Ibought my first airplane 30 years ago. Andy Higgs is the personality powering‭ ‬AC Corporation‭, ‬where performance‭ ‬is the word and clean-sheet designs are the order of the day‭. During the 70s and 80s, there was a dramatic shift from single-weight tomulti-viscosity oils by operators of general aviation aircraft…due in large measure tovery effective advertising campaigns by Shell and Mobil that touted their multi-visproducts (Aeroshell 15W50 and Mobil AV 1) as the greatest aeronautical innovation sincethe nosewheel. One of Lycoming’s newest engines, the IO-390-A, is designed to meet the power, payload, and speed requirements of the kit aircraft segment, and is currently being certified for helicopter applications.

It’s just not so. I then used some 1/8"ID radio control aircraft fuel tubing to connect the ports.

All engines can run on automotive gasoline with up to 15% ethanol and with octane ratings as specified. Experience seems to indicate that oil consumption lower than about a quart in 20 hoursmay not bode well for long cylinder life. Creating new Help Center documents for Review queues: Project overview. The ULPower engines are modular.

The product line was expanded again in 2013, with a line of 6-cylinder engines in both 3900 cc and 5200 cc variants, each with an option for higher or lower compression requiring different minimum fuel grades.

I recently swapped out my UL 350iS for a Rotax 912 ULS because of the way UL attaches the prop flange to the end of the crankshaft. Read more. experimental/amateur-built category aircraft, where differences in Multi-vis oil simply does not provide as effective protection against rust assingle-weight oil. Both use fixed-timed dual magneto ignition systems,and valve trains with overhead rocker arms, shrouded hollow pushrods, and hydraulic valvelifters.

*A percentage based comparison between the price of Victor engines vs. Lycoming rebuilt engines.

Continental and Lycoming are the major suppliers of certified piston aircraft engines, and they are considered to be safe engines (for pistons!).

A couple of more objectives were added: The engine should be direct drive, air cooled and be able to run on both AVGAS and MOGAS with ethanol[2]. They brashly state "I’d never own a Continental-poweredairplane!" Or so everybody said. In 2001 the founding partners of ULPower were asked to fix an issue with a Jabiru engine fitted into a helicopter. For commercial operators under Part 135, TBO is theoretically "compulsory"because TCM and Lycoming publish their TBO figures in the form of a service bulletin, andPart 135 operators are required to comply with service bulletins. "Sure it does! operator, the main problems involving the engines stem from many of

There's no good data available on engine reliability from the manufacturers - although they usually don't share that information anyway - and nothing substantial that I could find from any third parties.

I have to agree with Winston, even though my UL was running better and more power then it ever had(after I corrected a bad valve grinding issue and did an upper end overhaul), I would definitely take the Titan over the UL for the simple reason of Lycoming history.

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