What about a "Budget Tire Test" with the Ohtsu 8000, it's the reincarnation of the Falken 512 we loved for cheap when you tested it.

Smelling a rat, we went back to the original high starting pressure–and the tire continued to get slower. Normally, this is a sign that the driver is pushing the car too hard, but the chatter didn’t seem to inhibit our lap times. Even the Hankook, which shares this tire’s 140 tread-wear rating (lowest here), is much firmer to the touch. Maybe there's a chance you could land near the top in a less than competitive event with one of those. Next, Tom went out on the Falken. They have excellent dry and wet traction__wet traction being frequently tested here in SW FL__inspiring confidence under all circumstances.

We decided to find out.

Were they all 225 on a 6" wheel on the ES car? It’s our winner. Hell I even bought a set of Conti DWS for the summer.

While testing this tire, we couldn’t wait to find out which one we were sampling, especially during the wet autocross, simply because it performed so strangely. Ultimately, this stiff-sidewalled, soft-tread-compound tire just didn’t measure up.

We’ll present it all here so that you can draw your own conclusions. On the dry autocross, Geswein found the R-S3 and the Michelin to be similar, which is to say forgiving, capable, and consistent. Dry-autocross runs garnered only so-so remarks from testers. BFGoodrich Tires

We praised the PSS for its steering precision in the wet, second only to the Conti. According to David, the BFGoodrich driver will have to look farther ahead and make even earlier inputs–two abilities that are not always typical of novice and intermediate drivers.

Breakaway was more abrupt, although braking performance was improved. I look at value per dollar to be competitive at the pointy end, otherwise all that matters is how long will a tire last. I'm currently running the Direzza in the same size you are looking at. Further, in addition to having our usual two drivers, this time we tested tires on two different vehicles–each one set up for a different class and featuring different rim widths. On the dry course, the Goodyear showed less braking control than we felt it had in the wet. The R888 will heat cycle where the R1R won't. We may earn money from the links on this page. To wit: Its Ventus V12 EVO, a max-performance tire, finished runner-up in our previous test. Geswein’s enthusiasm might have been tempered had he been aware of how the Yokohama would fare in the wet: Not so great.

He found it to be more predictable than the ZIII with less drama near the limit.

Goodyear won our 2005 test with its Eagle F1 GS-D3. In those cases, optimal wheel sizing and suspension settings help distribute the tire loads across the tread face, keeping the Dunlop in its optimal heat range.

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It also earned top honors in ride comfort and noise, and it was the most affordable radial in this test, at $133 per tire.

We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. The challenge, however, was finding one that is also fun to drive, lasts a long time, and doesn’t chunk with track abuse. Our recommendation?

His baseline times were just north of 33.5 seconds, which is typical for the series. Tires & Wheels

The Dunlop ZIII was consistently a few steps behind both the BFGoodrich and Bridgestone. Harris Hill Raceway is the typical country club-style membership track. The current top dogs in the category for both autocross and time trial are the BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S 1.5 and the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R. Unlike in our normal tests, where we report the second-best stop from 70 mph as a measure of total vehicle perform­ance, the average of five stops from 50 mph shifts the focus to the performance of the tires themselves.

The only real option is the RE-71R if you want the best tire. The cars are all early Miatas prepped somewhere between Showroom Stock and Spec Miata.

The Toyo’s second-lowest wet-skidpad performance mostly jibed with impressions from our finely tuned hides.

TEST CAR: NA-chassis H2R Miata Challenge Mazda Miata. Subjectively, the AD08 seemed louder than its 66-decibel reading, with thwacking sounds over bumps.

Though we didn’t test that certified durability classification, we did focus on the way these nine radials manage the lateral and longitudinal forces generated on a track or a great stretch of road.

200TW is relevant due to ST classes and crap can enduro racing rules. I have heard that the Potenza's are a tiny bit better than the Dunlops, but that the Dunlops last longer.

Three sets of 15×8-inch 6UL wheels from 949 Racing came out of our garage, along with a similar quantity of 15×6- and 15×7-inch wheels supplied by friends. Another factor in tire selection is availability. 949racing.com

We started with the BFGoodrich; then, after running through the other two tires, we ran the BFGoodrich again at the end of the rotation to ensure consistent conditions. Because Ferrari wanted the PSS for the 458 but Michelin didn’t want to preempt its own release, some of the early 458s were delivered on “Michelin Pilot Sport PS2” tires.

I went through my first set of RE-71R's in just under 10 months.

The non Hoosier market of performance tires has lots of options now.

Want to get 225/45 F & 255/40 R. I drive the car on weekends spirited, 2 auto cross and 2 track days a year. Does that hold true for the new USDM version? Jul 12, 2018 The Bridgestone exhibited no mind-blowing traits, just solid performance all around. I got 20,000 miles out of them. | Posted in Quiet and composed, the Goodyear rode well, but our evaluator commented on vague on-center steering feel.

(512) 472-4977 Grip fell off predictably, and holding the edge of performance was easy. He also said the ZII provided nice, audible feedback, allowed a large slip angle, and was easy to adjust mid-corner with just the throttle.

The RA1 and R888 will wear out much quicker than the R1R. On cooler days, or with plenty of break time between runs, the Dunlop will be very quick. Three tread-wear indicators located near the centerline of the Dunlops disappear as the tread wears down. The wet half had us gushing. Previously, I was running the Potenza RE-11.

The price of a RE71R in a 205/50-15 has gone up 10% in the past 3 years. I should look to see if the DZIIIs come in a 195/65 x 15 for my Healey, currently running on some aged out Hankooks!

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