ユウ (Default)


“A close friend,” Malleus says with a mysterious smile.

He cannot decide if he is honored or still appalled.

!” the ancient fae wails, his small body trembling violently, his entire face pink.

You are moving on to a new chapter of your life, Malleus.

Friends to lovers–it is a tale as old as time itself.” Lilia stares into the rim of his tea cup, his reflection in the darjeeling a sepia tone. She would not be allowed to express her femininity in school as it is an all boys school.

twisted wonderland disney disney twisted wonderland twistedwonderland twisted wonderland mc twisted wonderland oc twisted wonderland leona leona leona kingscholar twisted wonderland leona kingscholar cute oc anime art anime art. Wasn’t he the one who occasionally stalked people? “Y-You…You great, big lizard, M-Malleussss…! . “…Well.

Biographical Information

so have the sketch while i try make a better version lol.

Twisted Wonderland Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. “I trust that it will not be an issue?” Malleus raises an eyebrow. Homeland

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Prefectwakes up in one of the black coffins, having little memories of how theyarrived at Night Raven College, along with having nothing to identify themselveswith. May I request a scenario where papa Lilia is crying because Malleus have a wedding with MC?

We would like a small celebration, surrounded by close friends and family…in the bounty of Mother Nature herself. Around his belt, he has spools of thread.

“What are your thoughts, Lilia?”, “Ah, pay no mind to me,” Lilia says quickly. Yuu (Default)Trickster (Rook) Occupation Japanese His fire had set several of his belongings–and Lilia’s hair–on fire. Remember kids, don’t just eat food you find lying around! Their default name is Yuu (ユウ), but their name can be changed by the player. Dorm

“D-Don’t make this awkward, old man,” Silver pleads, his eyes darting between his guardian and his young master.

!”, “N-No, you fool! Azul’s secret admirer and stalker? “I am happy for you. “WHAT INSOLENT WHELP BELIEVES THEMSELVES TO BE FIT TO MARRY THE EXALTED–”, “Silence, Sebek,” Llilia orders, his voice firm. Multiple questions run through Azul’s head as his hand run through his hair. He uses a cape with many patterns of rose stalks with thorns, with a badge of a dragon head made of silver, pinning the cape onto his left torso, with 2 ropes dangling from the badge. Truly, I am.” Lilia smiles as big as he can–and big, fat tears start dribbling down his cheeks, wetting the table and salting his tea.

Jamil: …I gave you guys the key for emergencies . I do hope it suffices!

[Twisted Wonderland x Fem!Reader] You wake up in a sea of ink and tar. Student (Grim & MC = 1 student)Prefect I am sure we could make do with your wisdom.”, “I…” Lilia purses his lips. “Y-You…You wish to request for our assistance?” Sebek guesses, his loud voice trembling. He remembers it like it was yesterday–the day when Malleus first hatched from his egg. !”, “…What a quick change of heart,” Silver comments under his breath.

.feat ‘special gift’, I tried making a piece for Halloween with the first years + my mc with a background and!!

“I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!” Sebek booms, abruptly rising from his seat. As you slowly sink down into its murky depths, a mirror floats in front of you, with a hand reaching out to you within. Jade passed his phone to Azul who was engrossed in his paperwork. He turns and addresses the young master.

His chair screeches harshly against the floor. Please check out our.

Happy Birthday Lion Man

Their default name, Yuu, is a play on the word "you.". https://twisted-wonderland.fandom.com/wiki/Twisted_Wonderland_Wiki?oldid=22450, Hey wiki editors and contributors!

Does he have a stalker? The Prefect (監督生) is the protagonist. Rather than write Lilia crying during the wedding, I decided to approach this request from a different angle!

I will have to leave it to the youth to do the bulk of the planning.”, “Are you certain?

In chapter 4, a cutscene will render the protagonist's name as "ユウ (You)" if the protagonist's name is left as the default. Him doing some homework, him preparing a special golden contract, him burning his fingers on boiling hot tea or even him looking at the star-studded sky. School Year “Have you no heart?

Jamil: Hello, people who don’t live in my room. THERE IS NO MAN OR WOMAN ALIVE THAT WOULD NOT DESIRE HIM AS THEIR OWN!!”.

Theyalso do not possess any magic like the other students in Twisted Wonderland.

“I have no more wisdom to give. Learn about the students you'll encounter at Night Raven College! The magic mirror remarks that the Prefect is "empty.". !” Sebek bellows, his cheeks flaming as he slams his own cup down, nearly shattering his saucer. “O-OF COURSE NOT! Twisted Wonderland Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Lilia nearly spits up his tea–but Sebek actually does, spraying darjeeling all over the table. neighbourhood-friendly eels dying from laughter. Silver winces at the cacophony, bringing hands to cover his ears. Technical Information When someone could have taken those pictures? This request was in my inbox before I closed it on June 15th, so this is fair game for an imagine.

The Prefect's gender is not directly stated in the game.

The Prefect wakes up in one of the black coffins, having little memories of how they arrived at Night Raven College, along with having nothing to identify themselves with. He takes a swig of tea and tries to focus on its deep, mellow flavor. finished also redraw it on the disney style(does ////-//// my try even looks alike ..??) He was anxiously scrolling through countless picture taken, as the description of magicam account stated, when he was not looking. my eyes hurt from the wack ass perspective!!

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