMedia. I"ve been on hold for 45 minutes today, May 11.

I want to say for DSL the legal requirement is for speeds to be at least 82% of what you pay for (18% to account for signal segregation between the ISP and your home). Also I just want to thank @Suddenlink to wait until 4p to disconnect my internet due to no payment.

The internet is not consistently working. Basically, I am disappointed and angered by Suddenlink right now.

That is awesome.

Can’t get anything done! They said there was an outage. I was like u do realize that we were hit by 2 Hurricanes in a 6 week period?

@Suddenlink , your internet service is a disappointment and a waste of money at this point. @Suddenlink The time is 7:16, and the internet is still down. It's not possible to express in words what a terrible company this is.

@lioninawhat @GinaFraustro Suddenlink also offers a Suddenlink2GO web service that allows you access to numerous television shows, movies, and other video content online.

Is Suddenlink Having an Outage in Flagstaff, Coconino County, Arizona Right Now?

@SuddenlinkHelp, @ciopayne @Suddenlink @SuddenlinkHelp 59 days no service here . In 2015, Suddenlink was acquired by Altice, and together with Cablevision and Optimum, became the American subsidiary of Altice under the banner Altice USA. Turns out, it was working, but she had to do something to "unblock" it so we could have access. There’s no reason for this kind of service (or lack thereof). The worst part is that their speed is 3mbps. On and off on and off WTH!!! @ThadeusGreenson @Suddenlink I don’t get PBS channel 13, and 25. fix it she cannot do her job.

@Suddenlink. The Flagstaff store is closed.

There are 13 internet providers in Flagstaff with 9 of those offering residential service. You can try to search some information about Suddenlink .

No wonder people are leaving in droves!

My internet has been out all weekend even after resetting my router. @Cox and @ATT would be making a killing if they did business in my area. And it’s supposed to stay that way until Monday? @CSkull53 @Suddenlink Yep sounds like @Suddenlink I’ve had nothing but issues with them in the past. @shanecanamerica @evilmunkey42 How is this legal??? Why? check Suddenlink Communications's main outages page for We also have a billing issue we would like to discuss. Live Suddenlink Communications outage reports and heat map displaying current problems in Flagstaff, United States. Can’t get anyone on online chat.

@Suddenlink Fuck y’all my wife has been out for 20 days and your technicians haven’t shown up for 2 of my service appointments, @LoboesRadio In September, I cancelled my service (moving to PHX) and was told I had one payment left. I know from someone else who has the same issue, that they can’t fix it. @SuddenlinkHelp what's up with your service? I have been trying to get my WiFi service canceled and they are still trying to charge me for a service I don't have. @asunlovingmom @Suddenlink @SuddenlinkHelp TY, Diane!? Now, I’m trying to change my service and their systems are down so I can’t! Then yesterday I check my CC statement and they still charged me!!! This was frustrating as it was our only method to reliably contact anyone. @Suddenlink.

@Suddenlink goes down because it's a shitty ISP. @Suddenlink Internet was out 5 hours the other day and we weren't hit by a hurricane. And I got receipts. @Suddenlink’s internet is out again. @Suddenlink -- thanks for four days and counting with NO INTERNET. #SuddenlinkSucks, @gruesomemars We have been on the phone for 4 days now trying to decrease service to internet only. I have called multiple times. 3 days in a row there’s a “major outage in your area”. I wish I could give them zero stars. @ThreeDailey Really?

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Suddenlink is garbage. @Suddenlink Suddenlink is not in a hurry to fix it says they are working on it! THREE! If you receive errors when viewing on-demand television content, such as SOA or SRM errors, try unplugging the cable box, checking that all the coaxial cables are connected well, and plugging the box back in after about 30 seconds. @EricSummers75

@Suddenlink I truly hate your services right now. @The__Sherbear @Suddenlink unforutnately, they are a monopoly here... (though they wont admit it) through agreements not to compete with other major highspeed internet providers in the area... My last support issue took almost an entire month to get a response. I’m really plotting your demise and I want you to know that I will be successful in my vengeance, @thehighfriend Worst, absolutely worst, television subscription service on earth. This is the worst service I have ever had. @Suddenlink @SuddenlinkHelp just called this morning AGAIN stating theres an outage, and AGAIN you guys stating theres no outage.

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