Gas turbine engines for aircraft typically include an ignition system to aid in the starting of the engine. this prod-uct is … Product Support / Technical Services 864-843-1162 ® 1 This catalog is intended to be used as a reference guide for engine products designed and manufactured by Champion Aerospace LLC. Please click the Read More + button below for the Newsletter PDF. The increased peak current capability of the silicon carbide thyristors (approximately three times that of conventional silicon devices) facilitates the delivery of a higher peak power during the sparking event at the igniter plug firing tip. In response to the positive electrical triggering waveform initiated by the switch driver 138, the discharge switch 140 couples the rechargeable energy source 112 to the PFNs 116A-B to effect the generation of the stored energy waveform. 1 is a schematic view of an exemplary gas turbine engine that includes a core engine section positioned axially downstream from a fan section along a longitudinal axis and an engine ignition system according to an embodiment of the present invention. We are currently making improvements to shipping methods of new products manufactured in our Saltillo, Mexico facility. All rights reserved.

At Unison, a wholly owned GE subsidiary, we are unmatched in our ability to engineer and integrate all components of the ignition system. In the conducting state the anode and cathode of the silicon carbide discharge switch 140 are connected in series with the rechargeable energy source 112. An ignition exciter system for igniting fuel in a gas turbine engine. Do not probe in-side of output receptacles with fingers or. While small levels of leakage current allow a solid-state switch to be considered as non-conductive, excessive leakage current running through the solid-state device renders the device deficient or inoperable as a switch. For example, typical parameters for the energy range from 4 to 20 joules (J) and the spark rate is generally around 1 to 3 hertz (Hz).

tion chamber. 2835012551958. solar turbines inc. ignition exciter RFQ. Often coupled in parallel with a resistor 224, the freewheeling diode 222 eliminates sudden voltage spikes across an inductive load when a supply voltage from the rechargeable energy source 112 is suddenly reduced or removed. These sensors are increasingly asked to work in harsher environments. © 2004-2020 Wright, Scott Brian (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, US), Unison Industries, LLC (Jacksonville, FL, US), McGarry Bair PC / General Electric Company (Grand Rapids, MI, US), Click for automatic bibliography Whereas a silicon thyristor requires extensive voltage isolation around the pulse transformer 216, grounding the anode of the silicon carbide thyristor 218 removes the requirement for high voltage isolation of an anode-gate trigger circuit. Looking for Ignition Exciter? The cathode of the clamp diode 227 is coupled to the anode of the silicon carbide thyristor 218 and the anode of the clamp diode 227 is coupled to the cathode of the silicon carbide thyristor 218. In this way, the voltage across the rechargeable energy source 112 includes the additive combination of the voltage across the array of in-series capacitors 210, 212, 214. 9060440-2. The world leader in exciter technology Unison exciters have been the choice of the aerospace industry for over 3 decades. ● TEL: 321-255-9877 ● FAX: 321-255-9608 [ñZ«Õ6^ë,ŒıÏÛ”v. Thus, the various features of the different embodiments may be mixed and matched as desired to form new embodiments, whether or not the new embodiments are expressly described.

2 is a schematic block diagram of an engine ignition system with an ignition exciter charging according to an embodiment of the present invention. Optimized semiconductor geometry and composition resist spark erosion even in the most demanding continuous duty service.

FIRE FIgHTINg INSTRucTIoNS: Evacuate nonessential per-sonnel from the area to prevent human exposure to fire, smoke, fumes or products of combustion. Our engineering team can optimize Unison designs to your specifications for a reliable solution. Alternatively, the power converter 110 is a DC-DC converter other than a flyback type converter. 2835015219707. unison industries llc . Privacy Policy | Return Policy The cathode of the silicon carbide thyristor 218 is coupled to the rechargeable energy source 112 and the anode of the silicon carbide thyristor is coupled to electrical ground. The rechargeable energy source 112, in series with a rectifier diode 226, is electrically coupled across the output of the transformer 122 of the power converter 110. AIRPORT Ignition exciters may endure temperature extremes ranging from −55° C. to 150° C. Exposure to high temperatures (e.g. Comprehensive tests have showed spark rate variation was cut by 50%.

A downstream section 39 of the fan casing 38 extends over an outer portion of the core engine 12 to define a secondary, or bypass, airflow conduit 46 that provides additional propulsive jet thrust. The fan casing 38 is supported by radially extending outlet guide vanes 42 and encloses the fan rotor 36 and a plurality of fan rotor blades 44. The ignition lead 104A-B transmits an output of the ignition exciter circuit 102 to one or more igniter plugs 106A-B that are coupled to the PFNs 116A-B. 3 is a circuit diagram illustrating the silicon carbide discharge switch 140 and the rechargeable energy source 112 of the ignition exciter circuit 102. Surrounded by an annular fan casing 38, the fan section 14 includes a rotatable, axial-flow fan rotor 36. Pratt & Whitney PT6T-6 Agusta Bell 412 Exciter 10-381550-4 3035889 1 Canada Sikorsky S-587 Exciter 49930 3032167 1 (cont’d) Ignition lead 10-395427-7 3029436 2 Igniter plug 10-390667-1 3031213 2305-01-052-06363 ST6L-73 Loc/Mar Tristar L-1011 Exciter 10-381550-4 3035889 1 ST6L … The second switch driver 138 is coupled to the discharge feedback circuit 132 in the power converter 110.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. MEANS oF ExTINcTIoN: Foam, dry chemical, Co 2 or sand. This written description uses examples to disclose the invention, including the best mode, and also to enable any person skilled in the art to practice the invention, including making and using any devices or systems and performing any incorporated methods. Thanks for Visiting Us At ASAP AOG! The stored energy waveform transfers from the rechargeable energy source 112 to the output PFNs 116A-B which is then received by the igniter plugs 106A-B to generate a spark for each igniter plug 106A-B. Unison designs and manufactures a vast array of electronics. The silicon carbide discharge switch 140 is electrically coupled to one side of the rechargeable energy source 112. Preferably, the solid-state silicon carbide discharge switch 140 includes a single silicon carbide thyristor 218 but multiple solid-state switches may be implemented in series depending upon the required voltage of the ignition exciter circuit 102 and the rated voltage for the switches.

Consequently, silicon carbide thyristors may be used for ignition exciters designed for ignition systems with high spark energy requirements. Unison ignition leads have the smallest diameter consistent with the application and performance profile resulting in the lightest weight for the application.

this prod-uct is … As such, solid-state discharge switches may be used in ignition systems for a large range of applications including gas turbine engines of large aircraft and industrial applications related to electrical power generation. “We Proudly Support Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund that serves United States Military Personal experiencing the Invisible Wounds of War : Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). Unison maintains a policy of compliance in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001, with the scope of design, development, manufacture and service of components. Unison Industries would like to contact you occasionally by phone and email to let you know about our latest news, events and products & services. The agreement extends through 2023 and covers both new Unison LRUs as well as external engine component repairs. Unison has been a visionary in the ignition space for over 30 years.

● DDTC Registered Dept. 1.5 Consequently, if an aircraft engine would be shipped with the fuel lines completely empty of fuel and without batteries but with an ignition exciter containing radioactive spark gaps, one of The extension has an option for an additional five years. The rechargeable energy source 112 may also include an array of storage capacitors 210, 212, 214 that may be coupled in series. Discharge exciter only with. Unison’s solid state exciter is capable of withstanding severe heat and vibration, while efficiently delivering the industry’s highest spark voltage and energy levels.

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