There’s a reason these don’t exist in the real world. Feats are little add ons that add curated complexity to a narrow niche within the game, and we can usually trust the player with the feat to deal with them, meaning the rules burden for the rest of the gaming table is very light indeed.

Small Tobacco Baskets Wholesale, If you let go of the weapon, the creature is freed. Vivian spends her free time cycling, making sourdough bread, and exploring her favourite Vancouver neighbourhoods with her husband and their dog. Don’t be giving me none of your house rules….

Most whip users opt towards the Duelist Fighting style, as the +2 bonus to damage rolls helps mitigate the low base damage of the whip (1d4). My solution then was to create a new Whip Master feat, by fusing a constant benefit of using a whip, with a more focused version of Martial Adept, with just access to maneuvers that make sense for this particular weapon. While I primarily had rogues in mind for the feat, a monk can replace the dagger’s paltry d4 with their Martial Arts die… bringing this back to a ninja-style shuriken master!

Design Notes: At first glance this might seem a little overpowered, but then if we consider that Polearm Master feat allows you to attack with 1d10 (main attack) + 1d4 (bonus attack), at 10 feet range, adding your Strength bonus to both, AND get opportunity attacks on those entering your reach, I think this feat falls just short of that. Strength based melee attacks is a D&D’ism based on Victorian prejudice that medieval weapons were crude and heavy, so I’m wouldn’t miss the Strength based fighter much… That said the Polearm Master + Sentinel combo should be enough to keep Strength based fighter builds alive and well. She also consults regularly on legislation relating to First Nations land management, taxation, and borrowing.

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The main problem with whips (beyond the low damage die) is that they don't get to benefit from the Polearm Master feat like other reach weapons, which then chains into the Sentinel feat combo. Not only that, but the grappling rules prevent movement in any direction, and there's no way a whip would prevent the enemy from being able to move closer according to common sense, but RAW, that's what this rule would impose. Not to over powered but I'm not sure of its benefits. While holding this weapon with both hands, you can swing the chain at a Large, Medium, or Small creature and attempt to restrain it. She works for a variety of institutional lenders in all types of transactions and is focused on delivering solutions that meet the specific needs of lenders and their borrowers.

How Long Will My Monroe Piercing Be Red, Difference Between Heron And Swan. Hot For Teachers Website Michigan, Is Mayor Muriel Bowser Married, Agreed that the compulsory pull mitigates the balance issue of grapple-at-range. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers.

Just an idea (because I don’t know much about how normal whips are), I say add something fun like: Once you have an enemy grappled, you can spend a charge to have the blades shoot out and deal the sword damage, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Back to Main Page → 5e Homebrew → Equipment. Let's talk about grappling an Ogre with a whip. Design Notes: Obviously this is a doubled up version of Martial Adept, with the justification that it’s limited to only two weapons and you can’t choose every single maneuver available (plus Martial Adept is not that good, so we can afford to take a liberty here!). Take for instance this 4 armed troll: " Multiattack. *Plus Blinding Strike and Disabling Strike from this list. If I were to give this feat a tiny lift, I would impose disadvantage on the saving throw against the effects of Menacing Attack made by a Morningstar Master.

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