While this is typically hard to do, toys like these that allow cats to play by themselves make the job one heck of a lot easier. Frequently disliking cuddles, affection, and petting. We call her Svetty-Girl. Hope that helps! Cats don’t really hate you; what they hate is something about their particular situation, living environment, or physical status/well being, and in response to that frustration, they are acting out at you. Let me know if any of those tips worked, and if not, I’ll try to think of some more, but in my head there has to be something she doesn’t like about your smell or the way you interact with her, or she wouldn’t be behaving like this. Any advice would be appreciated. She is not suffering other symptoms, she is fixed, up to date on all of her shots, there have been no changes to her environment and, if anything, she seems to need to be acting closer to me rather than hating me (but here I am at 5am on a Sat googling “does my cat hate me?!”). In a world filled with Grumpy Cats, Colonel Meows (rest in peace), and shows like My Cat From Hell, it's no surprise that felines aren't exactly man's best friend. Ever since they moved in with us, Tigger has hated me. I think I would separate them completely for some time, giving Charlie a domain of his own like a room or the whole upper floor to himself. What can I do to resolve this? What weird or unusual things do you do to entertain your cats and dogs? A short while back he adopted a kitten, and the two get along famously (though like with any cats, sometimes get into little squabbles). I’m not an expert, but based on my experience having adopted a second cat after 4 years with my only-cat furchild – it takes time.

You can definitely reach him! About a week later, when we went to take her with us, she’s been very hostile toward us. My readers on my blogs would love stuff like this. My parents house-sat for us and looked after him for four days last weekend. I think you should do your best to take advantage of your roommate’s relationship with the cats to try to make them happier and more used to trusting your room again (which sounds to me like that’s the problem; not you, but the room).

And here you thought you were special. The ride home the cat rubbed on me and I pet it and it felt like instant love. There are warnings that changing cat litter can be dangerous for pregnant women, but everyone else should be wary too. When I try to get near him and pet him, he will try to attack me. There are unconfirmed stories that dogs will go days without touching the bodies of their deceased owners and would rather starve than take a bite, whereas cats won't even blink. Did you get your cat a sibling? I’m hoping this has solved the issue! I found her in an alley with the rest of her litter when they were probably a week old (they couldn't open their eyes yet). Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Will it be okay? But these things take time and training. If you’ve had your cat a while and feel he or she suddenly hates you, if there’s been a distinct personality shift, there is 100% something up with your cat. Is there something I can do for him so that he can better adjust to fluctuations in schedules? Still have questions? he used to love me alot, and sleep on my bed. Now, there’s plenty of peace in the home, and I’ve even managed to take in a third cat with zero problems.

Do whatever you can to lessen her anxiety and in my opinion, given some adjustment time, she will be back to normal. He's been around her somewhat regularly for about two years now, yet she still hates him. She will come to me, start loving in my feet, and then suddenly snap and attack me. After numerous trips to the vet he was finally diagnosed with a broken tail and this was removed nearly three weeks ago. Once she’s a lot less anxious, you can then start taking steps to make her a more snuggly version of herself if you’d like.

Hello, Cat peeing outside the litter box, for instance? I even pet her. Thats the first issue.

I always love my dog and cuddle with her but my brother really doesnt care for the dog and also how can i make my dog love me more?

I am no where near a cat expert, but that’s one thing I’ve learned: cats aren’t dogs!

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