This will make the group look like stairs. You can, If spark bots go running around, you can stun them with. Regarding the timer, wouldnt it be 5 stacks, timings at 4.1s, 3.1s, 2.1s, 1.1s, 0.1s ? Method Gaming Limited, 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR, Scotland, United Kingdom. This includes whether or not you even want one, which icon shows and which side of the bar it is on.

Middle text shows the current estimated time remaining in Voidform, followed by the current drain amount.

Dot ticks do NOT reapply the buff only your direct spells will. Instead save it and cast it when you come outside to dot the boss and adds. Auspicious Spirits Tracker - Initial release of this WA. Insanity Bar - Updated Legacy of the Void marker and trigger to be at 70 instead of 60. Druid Balance Feral Guardian Restoration. Use your cyclotronic burst when it’s ready, if you’ve done everything right it’s going to be with 100% crit chance.

Once there are about 5 seconds left on Psychotic Split you want to drop that voidform and instantly re-enter a new one for a massive amount of Chorus of Insanity and Lingering Insanity stacks. As the intermission is ending make sure you have at least 50 insanity. The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! This includes: Number of drain stacks saved via Dispersion, Number of drain stacks saved via Void Torrent. Before the wall we had to stop DPS to not push the boss during the fog of, During the Wall of Ice you want to dot up the wall and move enough to be able to hit Jaina. Adds in Phase 2 are high priority to kill. Inside Voidform, shows how many stacks of Voidform you currently have as well as how many more stacks you will be able to gain before exiting Voidform. The barrel will be broken quite a bit before it has to be used. This is a required field.

You are good for dealing with the barrels, but be careful of sudden spiteful damage. Stand max range of Jaina at all time.

After about 5 seconds a Myrmidon will spawn, dot him up. Get it to around 50% when not needed, 30% before needing to be broken and then nuke it down when its time to use it. If running dark void, you can save this for the totems, applying dots instantly and refreshing on Rastakhan. Don’t move more than you have to and utilise dispersion to reset stacks. You can run Misery for more overall damage or Twist of Fate for more priority target damage. Think of it like a socket or joint.

Inside Voidform, shows how many stacks of Voidform you currently have as well as how many more stacks you will be able to gain before exiting Voidform. Shadow Word: Death Charges and Cooldown Tracker - Initial release of this WA. Leap of Faith is super useful. Any font from the drop down box is available. You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles!

I was thinking about one for MB that only shows up if you have the legendary belt equipped for charges. Insanity Bar - Added color changes, have a marker denote where your Insanity threshold is (for LotV and non-LotV), and upgraded WA to 7.0 branch. After the 3rd add dies on pull, reapply dots on Rastakhan, these will keep ticking during his short intermission of Bwonsamdi entering the fight. WeakAura Code. Mind Spike Detonation Tracker - Initial release of this WA. Battle for Azeroth PvE. Blend mode: This changes the texture a bit by either amping up the colors on it so they look a bit more like they glow, or making their backgrounds solid if the texture has that. Use the Neck (Azeroth's Radiance) just before going into the "down phase" the second time. If you don't want text you can simply turn it off by unchecking the box.

8.0k. During the second intermission, do the same as the first one except now you can actually hit Azshara, use this to your advantage and build up insanity. Death Knight Blood Frost Unholy.

You should be able to make a WA that only shows if the maximum number of charges on an ability (Mind Blast) is greater than 1. Notes: Shows incoming Insanity gains from either hardcasting or Shadowy Apparitions (if Auspicious Spirits is talented). For example, you might only want to know when your, Any other secondary resource (runes, holy power, energy, etc).

Don't have adds die but keep them low.

Bar flashes white and changes color when you are able to enter Voidform. I recommend the Standard Raid Build as there are not enough adds to warrant running Misery and not enough sustained cleave in important phases to warrant Auspicious Spirits. The timer is red when the time remaining is between 1/2 GCDs and 2 GCDs (I.E.

This one isn't all that noticeable all the time, but turning on the outline might make the text easier to see. Outside of pad damage, it's not worth to dot the second boss even WITH misery. if not assigned red gem OR yellow gem take Opal.

Fixed a bug with Legacy of the Void threshold. The Fuse trinket for this reason is very good (also for inside with Bwonsamdi). Inside Voidform, shows how many stacks of Voidform you currently have as well as how many more stacks you will be able to gain before exiting Voidform. You can Leap of faith them away from the robots to avoid them getting chain stunned and dying. At the end of the maze, maintain as many dots as possible, mind searing the 3 middle ones will allow you to hit 3 if 3 force orbs are active next to each other. Zone/Zone ID: If you know the name of the zone you can use that, or if you want to use the Zone ID that works too. Dot them all fully while maintaining Voidform. Body and soul is super useful on the right side, While moving during the flames of punishment you can shield people with Power word: Shield To maintain voidform as it gives 6 insanity per shield.

Where on the anchor point is it connected to. Talk with your healing officer to use vampiric embrace correctly, preferably during add spawns to increase overall healing. Download the client and get started. I wanna make a display for my spriest in weakauras2 that shows how many stacks i accumulate in voidform that also shows the decay of lingering insanity afterwards.

We do this to line up our second use of lucid dreams and our first shadowfiend with the first Maddening Eruption + Bloodlust overlap. Be ready to grip them if either the MC blast or a big void spawn atop of them. You can spam Shadow Word: Pain to maintain the buff. (Second image above). If you are assigned to the delirium realm for the first Psychotic split you should save your lucid dreams and vampiric embrace.

I use vampiric embrace as soon as Azshara reaches 70.5%. If you play with many warlocks you can even take double beams, Disperse and stand in the warlock and leach off them.

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